High growth may increase the likelihoodvaricose veins

Update: February 2019

Scientists at Stanford University found that
the person and genes responsible for it may increase the risk
development of varicose veins. This discovery allows more
understand the nature of the disease, look for new treatment options.
The research results have already been published on the American
cardiological association.

Varicose disease is a common disease.
accompanied by varicose veins of the lower extremities. Only in the USA
more than 30 million people suffer from the disease. Serious
complications of pathology, such as trophic ulcers, venous thrombosis,
seriously impair health. What causes the disease is unknown
so far, and all methods of treatment, with the exception of surgery,
show their failure. New data helps to find
answers to these questions.


Специалистами  проанализированы данные масштабного
длительного исследования «UK Biobank»: было изучено  413519
историй болезней с определением факторов риска varicose veins. To analysis
subjected to the frequency of some genetic markers in 337536
patients: 9577 of them had varicose dilatation

The results showed that age, gender, pregnancy,
history of obesity and deep vein thrombosis increase the risk of developing
this disease. It has also been found that tall people are more
prone to varicose veins, and genes that are responsible for growth may
participate in this process. So between thrombosis
deep veins and varicose veins set clear
genetic linkage.

Scientists believe that the information obtained will help reliably
выявить механизмы, которые находятся в основе развития varicose veins, и
develop methods for its prevention. Identification of risk groups may
help prevent the disease and reduce its frequency

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