Hormonal background does not exist!

Hormonal background does not exist. Such a sensational statement
сделала эндокринолог клиники «Чайка» Рената Петросян.

In chronic fatigue, hair loss, unstable
The emotional state is often blamed on hormones.
It is especially fashionable to blame hormones for symptoms that are not
fits in no disease. However, such a thing as
hormones, in the medical literature there. Background or some
stable balance – inappropriate concepts about hormones.
Endocrine glands do not work in the background and produce
as many hormones as your body needs.

Is chronic fatigue related to thyroid pathology?

99% of people find an explanation for their condition in dysfunction
thyroid glands, go to the endocrinologist and find themselves healthy by
parts of it. With these symptoms, you should start with general tests and
a therapist who, if indicated, will refer to

How does overweight on the background of endocrine

In this situation, in addition to a sharp increase in weight, there is another,
fairly serious symptoms (for example, high blood pressure,
change in appearance, muscle weakness). For any significant
weight changes need to see a doctor.

When you need to be tested for female and male sex

To be tested “just in case” does not make sense: for this
must be testimony. In addition, analyzes require preparation and
are given on certain days of the menstrual cycle (talking about women).
Such studies are appointed with cycle instability and other
problems (polycystic ovary, after ovarian resection, after
menopause, with infertility in women, etc.).

See also Pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy in
of women

Men can be prescribed tests for sex hormones in the period
hypogonadism, in some cases requiring replacement
терапии, а также при бесплодии (у мужчин).


Когда и как нужно сдавать кровь на гормоны щитовидной

Analysis of thyroid hormones in a planned manner pass
только беременные of womenы в первом триместре беременности. Can
to be tested at any time of the day, not just on an empty stomach, as often
say doctors. All others – only by indications and direction

Нужно ли сдавать анализ крови на ТТГ во время планирования

This analysis is often imposed by so-called planners.
беременность of womenам, хотя смысла в этом нет. Track
figure in the first trimester, when the TSH should be below 2.5. AT
if the indicator is higher, the tactics of keeping
pregnancy, sometimes – replacement therapy.

What is gestational diabetes and when can it develop?

A diagnosis involves a condition where the pancreas does not
copes with the body’s resistance to insulin. Is characteristic
for the second half of pregnancy, after 18 weeks. However, in the Russian Federation
Gestational diabetes is called any type of diabetes during pregnancy.
The fact is that the protocol of early registration includes
blood test for sugar. Если у of womenы на раннем сроки
blood glucose figures jump out 5.1-5.2, rarely anyone understands
causes and puts gestational diabetes, although it is not and not even
It means that the disease will develop in the future. Meanwhile so
of womenам нужно сделать глюкозотолерантный тест и другие
research and understand the reasons. Fortunately, insulin in HD
it is not necessary to be treated, but such news is a psychological trauma for
of womenы, которая может привести к более серьезным осложнениям.

ATсе of womenы на 24–28-й неделе сдают глюкозотолерантный тест, а
future mothers at risk of diabetes – a little earlier. Exactly
This test indicates whether insulin administration is required.

Is it true that a type 2 diabetes diet helps
not worse than drugs?

AT современных условиях жизни эта рекомендация практически не
feasible, because, in fact, you need to deal only with yourself and your
health, change lifestyle and eating habits that may
stop diabetes at its very beginning. Moreover,
recommendations on nutrition and healthy lifestyles should be a way of life. therefore
Russian endocrinologists practice – do not wait to not miss
time and get complications.

Do dietary supplements help with hormonal disorders?

Unexplored drugs with unproven efficacy, to
which include dietary supplements, can not be considered for treatment. If patient
trying to treat diabetes dietary supplements on their own, then it is a disaster
because so you can finish the game to coma. If we are talking about the correction in
premenopause, then it is permissible. However, patients need to understand
that making a decision about accepting the seemingly safe supplements they put
experiment themselves on themselves, and not the fact that successful.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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