Hike to the pediatrician: 7 important rules

Every mother knows that with a child under one year is necessary
monthly to be examined by a pediatrician, as well as by narrow specialists
– according to a certain schedule. If you first became a mother, and more
inexperienced, then going to the clinic can turn into an adventure.
And not always pleasant, unfortunately. Forgot your documents, turn
к врачу огромная, все падает из сумки, да еще  ребенок
hungry and whimpers. Do not panic! Read our recommendations, and
do not lose your presence of mind!


1. Prepare a “mom and baby bag”

If you and your child went to the clinic in a wheelchair – feel free to
Carry a pram bag, it is usually sold in the kit
with a stroller. This bag is voluminous, everything fits in it. And you
it is easier to move around the clinic with a baby in your arms with one
сумкой, чем с дамской сумкой и  пакетом с вещами для ребенка и

What we take in the bag:

  1. �”Smenka” for a child – clothes for changing clothes (if the baby
    gets dirty).
  2. Disposable diaper. Kids love to make “kids
    неожиданности»  в самом неподходящем для этого месте.
  3. Wet baby wipes – wipe the child handles, as well as
    other parts of the body, if needed.
  4. Diaper, better disposable (you will lay out on it
    child for inspection). Experienced mothers take 2 diapers, it’s not a secret
    – when the baby is undressed, he usually wants to go to the toilet.
  5. Favorite toy. Or vice versa, a toy (item) that
    the child has never seen before. Mother’s Cosmetic Mirror
    too fit.
  6. A bottle of water.
  7. Food – a mixture with a thermos for a child on an artificial
    feeding, snack (cookies, mashed potatoes), if the baby’s diet is already
    introduced lure. In the room of mother and child, you can safely
    retire and breastfeed.
  8. Boot covers. Some institutions have free, but not

Если вы «слингомама», а ваш ребенок ест, спит, гуляет  в
слинге – это значительно облегчит  поход в медучреждение
 and “untie the hands of” my mother in the literal sense of the word.

2. The right attitude – peace of mind, only


Even you have a voucher for a certain time of the visit to the doctor,
this does not exclude queues near the office and long minutes (and sometimes
hours) waiting. �”I only ask”, “I am a health worker”, “I am on
a minute ”- people who are slowing down the reception will always be there. Don’t get
Breast on the embrasure in front of the office – save your nerve
cells Calm mom – calm baby. Inhale, exhale. Your
the child feels your condition – be calm and do not react
on the “aliens” out of turn. As the wise men said, “it will pass

3. “First Aid Relatives”

Just one to two hours of your girlfriend / grandmother / niece time,
которая может  помочь с походом в поликлинику, а какое
relief for you! Stand in the registry for the coupon,
to hand over clothes to the wardrobe, hold the doors at the entrance-exit,
�”Pokaraulit” turn, while you are gone to feed the child, run off
for shoe covers. Difficult to cope alone is a fact. If dad is on
car, but rushing to work – let him take you with the child and
stroller in the clinic, will help in the wardrobe, reception, and then
you yourself.

4. Important documents

Medical policy, SNILS, birth certificate
baby  Take with you the original documents and photocopies in
a special envelope folder that you can easily unzip one
hand and get the right paper.

5. Notebook with questions

The time at the doctor is limited. In order not to remember for a long time –
what did you want to ask the doctor, make a list of questions
houses. We advise after each question to leave space for a brief
Entering pediatrician responses. The information for you will be new,
perhaps it will be a lot. Until you reach the house – you will forget half.
We write down!

6. Learn about benefits


Did you know that for a blood test children under six months pass

Read in advance (take a photo on the phone or write it down)
information about the beneficiaries near the registry. Right to extraordinary
Reception have:

  • children with fever;
  • children from large families;
  • disabled children;
  • children of medical workers

Tell the doctor (or nurse) that you belong to one of
listed groups, and will be invited to the reception without waiting in line. In
многих детских поликлиниках  для осмотра перед прививкой дети
can go to the doctor out of turn.

7. Child’s condition

В день  планируемого визита измерьте ребенку температуру,
notice how it looks. If the night was sleepless,
baby whimpers, at breakfast almost did not eat – transfer the trip to the doctor
Next day. In the clinic there are always sick children, even in
день здорового baby No need to put a child at risk
�“Pick up” a bacterium or a virus.

Be healthy and happy!

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