Help husband during breastfeeding

Despite the fact that breastfeeding is a very intimate process,
in which only mom and baby are involved, other family members also
can do their bit. A nursing woman is very important and sometimes
just need help and support, especially at first.
Since all the responsibilities for the care of crumbs fall mainly on
young parents, the most reliable helper for nursing mothers
will own husband Let’s try to understand what the new father
can help a young mother in “feeding” affairs.

помощь мужа в период ГВ

  • For starters, it will be great if dad is still at the idea level
    supporter of breastfeeding. Many modern fathers, along
    with young mommies are actively interested in caring for
    child and parenting. In the “children’s” topic there are a million opinions and
    approaches, and, studying the information, fathers also seek to penetrate,
    figure out and choose the best. If a young mother is determined to feed
    breastfeeding, it is very important that her husband understands the value
    Breast Milk for Baby, Considered HB Natural and Best
    the option of feeding the newborn;
  • Breast-feeding по требованию предполагает, что малыш
    gets a chest “for every squeak” and is in the chest as much
    how much he needs. At first, when lactation is only
    is established, children can spend several hours at the breast,
    sleep with your chest in your mouth. This means that mom throughout
    feeding time can not do any other things. how
    consequence, the wife may simply not have time to cook dinner, clean up
    at home, wash the dishes, put yourself in order. Dads need
    treat with understanding this, because for a young mother in priority
    child and everything connected with it. As an aid, dad can do it himself.
    undertake some household chores, or at least just
    do not grumble that you have to eat supper;
  • Although breastfeeding is not hard physical work,
    from long sitting or lying in one pose young mothers decently
    get tired. And after feeding, as a rule, you need to wear the baby
    a column to get out accidentally caught air, put it on
    belly, cover with a warm diaper. Dad can take charge of
    carrying out these procedures on themselves, allowing mom finally
    relax and get some rest. Nursing mother will definitely appreciate
    such help;
  • Most of all young moms suffer from lack of sleep. Nursing
    Mom has to wake up several times a night to feed
    baby. Sometimes at night you need to change the diaper or just wear it
    baby on the handles. Without a full night’s sleep, of course, hard and
    fathers, but exhausted mom is very difficult to maintain
    lactation at a normal level, so for the period of establishing HBV all
    night cares for the baby, not related to feeding, can perform
  • Stress and negative experiences are serious enemies of lactation, to
    the same, women who gave birth are always emotionally unstable,
    sensitive and vulnerable due to hormonal adjustment. In connection with
    этим, во-первых, самому молодому отцу важно
    understand what is happening with his wife, and be more tolerant and loyal to
    her. Во-вторых, ему необходимо стать настоящим
    protector of his wife and in every way to protect her from the hassle.
    Often the appearance of a child aggravates relations with relatives:
    some compulsively climb with tips, others literally try
    push back the young mommy and take all the care of the baby by yourself.
    If there are problems of this kind, dad needs to attach
    efforts to prevent open conflict and clarify
    relationship. During this period, the husband can contact with all
    kin, “to conduct peace negotiations” and in every way support the young
    mommy Читаем по теме: О послеродовой депрессии
    and about postpartum psychosis in women;
  • Not always breastfeeding occurs smoothly. Besides
    natural lactation crises, breastfeeding mom may overtake
    band or disease whose treatment limits
    the opportunity to feed the baby with their milk. Any of these problems
    requires a solution, and therefore time. Help her husband in such moments
    may be to give mom the opportunity to gradually and
    to solve health problems without fuss: to shower
    warmly massage the chest, beforehand taking the medicine
    decant a portion of milk for feeding, rest at high
    temperature At the same time, dad can play with the baby himself, go to
    прогулку с коляской (Recommend ознакомиться:
    breast problems during HB);
  • Moral support of the husband in the moments of problems with lactation is simple
    invaluable. Sometimes young mummies just drop their hands, and
    it seems that it is better to take the bottle and bring the mixture. The words
    support from loved ones always give an incentive to continue to feed.
    Besides слов, муж может помочь и делом: поискать в интернете
    information, find the contacts of the consultant for GW;
  • Completion of breastfeeding, i.e. weaning,
    also impossible without the participation of the pope. It’s not just the support itself that matters.
    decisions to finish breastfeeding, but also help throughout Total
    excommunication process. Dads usually have to pack themselves
    babies sleep, distract from the chest during the day. Material
    по теме:
    как отучить от грудного вскармливания;
  • After giving birth, women are always worried about changing their shape.
    own body. Some deliberately refuse HB to
    Do not spoil the shape of the breast. Sometimes during the feeding period the breast becomes covered.
    stretch marks and really changes shape. However no change
    the bodies are not worth it to deprive the crumb of the irreplaceable mother’s
    milk A husband can encourage his wife well, showing his love and
    care even after changes in appearance and body. Recommend
    кормящим мамам:
    уход за грудью после родов.

Men are unable to breastfeed, but, as we see,
can also participate in this process. Breast-feeding
even for men is beneficial for many reasons: no need to spend
money for a mixture and bottles; baby food is always with you – therefore
You can safely travel at different distances. About the benefits for
baby and convenience for mom and say no. It turns out that
her husband’s help during breastfeeding is an important contribution to the overall

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