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Update: November 2018

Hemorrhoids – some people don’t know much about it
unpleasant disease, have a misconception about his
symptoms, about the doctor who deals with the treatment of hemorrhoids. it
the disease is becoming very common for a number of reasons
the main of which is a sedentary, sedentary lifestyle,
which lead almost all residents of cities.

Why does hemorrhoids occur?

A person increases the risk of developing hemorrhoids even in young
age with the following factors:

  • chronic constipation
  • passive lifestyle
  • occupational risk – builders, drivers, office workers,
    accountants, programmers, salespeople
  • weight lifting
  • passion for various diets
  • pregnancy and childbirth
  • some sports
  • genetic predisposition
  • alcohol abuse, fatty, spicy food

To which doctor to go with hemorrhoids?

When a person starts to bother bleeding from the back
passage, the formation of any nodes in the anus, he
wonders if it is not hemorrhoids? And which doctor treats hemorrhoids?
Today, in an age of sedentary lifestyle, everyone should be aware of
the most characteristic symptoms of this disease.

The main symptom of incipient hemorrhoids is bleeding.
from the anus from minor to intense, prolapse
hemorrhoids, discomfort when sitting and walking,
there may be no severe pains. When any
blood discharge from the anus, traces of blood on the feces,
следует как можно раньше обратиться к проктологу или
to the coloproctologist.

Therefore, when a question arises – with which hemorrhoids to which doctor
go? The unequivocal answer is to a coloproctologist or proctologist. Only
a specialist with a thorough examination will be able to
establish the true cause of bleeding. You should also know that
hemorrhoids successfully masked by other diseases of the rectum,
such as anal fissures, malignant tumors and
other serious diseases.

Геморрой - к какому врачу handle

What does a coloproctologist treat?

Until recently, a doctor treating hemorrhoids and other diseases
rectum, called proctologist. In the modern nomenclature
The specialties of the doctors included in the competence of the proctologist
diseases of the colon, so now the doctor treating hemorrhoids,
called coloproctologist.

How to prepare for the examination of the doctor?

Before the visit to the proctologist should clean the intestines 1 time
in the evening, 1 time in the morning, it is most effective to put an enema.
There are still options – microclyster with the drug Mikrolaks, her
should be done on the day of the visit in the morning. Such a preliminary
preparation is required if the physician deems it necessary to conduct

Does hemorrhoids happen without blood?

It happens in the initial stages, however bleeding is one
of the signs of hemorrhoids, even with internal hemorrhoids can be
profuse bleeding. But this is not the only symptom


Can hemorrhoids pass on their own?

Not. Hemorrhoids not only can not independently
disappear, they tend to increase. Therapy
medication slows down the progression a little and
relieves symptoms during the acute process.

Pain after hemorrhoid surgery is inevitable?

Today there are modern methods of surgical
treatment of hemorrhoids minimally invasive nature that provide
getting rid of this disease without pain and subsequent problems.

When pain in the anus – the diagnosis of hemorrhoids?

Not. Hemorrhoids are not always painful, in the initial stage.
diseases of pain may not be, only when the advanced stage, when
inflammation occurs, loss of nodes, acute pains occur.
The causes of the various pains in the anus can be
set, so timely diagnosis of the proctologist is important –
doctor treating hemorrhoids.

Is the examination by a coloproctologist always painful?

When examined by a proctologist, pain can only occur if
there are related problems – tears, cracks, knots falling out.
Standard examination proctologist painless.

Is hemorrhoids a disease of the elderly?

Not. In modern society, hemorrhoids are found in young
generations up to 30 years as often as those who are over 45. Often
The first signs of hemorrhoids appear in most enough
young age, progressing and strengthening in the future.

Is hemorrhoids treated with laxatives?

No, getting rid of constipation is not a treatment for this.
diseases, moreover, from diarrhea, intestinal irritation –
symptoms and progression of the disease only intensified.

Perhaps the treatment of hemorrhoids only folk remedies?

In the initial stages of grass and dietary supplements to some extent can
alleviate the disease, but any treatment should be
comprehensive. Hemorrhoids – a disease in which you can not deal
self-healing, since hemorrhoids with age do not
decrease, and vice versa, increase, with failures in the diet, constipation
there are constant relapses. And already in the late stages without
combined conservative surgical treatment is not
get along.

how need to treat hemorrhoids?

We found out which doctor treats hemorrhoids, now we have to find out
– and how can you cure this ailment today? Only квалифицированный
the doctor may prescribe an adequate, timely, modern
treatment. In practice, there are no absolutely identical cases.
each patient there is a certain symptomatology, burdening
other proctological problems and chronic diseases,
therefore, treatment is prescribed strictly individual depending on
nature of the process and the stage of hemorrhoids. Today except
traditional surgical and drug treatments exist
такие современные методы  лечения геморроя амбулаторно

  • sclerotherapy
  • photocoagulation of hemorrhoids,
  • the imposition of latex rings – ligation
  • abroad only a quarter of patients are exposed
    surgical treatment, and the remaining 75% of patients spend
    minimally invasive painless treatment of hemorrhoids.

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