Hormone prolactin. Norma in the female body independing on age


  • What is prolactin in women?
  • The functions of prolactin in the female body
  • When should the analysis be done?
  • Norm in women by age (table)
  • Results of examination during pregnancy
  • Increased prolactin levels
  • Video
  • Conclusion

Prolactin is a hormone that is released in
the process of the pituitary gland. This substance is responsible for secretion
milk in women, breast augmentation in volume, and other functions
organism. Prolactin is the norm in women by age (table)
shows the level of a hormone that plays a major role
for any girl.

The success of gestation will depend on its performance.
as well as the process of maternal instinct after birth

As a consequence, it is important to understand what the rate in the blood of women
of a given substance, and what its change may indicate


What is prolactin in women?

Prolactin is synthesized in the area of ​​the pituitary gland, after which it enters the
blood flow of the woman. There it can be in three different forms.
Experts identify the following types of hormone:

  1. Monomeric form. It is expressed as active
    proteins. The amount of this type of peptide in the blood of the total value
    prolactin is 80 percent.
  2. Dimeric form. For this type of substance
    accounting for only 15 percent.
  3. Tetramer form. She is inactive. Him
    quantitative volume is only 5 percent.

The tetramer form is significantly different from the two
the rest. It also has the name Macroprolactin. is he
is a special kind of hormone in bound
autosomal condition. Due to the fact that the molecules of this
substances have an extra load, they are the most
large. it влияет на их медленный выход из organism.
Macroprolactin in percentage does not often exceed 5%.

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The functions of prolactin in the female body

The importance of prolactin for girls and women is difficult to overestimate.
This substance to perform a lot of different functions, which are
know before doing the analysis. Among them, experts distinguish

  1. Effect on the formation of secondary sexual characteristics. Before
    all this concerns the chest.
  2. Increased breast volume in the process of preparing the body for the chest
    вскармливанию новорожденного baby
  3. Providing a certain effect on the corpus luteum.
  4. Taking part in the metabolic processes of substances. it
    for water and sodium in the body of a woman.
  5. Prevention of conception in the postpartum period.

In addition, to some extent, prolactin may affect
sexual attraction of a woman and her perception of pain.
The anesthetic effect of substances to date

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women? Normal values ​​in the body (table)

When should the analysis be done?

An appropriate analysis can help to know the level of prolactin.
blood. Him необходимо делать не только в тех случаях, когда
there is a definite health problem, but for
prophylaxis. Before всего женщины нужно пройти обследование тогда,
when she has one of the following rather unpleasant

  • Long enough amenorrhea – the absence of menstruation;
  • The sudden appearance of galactorrhea – the release of milk from dairy
  • Impaired visual acuity;
  • The absence of conceiving a child for 12 months with
    constant attempts to do this;
  • Periodic migraine or headache.

пролактин анализ

Any of the above symptoms must lead
a woman in a medical facility. The patient can for help
contact either an endocrinologist or a gynecologist. Data doctors
must conduct a consultation, collect anamnesis and send to

Для того чтобы расшифровка анализа была
as correct as possible, it is important to have all the correct data about
to the patient. Rely on the interpretation of the results is worth on such
factors like:

  • age;
  • period of carrying a child;
  • postpartum period with the release of milk.

Only on the basis of available data can a doctor deliver
correct diagnosis and determine the correct type of treatment for women.

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Norm in women by age (table)

Prolactin refers to such hormones that for
different ages change their values ​​a little. There is also
a certain cycle of a given substance in a woman’s blood throughout
all day

There are the following patterns that should be considered
determining the level of prolactin in the blood of a girl or woman:

  1. Since the first years of life, the girl is constantly rising rate
  2. The maximum peak of a substance in the blood during childhood is
    for 7 years.
  3. The second peak of prolactin volume is normally observed after
    16 years of age.
  4. During the period of childbirth, the level of the hormone stabilizes slightly.
    it обусловлено необходимостью предотвращения развития каких-либо
    pathologies of pregnancy.
  5. After menopause, prolactin gradually disappears from a woman’s blood.
    due to the fact that he is no longer needed.

Prolactin is the norm in women by age. Table

Age the patient The rate of micro international units per milliliter (mm / ml) or diter
(meme / l)
Norm nanogram per milliliter (ng / ml)
Up to 1 year From 42 to 6339 mm / ml From 0.88 to 133.12 ng / ml
1 to 4 years old From 212 to 3625 mm / ml From 4.45 to 76.13 ng / ml
From 4 to 7 years From 339 to 2777 mm / ml From 7.12 to 58.32 ng / ml
From 7 to 10 years From 64 to 2735 mm / ml From 1.34 to 57.44 ng / ml
From 10 to 13 years From 191 to 2735 mm / ml From 4.01 to 57.14 ng / ml
From 13 to 16 years From 339 to 3519 mm / ml From 7.12 to 73.9 ng / ml
16 to 18 years old From 445 to 3901 mm / ml From 9.35 to 81.92 ng / ml
From 18 to 20 years From 860 to 4960 mm / ml 18.06 to 104.16 ng / ml
20 to 45 years old From 252 to 504 mm / l 4.5 to 23 ng / ml
After menopause From 170 to 330 mm / l From 3 to 15 ng / ml

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In most cases, when determining the results of prolactin in
laboratories a woman is issued a corresponding memo in which
You can find all the information about how to decrypt
future results.

Hormones играют существенную роль в плане половой системы
women. it касается и нормы prolactin. Him значения также
significantly changed during the menstrual cycle.
There is also the following table of results, allowing to evaluate
your state more precisely:

Menstrual Day Norm of micro international units per milliliter (mm / ml) Norm nanogram per milliliter (ng / ml)
1 to 12 day From 136 to 999 mm / ml 4.5 to 33 ng / ml
12 to 15 day From 190 to 1484 mm / ml 6.3 to 49 ng / ml
15 to 30 days From 148 to 1212 mm / ml From 4.9 to 40 ng / ml

It is also important to note that the decoding received
screening results should only deal with the practitioner treating

Independently assessing your own state, you can allow
any mistake. it является недопустимым, так как зачастую
analysis is carried out due to very serious problems with

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Results of examination during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the level of prolactin gradually in women
is increasing. it начинается зачастую в конце 2 месяца. This
The condition has its own name – physiological hyperprolactinemia.
An increase in the hormone rate in the blood plays a significant role for
the patient. itт процесс происходит под воздействием эстрогена.

пролактин беременность

Mammothropine has its maximum value for 24 weeks
of pregnancy. Immediately after this, its decline should occur.

This hormone affects the development of the following important for the body
fetal systems:

  • respiratory organs;
  • immunity;
  • CNS.

Normal levels of the hormone can be ascertained after
when a woman starts to breastfeed her newborn baby.

The rates of prolactin in the period of childbearing are expressed in
following table:

Gestational age Ng per milliliter (ng / ml)
From the first days to week 13 From 3.2 to 43 ng / ml
From 13 to 27 week From 13 to 166 ng / ml
From 27 to 42 week From 13 to 318 ng / ml

After pregnancy, prolactin does not lose its value for
mother of the child. At the same time, its functions change to some extent.
is he влияет на следующие процессы:

  1. Provides good performance of the mammary glands to exercise
    production of breast milk.
  2. It slows down the ovulation process so that a woman does not reuse
    забеременела сразу же после рождения baby
  3. The degree of pain is blunted for a more comfortable
    состояния women.
  4. Provides peace of mind in a difficult period.

Some experts believe that somehow the norm
prolactin, regardless of age, contributes to the formation
maternal instinct. it вещество не создает его, но при этом
may to some extent strengthen.

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women? Symptoms and treatment

Increased prolactin levels

In most cases, if the result of blood screening
shows that prolactin is not normal, it is about his
increase. This may be affected by several physiological
conditions, pathologies and diseases. Among them, doctors distinguish

  • the presence of a tumor pressing on the pituitary gland;
  • hyperfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • anorexia;
  • polycystic ovary syndrome;
  • c’mon
  • liver problems;
  • tumor formation in the hypothalamus.

Increasing the rate of prolactin in the blood of women at any age –
This is a very serious symptom that can characterize extremely
dangerous diseases. That is why after receiving such
the result of the examination is very important to complete a diagnosis for
determine the true cause of pathology. Before всего это касается
pregnant girls.

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