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Update: October 2018

Psoriasis is perhaps the most well-known chronic skin disease.
And not only the skin, recently this ailment began to be attributed not
just to a skin pathology, and to a systemic disease –
psoriatic disease because in people with psoriasis
expressed simultaneously several violations in the functioning
immune, nervous and endocrine systems of the body.

In official medicine, none of the causes of psoriasis
not officially approved, there are several theories about his appearance, and
viral, and genetic, and exchangeable, and immune. The only thing that
it is considered proven that psoriasis is not contagious, since it is not
infectious disease. In this article we will look at how
all known treatments for psoriasis in the home are effective.

The best remedies for the treatment of psoriasis

To date, there is no single methodology defined by
specific treatment regimens for psoriasis because
manifestations of the disease is very much, and therapy depends on
the age of the patient, the severity of the process, from nutrition (see
diet for psoriasis), the area of ​​the lesion and the complex associated
pathologies – damage to the skin, nails, head, joints, characteristic
for a particular patient.

Лечение псориаза в домашних условияхEven using the same thing
the same treatment for one patient occurs resistant
remission, it does not help another, can cause a third
allergic reaction or even more aggravation. Therefore therapy
psoriatic disease should be strictly individual,
complex, under the supervision of the attending physician (see How to properly treat

Today, there are many methods for the treatment of psoriasis, but all
they only contribute to stopping, alleviating relapse,
since psoriasis is an incurable chronic recurrent
disease. After going through certain procedures, some
patients manage to prolong the period by several months or even years
remission. Below is a list of almost all known methods.
treatment of psoriasis both at home and with the help of medical procedures in
specialized clinics or sanatoriums, taking into account the survey
patients and their evaluation of this method.

According to these data, the table shows the methods of treatment, according to
patients with psoriatic disease, from the most effective,
to those who did not have a noticeable improvement after therapy.
For example, 37% of patients with psoriasis believe that psoriasis ointment on
based solid oil help them cope with relapse, and only 0.2%
consider that physiotherapy, laser therapy, or
Urinotherapy gave some effect, etc.

% Treatment methods that have improved skin condition
in interviewed patients
37% Применение мазей на основе солидола — самые
The most popular of these ointments are Kartalin, Magnipsor, Cytopsor, Akrustal,
33% Диетическое питание — всем больным псориазом
it is desirable to follow a diet, many patients consider it essential in
treatment of psoriasis.
26% Смена климата, курортотерапия, санаторное
treatment. Climate change often results in persistent
remission. On the territory of the former USSR there are the following resorts
where psoriasis is treated.

  • Sulfide Water Resorts: Yeisk, Kayakent, Kemeri, Goryachiy
    key, Usolye, Krasnousolsk, Sergievsky mineral waters,
    Pyatigorsk, in Transcarpathia Bruise, Sochi – Matsesta, Taminsk, Khilovo,
    Black water.
  • Radon waters: the most famous and popular Zhytomyr,
    Pyatigorsk, Belokurikha, Myronivka, Krasnousolie, Molokovka, Nilova
    Пустынь,  Хмельник, Цхалтубо (читайте подробнее).
  • Sodium chloride water: Soson mineral waters, Angara, Kuldur,
    Druskininkai Lake Uchum, oz. Shira, Ust-Kut.
  • Rapa treatment resorts: Oz. Elton, Odessa, Saki, Evpatoria,
  • Therapeutic muds – Eisk, Keys, Anapa, Evpatoria, Kayakent,
    Kemeri, Kuryi, Lake Elton, Lyuben-Veliky, Saki, Lake Uchum.

Treatment of children with psoriasis: Sochi sanatorium named after N. A. Semashko and
�”Red Storm”, Anapa “Falcon”, in Pyatigorsk “Lenin Rocks”.

nineteen% Солевые ванны — можно принимать как в домашних
conditions using sea salt from pharmacies without additives or even
ordinary rock salt, and taking sea baths for treatment
psoriasis on the sea coast. Seawater contains both potassium and
magnesium, and iodine, settling on the skin helps to reduce pain,
irritation, patients even improve sleep, because salt
affects the nerve endings, relaxing and soothing them.
1four% Средства на основе дегтя — Антрасульфоновая
мазь, Антраминовая, Антипсорин, Коллоидин
12% СФТ — Селективная фототерапия достаточно
effective psoriasis treatment based on specific
exposure to UV rays with a specific wavelength. Easy method
tolerated and remission occurs from several months to
2 years.
12% Гормональная терапия — крема и мази сильного
действия (Бетаметазон, Мометазон, Будесонид и др.) Вред этих
funds for the treatment of psoriasis can be compared with the harm from drugs.
Firstly, the hormone withdrawal syndrome is very painful,
In addition, the rapid effect of the first application leads patients
underwhelmed, but after a short time the sad clinical
the picture most often returns, but with a much worse manifestation. AND
this tool may no longer help so quickly. To treatment
hormonal drugs should be approached very carefully – this
great EVIL in psoriasis, because long-term use leads
to systemic side effects, impairs the function of the adrenal cortex,
reduces immunity and can cause skin atrophy.
12% Бани, бассейны, сауны — эффективность парилок
and saunas for patients with psoriasis is also not regarded uniquely,
someone a regular bath helps to keep calm for a long time
skin, someone does not bring relief.
12% Активный образ жизни, спорт, любые регулярные
training – it undoubtedly improves the health of a person with any
disease because with regular physical exertion in
reasonable limits in humans improves blood circulation,
normal muscle tone, strengthens the immune system, increases
mood and self-esteem that can not but affect the state
12% External products containing Calcipotriol
(Dayvoneks), Calcitriol (Osteotriol) – this drugs
give a good effect with long-term use for almost all patients
psoriasis. When using preparations made in Germany,
many get a quicker effect.
ten% Голодание лечебное — очень большое число
patients use periodic fasting for medicinal purposes. There are
cases of complete skin cleansing of plaques after fasting courses, but
this is considered an exception. Before starting any of the methods
treatment, especially such a cardinal as fasting, should
know if you have a contraindication to this method, and
carefully read the rules of therapeutic fasting.
ten% Мази салициловые — сами по себе такие мази не
has a strong therapeutic effect, and they are prescribed in order
to reduce crusts. When the skin after using them
peel off, you can use other means. Salicylic
acid, which is part of such ointments, also contributes to a better
penetration of drugs into the body through plaque, then
have it is a link or conductor.
ten% Любое траволечение, фитопрепараты — фиточай,
infusions, decoctions when taken orally. With this disease is used
a huge number of different herbs, if there are no allergic reactions
on them are the roots of the Acorus marsh, the burdock large, dandelion,
wheatgrass roots, chicory, raspberry leaves, nettle, birch, and
also herbs – train, oregano, St. John’s wort, celandine, lingonberry,
chamomile, valerian, etc.
9% Baths with decoctions and infusions of herbs, turpentine
— Это также оказывает положительное действие на кожу
with psoriasis, especially useful are plantain and chamomile baths,
bath with birch buds or leaves, juniper,
хвойно-валериановые baths. ANDх можно принимать через день по 20
minutes, 38C. temperature
eight% Гормональные мази — слабые или комбинированные
(Fluticasone, Hydrocortisone, etc.) on how much one should be
careful when using hormonal ointments we mentioned
eight% Энтеросорбенты — Энтеросгель, Полифепан,
Полисорб МП, Фильтрум СТAND — способствуют выведению токсинов,
cleaning the intestines from drugs.
7% Солярий, УФО облучение, кварцевые лампы
Patients’ opinions about the effectiveness of tanning beds are divided because
one better helps quartz radiation, the other better tanning beds.
The effect increases with simultaneous use.
7% Витаминотерапия — это лечение может давать
opposite effects, some patients have vitamin injections,
cause exacerbation, and helps some patients in complex
treatment with other drugs.
7% Грязелечение, рапа — эти способы терапии
are effective only if dirt and brine are not imported, but
therapy takes place right at or near the source. Besides,
Before starting such treatment, you should be screened for
subject of oncological diseases, gynecological or
cardiovascular diseases because they are
contraindication for similar therapy.
6% Йодобромные, серные, сероводородные ванны
similar to mud therapy, such baths should be taken
directly near the source.
four% БАДы — использование различных подобных
funds very individually, evaluate their effectiveness also
quite difficult.
four% ANDммуномодуляторы — использование
immunomodulators should be reasonable, without clear indications
an immunologist, on the basis of the immunogram data to apply
immunomodulators are not appropriate.
four% Лекарственные препараты с кальцием и натрием
Sodium thiosulfate, sodium gluconate, calcium chloride (chloride
calcium allergy)
four% Препараты гепатопротекторы — Лив 52,
Essentiale Forte, Legalon (see liver tablets)
four% Dental treatment
3% Очищение организма — клизмы, колонотерапия,
organ cleaning
3% Противогельминтная терапия — если на основании
stool tests, the patient showed any worms, or
данным анализа крови методом ANDФА обнаружен лямблиоз (Symptoms
giardiasis in adults), then shown anthelmintic therapy.
3% Плазмаферез — любые методы экстракорпоральной
blood purification is indicated for severe forms of psoriasis. Most
patients the effect occurs after the first procedures, however
quite short and lasts no more than 2 months.
3% Косметические средства — Смягчающие крема
help fight dry skin with psoriasis, they contribute to
moisture retention, it can be a vegetable oil, not annoying
skin, especially effectively use the cream immediately after
3% Folk healers, psychics
3% Противовоспалительные средства — эти препараты
used in psoriatic arthritis
2.5% Мази на основе серы — серно-цинковая,
2.5% The use of activated, purified, charged water
2% Homeopathy
2% Thermal procedures, infrared radiation
2% Hormonal injections
2% Oatmeal baths
2% Drugs – cytostatics
1.5% Продукты пчеловодства — В частности лечение
bee venom – apitoxin is quite effective
with slow psoriasis, it stimulates non-specific
mechanisms in the body, and has a different effect in each
specific case.
1.5% Препараты нафталанской нефти — по мнению
Patients are better treated with this product under conditions
resort Naftalan in Azerbaijan.
1.5% Противогрибковые средства — при присоединении
fungal infections, many help various antifungal
means in tablets or ointments, but their use should be
only according to indications.
one% Гипнотерапия, Йога, медитация аутотренинг,
pronouncing affirmations, and other energy practices are also
Patients react differently to different energy techniques,
not amenable to accurate measurement or evaluation. Someone is experiencing
significant improvement in psycho-emotional state and how
the consequence is improved and the skin condition, someone treats them with
skepticism, such methods do not inspire confidence and therefore do not
one% Крахмальные ванны — весьма полезны при зуде на
large areas of the body, for its preparation is used 800 gr.
potato starch, prediluting it in cold
one% Лекарства- ретиноиды -витамин А — При
Vitamin A deficiency is caused by dry skin, keratinization and
desquamation, so according to the testimony it can be used in
комплексном treatment of psoriasis.
0.5% Рефлексотерапия, иглоукалывание — Местом
Impacts with this most ancient method of treatment are
skin – biologically active points that get irritated
when using special needles. Opinion on this method of treatment
very contradictory, because for some it did not help at all, but
improves some condition, normalizes sleep and calms the nervous
the system. Before such treatment should be carefully
treat the choice of acupuncture specialist because
erroneous use of this method can lead to negative
the consequences. Read more about the benefits and dangers of acupuncture.
0.5% Wave and bioresonance therapy
0.2% Physiotherapy, respiratory gymnastics, urinotherapy,
laser therapy, antiviral drugs

In conclusion, I would like to note that very often doctors
prescribe drugs that do not have a “target”
appointments, that is, are not aimed at treating a specific
diseases, and are used in the treatment of psoriasis. Many
patients find that some of these remedies have no beneficial
actions do not have, but cost considerable funds and are not appointed
justified. We provide a list of drugs
which you probably should not use just because they are all
рекомендуют или рекламируют
для лечения псориаза.

  • Vitamins, Panangin, Aloe Extract, Linex, Otsillococcinum,
    Vitreous humor, Timogen, Glycine, Wobenzym.
  • Funds that are assigned as core, without justification.
    To take each of these drugs should be like
    minimum to establish that the patient has abnormal liver function
    (Essentiale, Leaf 52, Phosphogiv), and you should not use
    no immunomodulators without immunogram and consultation
    immunologist (Polyoxidonium, Interferon, Cycloferon, etc.). This
    the list goes on – Riboxin, Arbidol, Vinpocetine, Reamberin,
    Zinnarizin, Actovegin, Mezim, Trombovazim, Cerebrolysin, Nootropil,
    Lidase, Vinpocetine, Hemodez, Aflutop, Taufon, Piracetam, Corvalol,
    Validol.  Before buying these drugs and using for
    treatment, you should know exactly why they are assigned to you.
  • Supplements – according to the majority of patients with psoriasis, these tools are so
    called “naturopathy” – the invention of marketers, often
    recommended by doctors as medicines, are not cheap,
    and do not show efficiency.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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