High protein foods


  • The functions of protein in the body
  • Animal and vegetable proteins
  • What threatens the lack or excess of protein in
    in the body
  • The calculation of the rate of protein per day
  • High protein foods (таблица)
  • Meat, fish, poultry, eggs
  • Milk products
  • Cereals, legumes, grain products
  • The nuts
  • Mushrooms
  • Soy products
  • Dessert
  • Video
  • Protein diet for weight loss

Regular consumption of protein foods is necessary to maintain
health of the human body. To make an individual full
a diet with a day
protein content.

The functions of protein in the body

Cells in the human body are born, grow, function with
obligatory participation of protein. Protein (or protein) – the main
body building material:

  • forms cells, tissues, organs, hemoglobin, enzymes,
  • the strength of the immune system is directly related to protein synthesis (and
    it is the protection of a person from diseases);
  • with protein deficiency, the absorption of vitamins is impaired,

Life itself is the production, consumption and renewal of protein. Organism
a person is not able to synthesize it or accumulate it (like fats and
carbohydrates), and gets only with food.

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Animal and vegetable proteins

According to the source of origin, proteins in foods
are divided into animals (meat, poultry, fish, dairy products) and
vegetable (nuts, legumes, cereals).

They are different in composition of amino acids needed by man.
Full-value (containing the entire “set” of amino acids) are
animal proteins. Vegetable proteins (for rare
exception) – inferior.

Some vital amino acids are not synthesized by the body.
alone, and gets along with the food. Therefore, specialists in
nutrition insist that a person needs daily health
use both animal and vegetable protein.

People sticking to varieties of vegetarianism in which
animal food is excluded, must compensate for the disadvantage
elements necessary for the body by combinations of products or
biological additives.

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What threatens the lack or excess of protein in in the body

Lack of protein leads to a malfunction of the body.
Organismу просто не хватает компонентов, для полноценной работы,
which often manifests itself in such symptoms:

  1. Anemia, weakness.
  2. Constant headaches, emotional instability
    (tearfulness, irritability, aggression). The reason lies in
    deficiency of hormones, enzymes, which leads to depletion of the nervous
  3. Metabolic disease. The quality of skin, hair and hair deteriorates.
    nails. The skin becomes pale, grayish, prone to rashes,
    dryness, flaking. Nails break, hair overly climb, bad
    grow up.

Excess protein foods can cause serious
ailments, body work failures:

  1. The body needs calcium to process excess protein. If a
    Calcium ingested with food is not enough, the body pulls it out
    from the bones.
  2. A large amount of protein overloads the kidneys.
  3. Foods rich in protein contain a lot of cholesterol, an excess of
    которого разрушает здоровье сердечно-сосудистой system.

Important! Protein that enters the body with food does not
absorbed completely. Milk proteins are best absorbed.
(almost 100%). But the meat, chicken, vegetable protein
origin – maximum 70 percent. This information is necessary
take into account when planning a diet. Simple calculation: when
need to get 75 grams of protein per day, it needs to be consumed in
an average of 30% more, that is, 97.5 g. Animal proteins
digested better than vegetable.

Since the overabundance and lack of protein are equally bad,
need to maintain its healthy balance in food. Optimal
option is considered a pre-compiled menu. It painted
breakfasts, lunches and dinners, counted the amount of protein, fat,
carbohydrates and calorie dishes.

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The calculation of the rate of protein per day

Nutrition experts recommend:

  1. The amount of protein required per day is calculated by the formula:
    body weight multiplied by 1 g for women and 1.2 g for men. I.e
    60 kg woman needs to get 60 g of protein a day, man
    weighing 80 kg – 96 g.
  2. The total amount of animal and vegetable proteins is 50 divided by
    50. Example: from 60 g of daily protein – 30 g of animal proteins and 30
  3. In nutrition, optimally combine animal and vegetable
    proteins in one dish (so that the body gets all
    necessary set of amino acids).
  4. When calculating the protein norm, the digestibility of the body of different
    types of proteins, because It is not always absolute.

белок в продуктах питания

Note! It is believed that the daily protein intake should
reach up to 2 g per 1 kg of body weight. If a, придерживаясь нормы 1 г
on 1 kg, the lack of protein is felt, its consumption increase.
But more than 2 g per kg of weight per day will be guaranteed to be overloaded.
an organism.

Food with the maximum amount of protein required
athletes, people with increased physical activity.

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High protein foods (таблица)

Know foods that contain protein in large quantities,
necessary for the preparation of a full healthy menu for each

The greatest amount of protein is enriched with animal products, and
from vegetable – legumes and nuts. Meat and fish rich
protein, contain, on average, 20 g of protein per 100 g of product.

Composing the menu, it is worth looking at individual indicators on
dishes, calculate what contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates which
product. For example, planning a fish “high protein” day, find out
in which fish how much protein is in advance (for comparison: in a pink salmon 21
g, and in the hake – 16).

продукты с большим содержанием белка

The problem of plant foods that contain a lot of protein
(legumes and nuts), in that it is heavy on the stomach. Its worth
alternate with side dishes of cereals. In dry cereal protein per 100 g –
from 7 to 12 g (from containing a lot of protein – buckwheat, oat,

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The list of products (table) by categories of dishes will help
navigate the information.

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Meat, fish, poultry, eggs

Product (dish) Portion weight (g) / amount of protein (g)
Beef steak 170 / 34,5
Pork cutlet 130 / 33,8
Jelly pork 150 / 26,88
Boiled chicken 150/33
Chicken aspic 150 / 14.7
Boiled chicken egg 1 PC. / 7
Lamb shashlik 200/38
Rabbit goulash 150/36
Pork liver pate (beef) 50/9,5 (9)
Pollock in the oven 200 / 31,8
Fried Mackerel 200/36
Tuna sandwich 50 / 11.3
Light salted pink salmon 100/21
Salted herring 100/18
Chicken cutlet 130 / 28.6
Lightly salted salmon 100/21
Cooked sausage (1 circle) 30 / 4.1

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Milk products

Product (dish) Portion weight (g) / amount of protein (g)
Cup of milk 200 / 5.6
Cup of ryazhenka, kefir 200/6
Cottage cheese 150/27
Sandwich with hard cheese (Russian, Dutch, Edam, Gouda
30 / 7,8

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Cereals, legumes, grain products

Product (dish) Portion weight (g) / amount of protein (g)
Buckwheat side dish 150 / 7,8
Rice garnish 150 / 2.85
Red beans (white) boiled 150 / 11.7
Pea porridge 150/12.9
Lentil Porridge 150 / 14,13
Garnished with boiled chickpeas 150/12.45
Stewed Bean Garnish 150 / 20,07
Bread Darnitsky 100 / 6.6
Semolina, oatmeal on water 150 / 3.75 – 4.5
Buckwheat noodles boiled 150 / 10.3

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The nuts

Product (dish) Portion weight (g) / amount of protein (g)
Peanut 50/13
Hazelnut 50/12
Almond 50/9.3
Cashew nuts 50/9
Walnut 50 / 7,6
Roasted sunflower seeds 50 / 10.3
Peanutовое масло 1 tbsp. / eight

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Product (dish) Portion weight (g) / amount of protein (g)
Mushrooms белые жареные 150/6.3
Fried aspen mushrooms 150 / 3.3

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Soy products

Product (dish) Portion weight (g) / amount of protein (g)
Soy milk, 1 cup 200/7
Boiled soy meat 150 / 16.9
Tofu (bean curd) 100 / eight,1
Boiled green soybeans 150 / 21.75

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Soy product is a godsend for vegetarians, as it contains
high-grade vegetable protein.

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Product (dish) Portion weight (g) / amount of protein (g)
Fruit jelly 150/6

Note! For balanced nutrition, except
quantities of protein, take into account the norms of carbohydrates, fats and kilocalories
(kcal) per day. For easy maintenance of optimal body weight.
the ratio is considered: carbohydrates (from 30 to 50%), proteins (from 25 to
35%), жиры (от 25 до 35%) от всего объема пищи в day.

Different sources of protein contain vitamins necessary for the body,
minerals, acids. The more diverse protein foods, the more
health benefits. Doctors advise:

  • eat fish and seafood at least 1-2 times a week;
  • use cottage cheese, milk and sour-milk drinks more often;
  • eat at least 1 boiled chicken egg a day;
  • is considered a full weekly diet in which there are
    beef, chicken;
  • 5-8 nuts a day – natural multivitamin supplement.

Information about the protein content in the finished weight products and
dishes is indicated on the product label (based on 100 g

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