Hiccups in infants – reasons for what to do and howto help

икота у грудничков

Young parents are often bothered by hiccups in infants, although
In most cases, this is a very harmless reaction of children.
organism to internal and external stimuli.

Not many people know that children still hiccup in their mother’s stomach – so
The baby’s diaphragm is being prepared for new living conditions. After
birth the nervous and digestive systems of the infant are not yet
perfect, he hardly adapts, so up to a month or
even two, he is tormented by gases, colic, loose stools and hiccups.

Hiccups in infants – causes of hiccups, how to rid the infant from

Kids hiccup because of contractions of the diaphragm that reacts to
various irritations. Some pediatricians believe that
vagus nerve, excited for no particular reason. Wandering
the nerve has a direct effect on the diaphragmatic muscle,
forcing her to shrink.

Причины hiccups

Attentive parents may notice that hiccups occur immediately
after feeding the baby, or even in the process of eating. Overflow
the stomach leads to its stretching and pressure on the diaphragm, and
the baby starts to hiccup. Almost the same effect has
gas full of intestines baby.

Причины hiccups у грудных детей могут быть не только внутренними,
as well as external ones, i.e. normal hypothermia at the time of taking
air baths or walking in most cases cause
unpleasant symptom. As soon as the baby’s nose or fingers become
cool – begins hiccups.

Those. to summarize briefly, there are only two reasons in principle:

  1. Hiccups while eating;
  2. Hiccup from hypothermia.

НО, серьезным, требующим немедленного обращения
a hiccups can be a symptom in the hospital, repeated very often and
for no apparent reason, lasting a long time, and heavily debilitating child.
The cause in this case may be an inflammatory disease of the lungs.
or digestive organs, because the processes of inflammation irritate
aperture. Encephalopathy or spinal cord pathology causes
stubborn hiccups that prevent the baby from breathing normally. Although it
is extremely rare, insure and consult with

Что делать, как остановить и избавить ребенка от hiccups?

как избавить грудничка от hiccups

When the baby starts hiccups, not many people know what to do.
Moms, and not to get confused, we must remember a few simple
действий, позволяющих to help малышу.

Method 1 Hiccups while feeding

For example, if a baby hiccups while eating, you don’t need to
continue feeding, and raise it vertically and squeeze
tummy. Perhaps the child has swallowed air when too
He ate greedily, and having burped away too much, he would feel better.

So how to stop hiccups in babies after eating is very difficult, and
need to wait for the milk in his ventricle to digest, then
the only thing parents can do is hold the baby
vertically. In the prone position, the crowded stomach presses on
diaphragm, and hiccups can last for a long time.

Method 2 Hiccup from hypothermia

Способов, как избавить ребенка от hiccups, начавшейся от легкого
hypothermia, somewhat. First of all, you need to warm the baby,
having warmly dressed, having covered with the plaid or just having pressed to itself. Even if time
feeding has not yet come, you can give the baby a chest or warm
infant formula – it quickly warms it.

When hiccups a baby do not need to panic and think that the child
seriously ill: in most cases, it’s just a little reaction
organism to stimuli. Parents calm and confidence
are transmitted to children, and mother’s nervousness can provoke
anxiety baby.

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