Heartburn medications allowed for pregnant women -list of 10 drugs

Heartburn is an essential companion of almost every
women in an “interesting” position. And, of course, every future
мама должна знать как ее облегчить, чтобы не навредить
unborn baby (article about heartburn).


The modern choice of heartburn medication is huge,
they are divided into two types according to the principle of action: antacids and
antisecretory. The first group reduces acidity in the stomach,
the second – prevents the secretion of gastric juice. let’s try
find out which drugs will help eliminate heartburn and will not cause
harm to a pregnant woman:

1. Фосфалюгель


This drug eliminates the unpleasant symptom for several
mine The active substance in it is aluminum phosphate in
concentration of 20%, which neutralizes the acid in the stomach. Besides
Moreover, this medicine has a sorbing effect. Often
use it during pregnancy is not worth it, because
excretion of harmful substances from the body can be lost and beneficial.
Also, taking phosphalugel can be accompanied by an unpleasant side effect.
effect – constipation. The price of drugs in different pharmacy chains
ranges from 280 to 350 p.

2. Алмагель


Available in suspension, refers to antacids. In his
The composition consists of aluminum and magnesium hydroxides. To its benefits
relative to other drugs can be attributed rather low
cost – within 200 p. But for pregnant women to apply
Almagel can be no more than three days in a row. Action of this medication
It lasts only about one and a half hours, so with frequent manifestation
symptom is better to choose another drug.

3. Гастал


In his состав входят алюминия гидроксида-магния карбоната гель и
magnesium hydroxide, which neutralize the hydrochloric acid of the gastric
juice. Available in the form of lozenges, which is very
convenient when traveling. Take Gastal during pregnancy need
occasionally, as the occurrence of an unpleasant symptom. Also
expectant mothers better to buy pills without flavors to
eliminate the possibility of allergies. The price of the medicine depends on
packing volume: lower bound – 150 r. for 12 tablets, top –
350 r. for 60 pieces.

4. Маалокс


Also, как и другие антациды, содержит гидроксиды алюминия и
magnesium. Available in the form of suspensions and tablets. It has
analgesic effect. This property is especially important in cases where
heartburn is accompanied by pain. Pregnant women
use of the drug for more than three days in a row is not recommended.
Suspension can be bought for 380 – 420 p., And tablets around 250

5. Гастрацид


Its composition is similar to other drugs whose action
aimed at neutralizing the acid, that is, the active substances
являются гидроксиды алюминия и magnesium. But unlike others
medication his admission during pregnancy is allowed only in
extreme cases. Хотя цена его низкая – до 150 R., предпочтение
better to give to other medicines.

6. Рутацид



The active substance of this drug is hydrotalcite. It
helps to reduce the level of acidity to normal. This
the medicine has a long lasting effect, but during pregnancy
better not to use. The effect of the active substance on the development of the fetus
has not been investigated, so the drug should be taken only in
In cases where the potential benefits for the expectant mother will exceed
possible risk to the fetus. The cost of the drug does not exceed 200

7. Ренни

ренни от изжоги

It is the safest for pregnant women.
a drug.
Its active ingredients are carbonates.
кальция и magnesium. It is produced in the form of tablets, although there is Rennie
express in granules. The price of the drug varies depending on
number of tablets per pack: 12 pcs. – 150r; 48 шт.- 350 r. Behind
гранулированное лекарство можно отдать до 200 R. for 10 sachets.

8. Иберогаст

иберогаст от изжоги

This is one of the newest remedies for heartburn. Represents
alcohol infusion of various herbs. The medicine is good, natural
origin, but it is not recommended to take it in pregnant women.
The use of Iberogast during gestation is possible only in
cases where it is not possible to use other drugs
(for example, intolerance or allergic reactions). A drug
available in the form of drops. Цена 450 R. per 50 ml tincture.

9. Ранитидин


This drug prevents the development of gastric juice, due to
what relieves heartburn. Pregnant women это лекарство стоит
take only if heartburn is due to
acute peptic ulcer disease. This precaution is due
the fact that the tests on women bearing the fruit, was not carried out.
Although animal testing has produced good results, the effect on the fetus
man has not been investigated. The medicine has a low price –
до 100 R.

10. Gestid


Treats the combined antacids, includes in structure
гидроксиды магния и алюминия, трисиликат magnesium. This drug
take during pregnancy is possible. It is well tolerated, side
There are very few effects and they are extremely rare. Gestid
has the form of chewable tablets and has a low cost – up to

Also обратите внимание на ОРТАНОЛ и ГЕВИСКОН — после
consultation with a doctor!

All antacids have one unpleasant feature: a decrease
absorption of certain substances, including iron. therefore
with low hemoglobin should refrain from their

No matter how modern and effective the drug is,
It is important to remember that taking any medication is worth starting.
only after consulting a doctor.
When pregnancy is necessary
talk to a special therapist who must
work with every female consultation. The specialist will write you
medicine that will bear the least harm to the baby.

ЧИТАЕМ ТАКЖЕ: сода от изжоги ЗА и ПРОТИВ

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