HIV is afraid of circumcision

Update: February 2019

Frightening every person’s HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)
transmitted in several ways, including sexual. But now
infection during sexual intercourse may not be so frequent, because
circumcision is an effective method of protecting against urinogenital infections. TO
This sensational conclusion came from Washington researchers
University (USA).

According to them, those bacteria that are necessarily present under
foreskin of the male sexual organ, many times increase
infection risk with various pathogens
urogenital apparatus. And HIV is no exception. It is the foreskin
is that “conductor” that stands in the way of any


American researchers, having conducted their scientific work,
presented its results at the International Congress to combat
AIDS (Paris). The findings of the doctors boiled down to the fact that the foreskin
accumulates under a particular bacteria that promote development
diseases under certain environmental conditions. In the presence of extreme
flesh on the trunk of a man’s penis infection risk
grow to 60-63%.

Consequently, the attention of scientists fell on such an ancient
procedure as circumcision. It is logical to think that if she does not exclude
then at least significantly reduce the risk of contracting HIV infection. After all
plot of the penis, which was supposed to be covered with flesh,
will become “free” and will not accumulate bacterial
microorganisms. And those microbes that still linger on him,
die quickly due to inappropriate environmental conditions.

Of course, circumcision for all men is not a way out.
situations. It is necessary to observe the rules of intimate hygiene, not
neglect barrier contraceptives (condoms,
spermicides, diaphragms), do not have promiscuous sex, be
confident in the health of your partner. And the risks of infection
HIV infection will fall many times even without a painful procedure.
circumcision of the foreskin.

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