Home puppet theater – a fun trip tofairy world

Children really like role-playing games. Girls prefer to play
daughters-mothers, seller-buyer, doctor-patient, boys-in
policemen, aliens, drivers. Such games help the child
to comprehend the world around you, to cope with your fears and
experiences, satisfy the need for communication, contribute
development of speech, imagination and artistry. You can diversify leisure
baby, organizing home puppet theater.

Домашний кукольный театр

We select the “actors” of the troupe

As heroes of the performance, you can use
baby toys or purchase new ones. Some parents
independently make theatrical dolls that are
several types:

  • puppets are dolls that are set in motion by
    strands attached to their limbs;
  • cane – dolls driven by a cane, on which they
    put on;
  • parquet – large dolls that move around the stage
    or the floor with the help of a puppeteer;
  • glove dolls that dress like hands
    gloved hand. Another name for such a doll is “parsley”;
  • Finger – small characters who dress
    on the fingers of the hands. They can be made of felt, socks or knit

The most popular dolls for home theater are
glove and finger. In stores you can buy ready-made kits.
characters of different tales. Manage such dolls can not
only parents, but also children. Games with them develop small
hand motor skills, fantasy and memory.

We prepare the scene and scenery

Mandatory attribute of any theater is the stage. In the doll
theater in this capacity acts as a screen, behind which hides
puppeteer. The screen can be floor or desktop. Can
buy ready-made stage with decorations and a curtain or make
independently from improvised means.

The improvised screen will turn out, if two wide
set a chair to throw a sheet or piece of cloth. Or
decorate a large box of household appliances under the screen.
Scenery can also be made independently. For example, hang
Above the scene on filaments or tapes are cardboard sun, moon, stars and
etc. Be sure to involve children in the process.

Making the performance

Organize the first performances by adults, and invite children
as viewers. Kids will be very happy to see the “alive”
characters familiar fairy tales. Over time, get them involved in
productions. Start with simple and clear small roles.
gradually complicating the task. With older kids you can
experiment with gaming productions.

To involve the child in the theater process, organize
family party inviting guests. Interest in the presentation and
audience applause spurred on his desire for new
productions. Help your child cope with anxiety and not
criticize, if the first performances will take place not too

Organize music

Properly selected music makes the show more fun and brighter,
adjusts viewers to the desired mode. Can подобрать фоновую мелодию
for the whole play or individual musical sketches personally for
every character. Making a performance with small actors,
turn on the finished audio fairy tale, under which the baby will only
set your hero in motion. If one of the adults owns
playing one of the musical instruments, be sure to attract
him to participate in the production.

Puppet theater is a great opportunity to distract a child from
virtual computer world, develop sociability in it and

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