Hilak Forte instructions for use for childrennewborns, adults

Update: December 2018

Hilak Forte – a probiotic drug
metabolic type. The instructions for use indicate that

  • Can be used for babies from the first days of life.
  • Normalizes intestinal microflora equilibrium
  • It has a complex therapeutic effect.
  • The drug consists of natural ingredients.
  • Promotes immunity and increases absorption
    vitamins gr. AT

Наименование:  Хилак форте Форма
  Капли для приема внутрь во флаконах из
dark glass with a dropper cap and a plastic cap,
controlling the first autopsy. Each bottle is packed in carton.
a pack of instructions. Дозировка: флаконы по 30 мл и
100 мл Подгруппа: Противодиарейные лекарственные
средства Фармподгруппа:  Микроорганизмы —
antidiarrheal agents, balancing microflora
intestine. Состав препарата: Раствор
light yellow, light brown, transparent with a characteristic
sourish odor. Capel Hilak forte contains:

  •  Escherichiacoli – No-Arborous Water Substrate
    metabolic products
  • Streptococcusfaecalis – Aseptic water substrate
    metabolic products
  • Lactobacillusacidophilus – Aseptic water substrate
    metabolic products
  • Lactobacillushelveticus – Aseptic water substrate
    metabolic products

ATспомогательные вещества: Калия сорбат, натрия фосфат
heptahydrate, lactic acid, potassium phosphate, citric acid
monohydrate, phosphoric acid

Цена: AT среднем в аптеках стоит — 30 мл. 160
rub. 200 ml. 360 rub. Pharmacological
Физиологическая естественная кишечная
microflora is often disturbed by various external influences:

  • Antibiotic treatment (11 rules – How to take
  • Chemotherapy, radiation
  • Power change, unsuitable food
  • Change of water intake
  • Climate change, other conditions
  • Gastrointestinal surgery

ATследствие содержания в составе Хилак форте обменных продуктов
normal microflora, the drug is able to regulate the balance
intestinal microflora and normalize its composition biologically,
сохраняя все физиологические функции слизистой intestine.


In infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract,
in the preparation of short-chain volatile fatty acids,
able to restore violations of microflora, water and electrolyte
balance, stimulate the regeneration of epithelial cells of the walls

Biosynthetic lactic acid contained in
drug, as well as its buffer salts, regardless of acidity
the patient’s stomach, restore the natural normal value
acidity in the digestive tract. Also, when taking the drug improves synthesis
витаминов К и группы AT на фоне роста нормальных симбионтов

The drug for children and adults is indicated to enhance the protective
functions of the body, because there is evidence that its use
stimulates the immune response. Hilak Forte for babies
and newborns after Salmonella enteritis leads to
acceleration of salmonella elimination. This is due to the antagonistic
effects on salmonella by stimulating the growth of anaerobic
ацидофильной флоры intestine.

Indications for use Hilak Forte:

  • Diarrhea, constipation, flatulence
  • Diseases of the gallbladder and liver enterogenous nature
  • ATо время и после терапии антибиотиками, после лучевой и
    chemotherapy leading to an imbalance of the physiological flora
    colon and small intestine
  • Dyspepsia, digestive insufficiency syndrome
  • Colitis, gastroenteritis, colitis, atrophic gastritis,
    gastroenteritis, senile bowel syndrome
  • Allergic skin diseases – chronic eczema
    endogenous, urticaria
  • Anacid and hypocidal conditions, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract due to the change
    climate water
  • Salmonellosis in convalescence, especially for children,

ATоздействие на плод:  Использование Хилак
Forte during pregnancy and lactation is considered safe.
But, the use is possible only as prescribed by the attending physician.
Противопоказания:  Повышенная
sensitivity to the components of the drug. Mode of application
и дозирование:
Следует принимать во время или до еды,
diluting with a small amount of water, except milk.
The drug is taken 3 p / day in the dosage presented in
таблице в зависимости от возраста. After relieving the condition
the daily dose is reduced by half.

to babies 15-30 drops for 1 reception
for children 20-40 drops per reception
for adults 40-60 drops for 1 reception

Побочное действие: Обычно препарат переносится
by patients of any age very well, significant adverse
effects were not observed. Rarely are phenomena like diarrhea,
constipation, allergic reactions in the form of urticaria, skin rash, itching.
Передозировка:  Кроме стандартного
medical surveillance no special events
required. ATзаимодействие:  Антацидные
drugs can neutralize the lactic acid that is part of
Хилак forte. Особые указания:  Молоко,
dairy products not recommended to be taken simultaneously with Hilak
forte. Срок годности и условия хранения: Срок
shelf life 4 years, 6 weeks after opening the bottle. Store at
temperature not exceeding 25 ° C, out of the reach of children.
Производитель: «Ратиофарм ГмбХ», Ульм, Германия,
Production Merkle GmbH, Blaubeuren, Germany.

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