Herpes – symptoms, causes, types, ways of transmissionvirus treatment and prevention

Herpes is viral in nature and is accompanied by the occurrence of
специфической rash It is characterized by the presence of grouped
vesicles localized on the mucous membrane and skin
covers. The virus enters the body through skin microcracks and
mucous membranes (oropharynx, urethra, etc.), after that he
penetrates to the nerve nodes of the central nervous system, where and
stored in a latent state.

What is this disease, what causes the activation of the herpes virus in
the body of an adult person, the symptoms and methods of treatment, consider
further in the article.

What is herpes?


Герпес — это распространенная вирусная инфекция, носителями
which are over 90% of the world’s population. About 20% of people
have different manifestations of pathology, in other patients she

Herpes manifests itself only when the immune system
the body is in a weakened state. This can
factors such as hypothermia or overheating,
transfer of certain diseases, abortion
(abortion), unstable mental or physical condition and

The herpes virus is resistant to cold, but dies when
temperature increase:

  • at a temperature of 37.5 o C collapses after 20 hours,
  • at 50 ° C – after 30 minutes.

On products:

  • metal (door handles, coins, water taps, etc.)
    lasts up to 2 hours
  • on wooden and plastic – up to 3 hours,
  • on wet bandages and cotton at room temperature – up to 6

Herpes simplex virus affects the skin and mucous membranes (most often
total on the face and in the genital area), central nervous
system (meningitis, encephalitis), eyes (conjunctivitis,


The group of herpes viruses includes four similar in morphology
  • HSV (Herpes simplex)
  • varicella-zoster – shingles virus and
    chicken pox
  • Epstein-Barr virus
  • cytomegalovirus

Серологические исследования подтверждают, что к концу one8 месяца
жизни, практически каждый человек контактировал с ВГП-one, входными
the gate is usually the airway. Then
the virus penetrates the cells of the trigeminal ganglion, but during
life can never cause clinical manifestations of infection.

With HSV-2, the first contact usually occurs during puberty.
at the beginning of sexual relations. At the same time after external
manifestations, which may not be, the virus also goes into
inactive form and in the cells of the sacral ganglion is capable
persist for a long time.

Герпес one типа

Заболевания обозначается как ВПГ-one (вирус простого герпеса one
type) and can be called oral or labial herpes.
Typical localization for this type of herpes is lips and nasolabial.
triangle, and infection can occur in the first years of life

Характерными особенностями вируса герпеса one простого типа
are considered:

  • development of diseases of the nervous system;
  • подавление иммунитета;
  • поражение клеток nervous system.

The primary form of herpes is the debut of a herpes infection when in
the body has not yet developed antibodies against herpes. Primary
form is characterized by acute onset, high fever, increase
lymph nodes, involvement in the process of rash of large skin
plots. A sharp increase can be observed in blood serum
antibody titer to herpes virus.

The herpes simplex virus is transmitted in two ways: upon contact with
sick and airborne. Infection can occur through
damaged skin, sexual contact, and even
kisses and contact with an infected “material”.

Herpes virus type 2

This type of disease under consideration is classified as
genital herpes. Both men and women are ill, cause
infection is unprotected sex, however, the virus
herpes type 2 can “settle” in the human body even when
full caution during sex.

The symptoms of the disease are as follows:

  • redness
  • unpleasant itch
  • pain in some parts of the genital organs;
  • the appearance of rashes in the form of small bubbles with liquid
  • the formation of wounds in the form of very painful ulcers;
  • swollen lymph nodes in the groin area;
  • sometimes body temperature, fever, weakness increases.

Type 3

Следующий тип, вирус chicken pox, становится непосредственной
the cause of diseases like chickenpox in children, and
also herpes zoster (a disease that is also defined
as herpes zoster, its symptoms are found in children and in

four тип

The fourth type of herpes is better known as the Epstein-Barr virus.
Because of it, infectious mononucleosis can develop in the body.
It most often occurs in people with immunodeficiency. Infectious
mononucleosis is a serious pathology characterized by a lesion.
mucous membranes of the mouth and lymph nodes. Statistics
shows that this disease is most often diagnosed in young

Распознать инфекционный мононуклеоз можно по высокой
body temperature, changes in the spleen and chemical composition

The incubation period of the disease lasts about a month, then
symptoms appear: chills, fever, fever,
clinic of sore throats, lymph nodes, liver and

5 types

Вирус герпеса 5 types вызывает заболевание cytomegalovirus.
It is noteworthy that the symptoms of this disease are blurred,
the pathology proceeds in a latent form, and the clinical picture begins
develop only with a weakened immune system.

Herpes type 6, 7 and 8

  1. Herpes virus type 6 is diagnosed in both children and adults.
    Due to its effects in children, roseola develops – a disease that
    which appears on the body characteristic rash, which also accompanies
    temperature rise. A rash may appear anywhere.
    – on the arms, on the back, on the lip, on the genitals. Herpes type 6
    adults become the cause of chronic
  2. Herpes of the seventh type most often occurs on the background of infection
    HSV-6. Because of this combination in the body forms a syndrome
    хронической fatigue.
  3. Herpes virus type 8 infects lymphocytes, but it can
    длительное время находиться в организме абсолютно здоровых people.
    Ways of transmitting herpes virus type 8: through the placenta from the mother to
    during pregnancy, during organ transplantation,
    may be activated during radiation therapy.


Once in the human body, the virus spreads through the blood
internal organs, penetrates into the nerve cells and “embedded” in
their genetic apparatus. In the nervous tissue, the virus and remains for the whole
life, it is impossible to get rid of him. Under adverse conditions
the virus is activated and causes the disease (primary manifestations or

A person can get herpes in the first year of life.
Familiar chickenpox – this is herpes, caused by
the causative agent of Varicella Zoster.

The vast majority of the population (up to 90%) of the planet are carriers
herpevirus. In this case, the symptoms of the disease appear far from
each of them, and the treatment of herpes is not required by all. It’s connected with
individual features of the body. Man can be
carrier and not to get herpes, which indicates a strong immunity.
As soon as the security system fails, the virus immediately
manifests itself.

Among all the causes that lead to the development of the disease, the most
common neglect of personal hygiene. we
touch many objects on which there is a large
the number of microorganisms that cause the disease.

Пути передачи virus:

  • contact, airborne, sexual (with genital
    herpes) and vertical (intrauterine infection of the fetus).
  • Infection occurs when virus enters mucous membranes.
    or skin.
  • Intrauterine infection of the fetus can occur in case
    development of primary herpes infection in the mother during
    of pregnancy.

More often penetrates the skin and mucous membranes when kissing,
intimacy with a patient or virus carrier, in contact with
infected material and airborne droplets.


Through the skin and mucous membranes, the virus invades the lymphatic
system, regional lymph nodes, blood and internal organs,
spreading in the body by hematogenous and nervous
fibers. Accumulating in the regional spinal and
cranial ganglia. Herpes virus is there for a long time in
latent state.

Symptoms of herpes + photo

The incubation period for herpes is, on average, from 2 to
one0 дней, достигая иногда 3 недель. The primary symptoms are
собой множественные пузырьковые высыпания, склонные к слиянию.
Their appearance is accompanied by unpleasant sensations: itching,
severe pain.

A significant proportion of cases show common symptoms:

  • weakness,
  • headache,
  • muscle pain
  • fever.

One-third of women and one in ten men with primary herpes
complications develop, the most severe of which is
герпетический менингит (воспаление мозговых оболочек).

Symptoms of the herpes virus at different stages

The first stage of herpes are inherent:

  • light tingling and tingling sensations,
  • itching and soreness of the skin / mucous membranes.

Subsequently, the problem areas are transformed into lesions.
After some time, the tissues turn red and the pain
become brighter.

  • Stage 2

This stage manifests itself in the form of inflammation. Appears
small bubble, gradually increasing in size.
Its intensity is noted, the base of the bubble is filled with liquid,
which is initially transparent, however, as it progresses
The disease becomes turbid.

  • Stage 3 – ulceration

The bubble ruptures, a colorless liquid flows out of it,
stuffed with billions of viral particles. In its place is formed
sore. At this point, the sick person is very contagious, since
releases a huge amount of viral particles into the environment.
Because of the pain and sores on the face, people are most annoyed
this stage.

  • four стадия — струпообразования

A crust forms above the sores, which, if damaged, may
cause pain and bleeding.

With the localization process of the bubbles on the skin, not
prone to maceration and friction, shrink into a yellowish-gray crust,
which alone disappears in 5-7 days. And in place of the bubble
a pigmented area remains after some time
getting a normal color.


After infection, the herpes virus enters the nerve cells and
spreads through the nerve trunks through which the virus enters
nerve ganglia, where it will already be preserved for life
sleeping infection.

When exposed to certain factors, the virus is activated, again
moves along the nerve trunks to the surface of the skin, where it causes
blisters, ulcers and sores. Recurrences may be repeated once a year or
2 times a year (sometimes more often), which depends on the state of immunity and
nervous system.

Factors that cause herpes relapse:

  • contact with a person with clinical manifestations
  • reduced immunity against influenza or ARVI,
  • hypothermia
  • reduced immunity against the background of HIV, hepatitis, steroids,
  • physical fatigue and emotional stress
  • cuts and scratches in this place
  • in women, the predisposing factor is critical days,
  • long stay in the sun.

May occur:

  • on the red border of the lips
  • the porches of the nose,
  • centuries,
  • cheeks
  • in the area of ​​the ears,
  • on the forehead,
  • gums,
  • inner surface of lips and cheeks.

The most common place of recurrence is in the corners of the mouth, but
unfortunately there are cases where inflammation occurs almost
in all of the above places.

Herpes relapses occur with similar manifestations. Can
easier course of the disease and faster
ulcer healing. Relapse (in the presence of provoking factors)
can be observed up to 6 per year.


Completely eliminate the herpes virus is impossible. But treat him
manifestations need to start as soon as possible, otherwise the disease
may cause the following complications.

  • Genital herpes.
  • Eczema herpes forms.
  • Encephalitis.
  • Meningitis.
  • Laryngitis.
  • Gingivitis.
  • Pharyngitis.
  • Prostatitis.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Infertility.

Treatment of herpes virus in adults

Herpes treatment is carried out according to a specific scheme and directed
to get rid of the infection in several stages:

  • So, initially it is necessary to focus on reducing
    severity and duration of itching, pain, fever.
  • Further, it is important to reduce the duration of complete healing.
    lesions resulting from the disease.
  • Subsequent treatment of herpes is aimed at reducing the severity and
    disease recurrence rates.
  • The next stage of treatment is the elimination of the infection with the aim of
    eliminate re-manifestation of herpes.

For the treatment of herpes virus in modern domestic medicine
The following drugs are commonly used:

  1. Ointment and cream against herpes. Zovirax, Acyclovir, Triapten,
    Hevizosh, interferon ointment (Viferon, Cycloferon), Panavir.
    Apply topically to the skin and mucous membranes 3-6 times every day,
    the duration of the course is usually 5-one0 days.
  2. Pills. Acyclovir and its analogs – one-one.2 g per day with
    treatment, 0.8 g – for prevention, duration of use – up to 7
    days Famvir – 0.5 g daily, for prevention – 0.25 g per
    течение 5 days Alpizarin – only for the prevention of frequent
    relapses – 0.6-0.8 g per day.
  3. Injection. Acyclovir, Ganciclovir, immunomodulatory drugs
    – immunoglobulin 3-four days, Taktivin, Timalin, Splenin – one0 each
    injection, Ridostin 5 days, Methylurocil, Dibazol, Viferon,
    Cycloferon and others
  4. Candles. Rectal and vaginal candles Viferon, Panavir,

Immunostimulating agents. To the root cause of the manifestation
herpes on the lip refers to a decrease in immune function. Often
the disease proceeds with the suppression of the body’s defenses, which
accompanied by a decrease in the number of lymphocytes. Application
immunostimulating agents are mandatory, therefore
funds must be taken in the form of:

  • Licopida;
  • Cycloferon;
  • Viferon;
  • Arbidola;
  • Remantadine.

Application данных средств нужно начинать при проявлении первых
signs. They have several properties at once in the form
anti-inflammatory, anti-toxic, antiviral and

It is necessary to treat herpes type one and type 2 according to the same scheme:

  • taking herpes drugs (from 5 to one0 days);
  • taking drugs to improve immunity (from 30 to 60
  • drugs for the prevention of disease recurrence.

Если выявлен one тип herpes лечение проводят при помощи мазей и
gels, and for the treatment of herpes type 2 must be assigned
pills and injections.

Folk remedies

Перед тем, как принять любое народное средство от herpes
Be sure to consult your doctor, because are possible
individual contraindications for use.

  1. Aloe. The juice of this amazing plant can be lubricated.
    affected skin. Aloe Vera Components Render Excellent
    anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. After a few
    procedures you will feel the improvement of the skin in places
  2. Broth from the collection of herbs. Mix lemon balm, thyme, raspberry leaves,
    wormwood, juniper and oregano in proportion four: 3: four: 2: 3: 3. Daily
    brew for one hour one h. in a glass of boiling water and drink in two
    приема в течение onefour-28 days
  3. Tincture of Echinacea or Calendula. This tool is sold in any
    pharmacy. 2 tsp. tinctures are added to a glass of warm water. Solution
    take in the morning and evening for 30 minutes before meals.
  4. A mixture of vegetable juices. For its preparation it is necessary to squeeze the juice.
    300 g tops of beet, three carrots, one apple, a large bunch
    parsley All juices must be thoroughly mixed. Means
    take 3 tbsp. spoons 5-6 times a day.
  5. A good remedy is tea tree essential oil, and
    also rosemary and eucalyptus oil. If you use fir oil
    There may be a burning sensation, but it will pass quickly. Should be lubricated
    affected areas every two hours. In the same way you can
    apply sea buckthorn oil, almond. Sea buckthorn heals skin quickly
  6. Take the dried chamomile leaves 3 tablespoons, pour them
    boiling water and leave for an hour. Then the tincture is drunk or
    applied to the inflamed lips. Thanks to the daisy you take off
    pain and heal herpes, as well as pull out the pus.
    Brewed chamomile can be mixed with propolis tincture. This
    means should be drunk 3 times a day in a tablespoon.
  7. For wetting the affected areas, you can prepare a decoction of mint
    peppermint: it’s enough to pour one tablespoon of mint
    a glass of water and cook for one5 minutes. After filtering the decoction can be


Prevention заключается в первую очередь общим укреплением
body and increased immunity. Also important is
hygiene rules. To the main preventive measures
The following principles apply:

  • hardening;
  • good nutrition;
  • eating foods rich in vitamins, minerals and
    organic acids;
  • rejection of bad habits;
  • playing sports;
  • walks in the open air;
  • good sleep and rest.

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