Hemorrhoid ointment review

Update: December 2018

Hemorrhoids are a very common illness that causes pain,
bleeding, burning and itching in the anus, prolapse of the node

Treatment of this pathology should be complex: both local and
intake of drugs, in severe cases, surgical

Local therapy includes the use of various candles and ointments.
from hemorrhoids. They have anti-inflammatory, analgesic,
венотонизирующее, сосудосуживающее act.

The choice of drugs is carried out by the attending physician, but depending
from the main symptom preference is given to one of them, and
It is also worth paying attention to the manufacturer of the medicinal

  • With mild hemorrhoids, with uncomplicated version
    possible use – heparin ointment or nigepana candles
    (heparin + benzocaine).
  • In case of acute pain at the beginning, you can use anesthesin ointment,
    lidocaine, that is, with an analgesic effect – Relief Advance, Emla,
    Proktozan, Aurobin, Procto-glevenol.
  • With the progression of the inflammatory process, appointed by NSAIDs
    – It is a pain ointment – Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Pyroxekam.
  • If the surrounding skin is involved in the inflammatory process
    cover, then prescribed drugs with antibacterial and
    противомикробным действием — Левомиколь, Мафенида ацетат, Ichthyol,
    Vishnevsky ointment.
  • For bleeding use combination drugs, which
    contain and vasoconstrictor, and venotonic, and
    анестезирующие, и противовоспалительные — Relief, Procto-glevenol, а
    also hemostatic, hemostatic drugs – Adroxon
    (solution for applications or tampons).

Among the tablets prescribed in the complex treatment can be identified
Detraleks (800 rubles), Venarus (700 rubles), Ginkor Fort (500-600

Topical treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy, after childbirth

Since during pregnancy most drugs are used
contraindicated, you should carefully read the instructions to
application. We will list some ointments that can be applied.
during pregnancy and after childbirth, as prescribed by a doctor, which ones to apply
contraindicated, and below you will find a brief description of these
preparations, composition, contraindications, method of use:

Approved for use during pregnancy and lactation Be careful when weighing risk and benefit Contraindicated
  • Heparin ointment
  • Troxevasin
  • Posterized
  • No mine
  • Fleming
  • Sea buckthorn oil
  • Ichthyol, Levomekol (при инфицировании,
  • Relief
  • Hepatrombin
  • Heparoid Zentiva
  • Procto-glevenol противопоказан в 1 триместре,
    2-3 weighing the risks
  • Hepatrombin Г запрещен к
    use in 1 trimester
  • Aurobin — нельзя в 1 триместре, далее по
    doctor’s recommendations
  • Ультрапрокт (свечи) -1 триместр нельзя
  • Proktozan
  • Proctosedil
  • Hirudoproject

 List of effective ointments

Features of the use of ointments for hemorrhoids:

  • hygiene should be carried out before using the ointment
    anus procedures without soap, then wipe the anorectal
    area with a napkin (see how to treat hemorrhoids at home
  • gels and ointments are applied around (outside) the anus, and
    inside, for which the tubes are additionally equipped with special
    nozzles, applicators.
  • Usually the frequency of application is 2-3 times a day and after each
    defecation, as the symptoms subside, use is possible 1 time
    in a day.
  • ointments containing hormonal preparations should be used with
    special care, avoiding their prolonged use and application
    large quantities, should also be the abolition of the drug to produce
  • The course of treatment is usually 5-7 days, with heparin ointment up to 2

ReliefIngredients: Shark liver oil + Phenylephrine, better
use when bleeding. Manufacturer USA price (250 rubles)

Relief Адванс

Ingredients: Shark liver oil + Benzocaine, this cream is better when
strong pain. Цена (350 rub).

Shark liver oil – is a hemostatic, wound healing and
anti-inflammatory agent. Phenylephrine hydrochloride is
α-adrenomimetic, that is, a vasoconstrictor, relieves itching in
anus, swelling with hemorrhoids. Benzocaine – Local
anesthetic that relieves and does not have resorptive
actions. Contraindications: Мази Relief нельзя использовать детям до
12 лет, Relief адванс при гранулоцитопении, повышенной индивидуальной
sensitivity, with thromboembolic disease. Carefully:
pregnancy, lactation, diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension,
urinary retention in prostatic hypertrophy, hyperthyroidism.
Особенности применения:  мазь применяют после гигиенических
procedures. Attach the applicator to the tube, squeezing out the necessary
the amount of drug to lubricate the applicator. With his help
ointment is applied gently and outside to the skin around and inside
anus, after each bowel movement, and
in the morning and in the evening. After using the applicator carefully

No mine

No mineIngredients: artificial musk + pearls + amber +
artificial bezoar + zinc carbonate + borneol. Manufacturer
Китай цена 160-200 rub.

Положительный эффект от мази No mine – has a local
regenerating, astringent, anesthetic, anti-edematous action.
This complex drug is based on traditional principles.
Chinese medicine. Relieves pain, eliminates bleeding, swelling,
itching and flaking with hemorrhoids during the week in 70% of patients, in 5%
these symptoms are eliminated slightly, partially in 25%. Already on 2
most days feel relieved. Application features: When
external nodes Chinese ointment is applied 2 p / day in a small
quantity per area of ​​injury, as well as after each stool, with
internal hemorrhoids nodes ointment is injected with a special nozzle
deep into the anus also 2 r / d and after defecation.


Состав:Hirudoproject экстракт конского каштана, медицинской пиявки,
methyluracil, sea buckthorn extract. Manufacturer г. Донецк Биокон
(Украина) цена 70-90 rub. Действие: Hirudoproject устраняет зуд,
reduces pain, has a sedative effect, horse extracts
chestnut and leech reduce tension around the anus.
Methyluracil has hematopoietic, leukopoetic,
anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating action, accelerates
tissue healing. Contraindications: беременность, кормление
breastfeeding Application features: The gel can be applied up to 5 times / day
around the anus, with internal hemorrhoids should be screwed
on the tube tip and gently push on the tube.


Состав:Proktozan буфексамак, висмута субгаллат, лидокаин, титана
dioxide. Manufacturer — Германия цена (220-260 руб) Субгаллат
bismuth and titanium dioxide contribute to rapid wound healing,
has an astringent effect, bufexamak is a derivative
arylacetic acid, has anti-inflammatory action,
Lidocaine is a local anesthetic. Contraindications: сифилис,
tuberculosis, pregnancy, childhood, lactation. Application: With
using the applicator, the required amount of ointment is introduced into the line
gut in the morning and evening, also after emptying the intestines. After
Remission of the acute process. Continue treatment for another 8-10 days.

Мазь Fleming Мазь Fleming

Ingredients: Calendula, Witch Hazel, Esculius, Menthol, Zinc Oksid –
homeopathic remedy, manufacturer Russia price 300-330

Action: mild analgesic, anti-inflammatory,
противоаллергическое act.

Application: homeopathic ointment should be applied 1-3 p / day
cotton swab during the week, after consultation with the doctor course
can be repeated.

Heparin ointment

Состав: Heparin ointmentгепарин натрий + бензокаин + бензилникотинат
Цена 50-60 rub.

Benzocaine – reduces the severity of pain, Heparin is
direct acting anticoagulant, that is, it has antithrombotic
action, reduces the inflammatory process. Benzyl ether
nicotinic acid contributes to a better absorption of heparin
through the expansion of the superficial vessels. Contraindications:
injuries of the skin, ulcers, tissue necrosis, with caution
use with bleeding tendency (low platelets).
Features of application: Ointment should be applied 2-4 cm for 4-7
days When thrombosis of external hemorrhoids is better to use linen
pad or tampon that is oiled (impregnated) and
applied to the hemorrhoid and fixed. Such a procedure
следует производить каждый день до 2 weeks.


состав:Troxevasin НЕО Troxevasin + троксерутин цена 150-180 rub.

Troxevasin нео

Ingredients: troxerutin + heparin + dexpanthenol 190-230 price

The tool reduces capillary fragility and their permeability,
possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous action, good
skin tolerance, has no sensitizing effect.
Декспантенол в Troxevasin Нео также способствует улучшению
epithelialization of tissues. Использование Troxevasinа при геморрое будет
effective if used regularly for a long time


Состав: Hepatrombinгепарин + аллантоин + декспантенол цена 140-240

Hepatrombin Г

Состав: преднизолон + гепарин+ полидоканол Цена 150-200 rub.

Hepatrombin — комплексное воздействие, улучшающее регенерацию
tissue, has antithrombotic (heparin),
anti-inflammatory (allantoin), stimulating granulation and
tissue epithelization (dexpanthenol), Prednisone – hormonal
drug with anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effect,
снижает боль, жжение, зуд в аноректальной areas. Hepatrombin Г Contraindications: Hepatrombinа Г ввиду наличия в
its composition prednisone (corticosteroid) can not be used with
oncological processes on the skin, tuberculosis, syphilis, in 1
trimester of pregnancy, after vaccination, as well as for any
skin lesions – fungal, viral, bacterial. Application:
Heparin ointment при геморрое является  достаточно эффективным
means. Hepatrombin полоску в 2-5 см наносят 2-4 р/день.
Hepatrombin Г используется в очень малом количестве тонким слоем,
after the reduction of the acute process, the dosage is reduced gradually,
applied 1 time per day during the week.

Heparoid Zentiva

Состав:Heparoid Zentiva Гепариноид Manufacturer — Чешская
республика Цена: 150-170 rub.

Препарат Heparoid Zentiva обладает помимо противовоспалительного
and anti-exudative action also anticoagulant
activity. It prevents the formation of blood clots,
promotes the resorption of hematomas, reduces swelling and pain in the place
inflammation. Apply ointment Heparoid Zentiva for hemorrhoids with a layer up to 1
mm around the anus 2-3 p / day.


Состав: Posterized при геморроеКишечные палочки (инактивированных
mic cl. E.coli), Phenol – preservative, manufacturer Germany Price
200 rub.

Posterized Форте

Ingredients: hydrocortisone + inactivated microbial cells E.
coli Price 330 rub.

Это Posterized Фортекомбинированное средство, содержащее
E. coli, which is in contact with the mucous membrane of the rectum
promotes local immunity and more actively resists
pathogenic microflora, and also normalizes the tone of the blood
blood vessels, stimulates the restoration of damaged tissues.
It is prescribed for persistent chronic hemorrhoids, both internal and
outdoor. Гидрокортизон в Posterizedе Форте снижает проявления
itching, burning, pain.

Application: Posterized применяют после каждой дефекации
spreading in a thin layer on the affected area, as well as in the morning and
in the evening, with internal hemorrhoids, the ointment is administered using an applicator,
included in the kit. Sometimes a doctor may prescribe a combination.
treatment with candles, and ointment, a course up to 2-3 weeks. Posterized Форте
– With the gradual cancellation, as it contains hormonal
a drug.


Состав: AurobinДекспантенол+Преднизолон+Лидокаин+ триклозан
Manufacturer Hungary Price: 170-220 rubles.

Used to treat anogenital inflammatory processes
areas. Prednisone as a representative of glucocorticosteroids
relieves the symptoms of inflammation, relieves pain, increases vascular tone.
Lidocaine – eliminates pain and burning, as an anesthetic. Triclosan –
antiseptic, which prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria.
Dexpanthenol – promotes rapid healing of the mucous and
affected epithelium.

Contraindications: simultaneous use of lidocaine with
Aurobinом, грибковые, бактериальные и вирусные заболевания кожи,
children under 1 year

Side effects: As part of
glucocorticosteroid, this tool should be used only by
prescribing a doctor, its long use is unacceptable and
drawing on large areas. Among the local side effects:
dryness, burning, irritation, impairment of wound healing, thinning
skin. With prolonged use in large areas
possible development of systemic side effects – increased blood pressure,
hypokalemia, hyperglycemia, skin atrophy, allergic contact
dermatitis, development of fungal infections, folliculitis.

Application: 2-4 times / day ointment volume, the size of a pea,
is introduced into the rectum with internal hemorrhoids, when removing acute
symptoms should use the drug less often (gradual withdrawal),
The course of treatment is 5-7 days.


Состав: Proctosedilгидрокортизона ацетат + бензокаин + фрамицетина
sulfate + esculoside + sodium heparin + butamben. Price 270-310

Hydrocortisone – glucocorticosteroid, relieves inflammation,
symptoms: swelling, pain, redness. Heparin prevents
thrombotic complications of hemorrhoids, Eskulozid reduces the increased
capillary fragility, Framycetin sulfate – local antibiotic
broad spectrum, Ethylaminobenzoate and butylaminobenzoate – reduce
anal sphincter spasm, relieve pain and itching. Contraindications:
fungal, tuberculosis, viral damage of the anorectal zone,
lactation, pregnancy, with care at heart
deficiency and hypertension. Side effects:
discomfort in the rectal area, joining the secondary
infections, dry mucous membranes, burning sensation, with prolonged
systemic side effects of hydrocortisone are possible.
Use ointment: for internal hemorrhoids enter enough
deep into the rectum, press down on the tube and take out the applicator, while
external nodes inflict a small amount on the affected area
ointment after defecation, as well as morning and evening, no more than 7 days.


Состав: Трибенозид+Лидокаин Procto-glevenol Цена 310-350 rub.

Tribenozid – anti-inflammatory, venotonic action.
Lidocaine – local anesthetic effect. Procto-Glevenol when
hemorrhoids reduce the symptoms – itching, skin tension, pain.
Contraindications: 1 триместр беременности, почечная
failure. Side effects: усиление перистальтики
bowel, burning, allergic reactions. Dosage and administration: 2
once a day (in the morning and in the evening) cream is applied outside at the outside
hemorrhoids, using specials. nozzles are inserted inside with internal
knots. The course of treatment 20-30 injections of rectal cream. By reducing
acute symptoms may be administered 1 time / day.


Состав:Levomekol хлорамфеникол + метилурацил Цена 80-100 rub.

It has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory
(dehydrating) action, methyluracil stimulates the processes
tissue regeneration.

При геморрое Levomekol применяется в случае инфицирования
mixed flora.


Состав: Ichthyol Ихтаммол цена: 50-60 rub.

This ointment is used for infection and suppuration of tissues after
Hemorrhoidal surgery. She is having
antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, keratoplastic

Apply a thin layer of 1-2 p / day on the affected areas.

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