Herring with yeast and E. coli: whatpreserves have not been “casting” for quality

Update: February 2019

The experts of “Roskontrol” put on the “black list” almost all
proven brand preserves. Four of the five samples were
found: E. coli, yeast, increased amount
mesophilic aerobic and optionally anaerobic microbes.

Experts tested 5 brands of preserves from the Pacific
special salted herring: VICI, Baltic Coast, Meridian,
�“A’More” and “Everyday”.

Special ambassador – this is fresh fish of the first grade, covered
a small amount of a mixture of sugar, salt and preservative and
fill. Four samples are blacklisted, and one in
product list with comments:

  • in Baltic Sea Coast preserves 4 times as much as possible
    permissible value of mesophilic aerobic and facultative anaerobic
  • in the her’More herring, bacteria of the intestinal group were found
  • in canned “Meridian” 12 times the permissible amount
  • in the VICI preserves, the amount of yeast was above the norm in 2

Most yeast does not pose a health hazard. But
excess of this indicator indicates a violation
sanitary antiepidemic regime in the production. And this is not
excludes the fact that there is no pathogenic microflora in another bank.

4 of the products, except for herring “Meridian”, found subcutaneous
yellowing fat (this is permissible only for herring second grade).
VICI preserves had a rancid smell and taste, and this is a sign
significant damage to the product. Also in “A’More” and “Each
day “low-fat herring was found: 10.5% and 5.8% of fat, respectively
(on packaging – 28% and 59%).


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