Hipp tea for lactation

чай hipp для кормящих матерей

Чай Hipp предназначен для кормящих матерей с
insufficient production of breast milk and in the case of lactation
crisis It is made in the form of loose granules whitish, fast
dissolving in water.

The composition of tea and useful properties

The components of Hippa tea are mainly medicinal.

  • Fennel – helps to increase lactation;
  • Anise, cumin – improve the performance of the mammary glands, intestines,
    stimulate digestion. Have a calming effect;
  • Galega grass – enhances the formation of milk in women who are lactating
  • Nettle extract – strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • Melissa Herb – soothes the nervous system, normalizes
  • Tea herbs can add some to it.
    unpleasant taste, so the natural flavor is added
    лимонной grass It gives the drink a pleasant lemon flavor.

What is not in this drink?

  • Products with modified genes (GMP).
  • Artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.
  • Starch, gluten and sugar.

Cooking method

  • To make tea, boil water.
  • Take a tea glass or mug containing 200 ml.
  • Pour boiling water into it, add 2 tablespoons of granules,
  • Cool a little drink.
  • If the tea is too saturated, you can dilute it.
    additionally boiled water.
  • Sweetening is not necessary, tea and so will be sweet.
  • It is necessary to brew fresh each time before use.

How often to drink Hipp tea?

If there is milk, but you want to drink tea for prevention, then
use twice a day. When there is a lack of milk and
lactational crisis drink freshly brewed tea for 20 – 25 minutes before
how to feed the baby. Grabs cans of tea for about
a week

Be careful!

  • It is not recommended to use water from wells and underground
  • Some components of tea can cause allergies. When appearing
    The first signs of drinking should stop!
  • Before opening, ensure the integrity of the packaging.
  • Taking the required portion of granules, tightly close the jar.
  • Store jar, avoiding damp places, at a temperature of about 20 -25
  • Before buying, consult your child.

Where to buy and the price of the issue?

Hipp instant tea can be found in almost any
pharmacy. Стоимость одной баночки колеблется в пределах 250 –
350 rubles.

You can buy tea in the online store Babadu
— http://babadu.ru/store/2143/?bba_aid=62517995 (также узнать
prices, read reviews and properties of teas for lactation)

You want to feed the baby yourself without resorting to
artificial feeding? Try tea to increase lactation
Hipp and do without a bottle of the mixture.

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