Hepatitis C incubation period

Update: November 2018

Over 2% of humanity on earth today is infected
hepatitis C virus – an infectious liver disease. And annually
statistics confirms the growth of this indicator. Interesting fact
that infecting a person is quite a complicated process, since hepatitis
C does not apply through airborne droplets or through dirty
hands, nor when using common utensils. To happen
infection, the blood particles of a sick person should get into
blood healthy. Therefore, more than 40% of reported cases
hepatitis C occurs in young people infected with
repeated use of syringes and needles for intravenous injection
drugs, that is, an increase in incidence is directly attributed to an increase in

The likelihood of infection with the hepatitis C virus is also possible.
at non-observance of sanitary standards when carrying out various
medical procedures and manipulations. It is known that the hepatitis C virus
quickly dies at high temperature, while boiling and prone
UV destruction. Hepatitis C incubation period

Hepatitis C incubation period может быть коротким — около двух
weeks, and can reach 26 weeks. That is, from the moment of infection
even half a year may pass before the first symptoms of hepatitis
or year. On average, it is considered that the incubation period of hepatitis C
is 49 days (14 -150 days).

When an individual leads a healthy lifestyle, and
with good health, most often occurs passive
the carrier of the virus, but at the same time the virus slowly destroys
the liver without any clear symptoms of the disease.


Sometimes hepatitis C can be acute with symptoms, very
похожими на другой вирусный гепатит — гепатит В,
at the same time a person experiences general weakness, heightened
fatigue, dyspepsia, joint pain, vomiting, however,
neither jaundice nor fever for hepatitis C
are characteristic.

The cunning of this virus is that acute hepatitis
80%  пациентов затем приобретает хроническую форму, которая в
turn is fraught with the development of cancer or
cirrhosis of the liver. When, in addition to hepatitis C, a person has other
liver disease, other types of viral hepatitis, it is very
aggravate the patient’s condition and cause high mortality
such patients.

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Given the long incubation period of hepatitis C, erased
symptoms with a sluggish process, most often set the time
and the fact of infection fails, and even acute hepatitis C is often
diagnosed by chance and very rarely.  Also against
Hepatitis C is no effective vaccine.

But the modern pharmacological industry does not stand on
place, and today many effective
drugs that suppress the reproduction of the hepatitis C virus, and with each
year the number of medicines increases. With
adequate, timely treatment is possible in 75% of cases
from this insidious disease.

Considering the risk factors for hepatitis C infection, in order to
prevent infection of this dangerous disease try
follow these guidelines:

  • Never use other people’s personal hygiene items on
    which can remain human blood – toothbrushes, shaving
    devices, etc.
  • Monitor all medical procedures that
    for example, when you receive a dentist, ask and
    make sure that all manipulations are done only disposable
  • Use the services of only proven, well-known manicure.
    or tattoo parlors, make sure that the procedure performer washes his hands and
    uses disposable instruments, gloves, feel free to
    control them.
  • People who do not have regular sexual partners, leading
    active sex life should use condoms
    because the partners themselves may not know that they have hepatitis
    With or are virus carriers.

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