Heel spur – photos, causes, symptoms,treatment and prevention of spurs on the heel

The heel spur is an extension of the bone tissue in the form of a thorn in
zone of the heel bone or near the Achilles tendon. More often
pathology is detected in people of middle and old age, and
women’s predisposition is higher.

The spur constitutes the newly formed bone tissue
characteristic feature is the presence of signs
chronic inflammation. Soft tissue located above the spur
often have formed as a result of its presence
mucosal bags.

Что такое пяточная шпора?

Пяточная шпора

Пяточная шпора (плантарный фасциит, подошвенный фасциит) —
this is a disease of the foot, which is manifested by inflammation of the aponeurosis,
supporting the longitudinal arch of the foot, and the formation of a
this bone protrusion on the heel. Inflammation often affects
surrounding soft tissues, periosteum and mucous bags.

The heel spur can be recognized by strong painful sensations.
in the heel, especially in the morning. In the afternoon, the pain subsides, but in the evening
getting even stronger.

Plantar fascia – fibrous tissue, a ligament that connects
calcaneus with metatarsal heads. is heа поддерживает
longitudinal arch of the foot. While walking, running the plantar tissue
fascia experiencing the greatest tension just at its site
attachment to the calcaneal tubercle.

In case of injuries, or large weight, too intense loads
athletes microscopic tears occur. First they
independently grow together, but with a constant negative impact
noninfectious inflammation of the fascia begins, as well as bone
nearby tissue, it expands, forming spikes.

That is, the heel spur is the growth of the plantar fascia along
cause of inflammatory and degenerative processes, injuries, etc., and
the disease is called plantar fasciitis.

The characteristic symptom of the disease

Anyone who has had plantar fascia inflammation knows that in the morning,
when you try to step on the heel, there is a feeling that in her
hit a nail – so sharp pain. Because over night
destroyed by inflammation, the tissue begins to recover, while
trying to get up all over again
micro-tears of tissue and inflammation with pain.


Every year more than 2 million people are forced to seek treatment.
heel spurs, with 70-80% of them being women, most often urban
residents over the age of 40 years. Doctors stand out a few
the main causes of the spur on the heel:

  • flat feet – is the cause of education and growth
    osteophyte in 90% of all cases;
  • age-related changes – disorders in the blood supply system
    lower limbs, reduced regenerative abilities
  • pregnancy;
  • overweight – increased load on the human foot when
  • injuries, pathologies or diseases of tissues, nerves, vessels
    нижних конечностей — подагра, сахарный диабет, ревматоидный
    артрит и т. д.

Как выглядит шпора на пятке: фото

шпора на пятке

The photo heel spur on the heel in the initial stage, depicted
normal foot with a small white spot in the center. That’s what it is
heel spur or spike.

пяточная шпора на рентгеновском снимке

As the disease progresses, the thorn grows, increases in
dimensions and can reach a diameter of 0.5-2 cm. Length of growth on
Late stages may be more than 2 cm.

Usually with a large spur around it can be distinguished horny
skin areas and signs of inflammation: redness or blueness

Symptoms of heel spurs

Essentially, the heel spur looks like a small one, but
less, very unpleasant on sensations, a peaked growth on
the sole of the foot and is an osteophyte (bone growth)
на поверхности пяточной bones. This expansion occurs in the form
spike and under pressure squeezes the soft tissue of the foot.


  1. The most common symptom of the heel spur is the appearance
    acute, burning pain when resting on the heel. Often, patients describe
    its like a “nail in the heel” feeling. Pain caused by bone pressure
    образования на мягкие tissue. In this case, the intensity of the pain is small
    depends on the shape and size of growth. Often sharp and large
    heel spurs are not felt by man, and flat and small
    prove to be very painful.
  2. Frequent tears of the fascia cause inflammation of the tissues that
    are located nearby, including the bone and it gradually
    increases in size. После определенного period времени
    these growths begin to resemble a beak or spike.
  3. Inflammation and roughness of the skin on the heel. Another symptom
    is inflammation and roughness of the skin on the heel, under the bone or
    a saline callus may form with a saline growth. With time
    inflammation progresses, infection connects to it and may even
    suppuration occur.
  4. More often шпора появляется на одной ноге, но иногда
    the fascia is inflamed on both heels. A person with a heel spur
    changing gait. is he ступает на носок и наружную часть стопы,
    protecting the heel from the load. In some cases it is necessary
    use canes or crutches.

If the disease is not treated when the first signs are detected, then
the process is compounded, and additional symptoms appear

  • Pain syndrome affects not only the foot and heel, but also
  • There is contracture of the fingers.
  • The foot looks puffy. Palpation feels dense.
    education and severe pain.
  • X-ray images will show bone growth in
    heel area – spurs

Attention! Pain in the foot does not necessarily indicate
the presence of spurs on the legs. For timely installation of the correct
The diagnosis is necessary to consult a doctor. After all, only a specialist
can eliminate diseases such as arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis
or Reiter’s syndrome.

What could be other causes of severe heel pain?

  • various foot injuries,
  • fracture of foot bones,
  • osteoma,
  • sprain,
  • rheumatoid diseases
  • flat feet,
  • plantar warts;
  • when a woman has been wearing high-heeled shoes for a long time,
    then dramatically changes it to shoes with low heels or no
  • long wearing shoes with high heels and narrow toes and


For the treatment of heel spurs need to contact an orthopedist. is he
prescribe orthopedic products that help with walking (special
insoles), medicinal preparations, if necessary, refer the patient
for treatment by the shock wave method. You can also refer to
osteopath, rheumatologist. For people with excess weight will be useful
Consultation with an endocrinologist or nutritionist.

Inspection, as a rule, does not determine visible changes,
provoked by inflammation in the plantar heel spur.
A thick layer of soft tissue makes it impossible to probe it, however
probing determines the pain that occurs when pressure is applied to
heel from the plantar region. Rear heel spur sometimes
manifested in the form of a skin callus and edema,
localized from the side of the attachment of the Achilles tendon to the heel

In most cases, prescribe:

  • x-ray. The picture clearly shows a spiky outgrowth,
    острым концом травмирующий мягкие tissue. Perhaps the cause
    bone tissue changes became a fracture. X-ray will confirm or
    eliminate this assumption;
  • blood test for biochemistry. Do not abandon the study. Without
    it cannot be excluded rheumatic diseases that cause
    sore heel.

Heel Spur Treatment

Перед тем, как лечить пяточную шпору, необходимо
make sure that this is the heel spur, as there is
a wide range of diseases that cause heel pain. Exactly
orthopedic surgeon or traumatologist will be able to correctly install

Modern medicine offers several methods of treatment.

  • medications;
  • physiotherapy complex;
  • shock wave therapy;
  • ultrasound;
  • laser exposure;
  • surgical removal of the spike.

Choose the right shoes, insoles and heel cushions

The first thing to do with inflammation of the plantar fascia
– is to pick the right shoes. Without этого нет смысла вообще
start treatment

  1. Shoes with plantar fasciitis should be on a small
    каблуке — до 5 см (для женщин) и внутренние стельки или
    heel inserts with a hole under the painful area.
  2. Heel taller or shorter than 5 centimeters is a factor for increasing pain
    with improper load on the foot and stretching the fascia.
  3. Best of all – orthopedic shoes that support the arch
    foot, corrects the wrong position.

Insoles and heel pads are an important component in complex treatment
spurs. Their functions are:

  • play the role of a corset that fixes the muscles and ligaments in the right
  • help reduce heel stress and prevent micro-tears
  • reduce the load on the leg joints: knee and
  • fix longitudinal and pope
  • речный свод стопы, помогают устранить flat feet, которое
    provokes the appearance of spurs;
  • improve blood circulation in the foot and strengthen its ligaments;
  • prevent the appearance of feelings of heaviness and fatigue

Address to the orthopedist. is he изучит все особенности вашей стопы,
the weight and degree of development of the disease and will select the necessary for you

Medical preparations for heel spurs

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)

Most often, for pain relief, doctors recommend taking
nonsteroidal painkillers. In addition to the painkiller
effect, they reduce blood vessel permeability and block
development of puffiness. But it should be remembered that, like any
drugs they can not be abused, so as not to cause adverse

Assign to local exposure in the form of ointments, creams, gels:
Butadion, Ketorol, Piroxicam. Medicines have
pronounced analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect:
enteral (tablets, capsules) and parenteral (solutions for
injection) method of administration.

Non-selective drugs are used: diclofenac, ibuprofen, and
selective drugs (nimesulide, movalis).

  • Irritating substances with anti-inflammatory
    by action

When the heel spur are appointed for anesthesia, normalization
metabolism, prevent infection, reduce inflammatory
reaction. Dimexide gel and medical bile are used in quality
компресса на пятку в течение 12-24 hours

  • Injections

External injection therapy is used for rapid
relieving pain.

  1. Novocainic injections make one or two round heel spurs.
    раза в сутки до устранения острого симптома.
  2. Glucocorticosteroids (Kenalog, Diprospan) are administered
    непосредственно в болевую точку, от одной до трех
  • Plasters

For the treatment of heel spurs, you can use patches,
containing herbal anti-inflammatory and painkillers

  • The patch is applied to the clean and dry skin of the heel area.
    for 1-2 days,
  • treatment is also 2-3 weeks.

It should be noted that such patches are not a means
recommended by official medicine, however, many patients recognize
positive effect of their use.

Physiotherapy and massage

Relieve the patient’s condition, reduce pain
physiotherapeutic procedures: laser therapy, electrophoresis,
magnetic therapy, mineral baths, the use of high waves

Therapeutic massage is recommended in the direction of the orthopedist.
Mobility of the feet, elasticity of the ligaments important to prevent
blood stagnation, reducing the risk of injury.

Exercise therapy

Exercise therapy действует на пяточную шпору посредством укрепления
икроножных мышц и мышц стопы, что реально позволяет устранять
боль и увеличивать периоды ремиссии, в то время как
НПВС и гормоны лишь заглушают болевые симптомы, нанося урон

Heel Spur Shock Wave Therapy

The shock wave technique eliminates inflammation and improves
обменные процессы в bones. As a result of treatment, loosened.
calcium deposits, which are then washed away with the blood flow.
Bone tissue regeneration is more intense. Pains
become less pronounced after each procedure. Small
spurs on heels are completely eliminated.

Treatment is prescribed on an outpatient basis with a course of up to 8 treatments.
lasting 10-30 minutes.

Not applicable for:

  • arrhythmias,
  • reduced pressure
  • pregnancy
  • blood clotting and thrombophlebitis,
  • nervous disorders
  • острой инфекции и наличии злоqualityнных опухолей.

The impact of the apparatus Vitafon

Не менее популярен в народе аппарат Витафон, который
способствует ускорению лимфотока в воспаленных тканях
и улучшает процесс регенерации клеток. The device is used for
treating many ailments, so it can often be found
в домашних аптечках. Курс лечения обычно не превышает
десяти дней, длительность процедуры —
от 30 до 40 минут.

Spur Heel Treatment with Laser

Currently, low-intensity laser therapy is a popular
and a fairly widely used method of treating this disease.
Laser therapy affects the soft tissues around
spurs. Focused radiation causes an increase in blood circulation.
in the area of ​​inflammation, which helps to reduce pain.


  • Treatment with a laser is carried out in several stages. 
    Первые 10 сеансов проводятся с возby action низкой частотности до
    50 Hz.
  • After treatment, a break is made and at the second stage the frequency
    increases to 80 Hz, and the power is left the same (80 MW).
    Иногда, при тяжелых случаях  фасциита,  назначают и
    third year

Surgical methods

Удаление пяточной шпоры предписывается в редких

  • Когда медикаментозное и физиотерапевтическое лечение
    не приводят к результату на протяжении длительного
  • Нарост неуклонно растет, сильно болит и мешает ходить

Then with the help of the chisel remove the growth
и по необходимости — все пораженные ткани рядом
с ним. However, conservative methods are most often used.

How to treat spurs on heels at home?

Do not even doctors understand that to cure the spur for a day or two
impossible, except in terms of operating. But long and
stubborn application of home treatment will definitely give their

  1. Salt is an antibacterial agent known since ancient times.
    In the treatment of heel spurs with salt, in addition to warming up the sore heel and
    improve blood circulation, metabolism is normalized in the affected
    tissues, pain is eliminated. It is possible to apply means in the form
    compresses, for example, with iodine, or hot baths, or simply
    by lowering the diseased foot into the heated salt.
  2. Take the laundry soap (1 piece), dilute it in 5 liters
    water, add 200 g of salt. For 7 days, at night, steam out
    Feet in this solution, then wipe your feet, wear warm
    socks and sleep. Раствор можно использовать до конца treatment.
  3. Медицинская желчь — средство, которое положительно влияет
    на результат treatment. Before using it, the heel is best.
    steam thoroughly, then wipe off and put a tampon on it,
    Dipped in purified medical bile. Compress secure with a bandage,
    wrap with polyethylene and warm toe. Bile must be left on
    all night and wash your feet in the morning.
  4. An excellent tool for the heel spur is dimexide.
    The drug should be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 3. Dampen
    napkin diluted with liquid, attach to the inflammation,
    hold for 30 minutes. Course – 2 weeks.
  5. Onions and tar – an excellent method of treatment of the spur on the heel. Cut
    in half a head of onions and in the middle of the halves pour drop by drop
    tar. After that, the half to attach to the sore spot, secure,
    wrap up Should help after 3-5 procedures.
  6. Onions and garlic cope well with the heel spur. 3-4 teeth
    garlic must be chopped (until the state of gruel) and, attaching to
    sore heel, bandaged. Withstand a compress (in the absence of
    severe burning sensation) for at least 3 hours. Onions (1 head)
    should be cut in half and drop a drop of birch into it
    tar. Snap a healing bow to the heel and endure a few
  7. At home, you can do a massage with salt. Heat 1 kg
    coarse salt, pour on a flat surface. Put your foot on
    tolerantly hot salt, for 15 minutes “walk around” bare salt
    heel This tool helps for 2-3 procedures.
  8. The marsh cinquefoil is a healing plant that helps with
    a variety of diseases of bones and joints, including, for example,
    with psoriatic arthritis. It can be successfully used with
    national treatment of heel spurs – bone growth on the heel. Buy one
    in the pharmacy, the tincture of the marsh Reed (the company produces
    �”Evalar”). Take 1 tablespoon of tincture and dilute it in
    one third of a glass of water. Take this solution 3 times a day until
    food intake for 3 weeks. If the pain is not gone, you need to do
    break for ten days, and then drink away the same course again.
  9. With the addition of honey make a lot of mixes for compresses
    heel spur: you should take a teaspoon of honey and sea salt.
    Mix the ingredients and apply on the heel. Leave overnight, secure
    bandage and wrap with polyethylene. Honey must be mixed with flour to
    gruel had the consistency of not very liquid dough. Flapjack
    must be put on the affected area, previously
    steamed, wrap in cellophane and secure with a bandage.


With the heel spur, the prognosis is favorable if the treatment is started.
on time and appointed by a specialist. The prolonged development of fasciitis is not
only brings in daily life tangible discomfort and pain,
sometimes with the need to comply with bed rest up to 3-4 months and
longer, but fraught with complications such as nerve damage
fibers, mobility reduction, osteophyte chipping.


Preventive measures must be observed by persons
которые предрасположены к образованию шпор на пятках.

Prevention пяточной шпоры включает:

  • timely treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system
    (flat feet, патологии с позвоночником);
  • поддерживать оптимальный вес тела, не переедать;
  • выполнять упражнения для связок и мышц стоп;
  • носить удобную обувь, у которой высота каблука
    не превышает 5 см.;
  • предупреждать травмы и перегрузки стоп во время
    playing sports;
  • своевременно лечить болезни суставов и соединительной

Do not forget about preventive exercises, thanks
which can avoid spurs. It is desirable for any
walking barefoot, stomping on your toes, outside or
the inside of the foot. Foot baths can also be taken.
adding soda, soap, salt or essential oils to them.

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