Heartburn in pregnancy: how to get rid oflate heartburn

Update: October 2018 In the first 4-5 months of gestation
burning sensations behind the sternum and throat – heartburn – may occur
periodically, with errors in diet or making horizontal
provisions after a short time after eating. In late terms
There is no apparent reason, and heartburn is such that it takes all the strength
pregnant, prevents her from sleeping and doing the necessary things.

A huge negative point is that taking the usual
drugs can not – this can harm the child. And soda in that
concentration that some “experienced
advisers “, can not only get into the blood and disrupt the pH in
child’s body, which is very dangerous, but can also lead to
the appearance of ulcers or complete perforation of the mother’s stomach.

In the article we will explain why during pregnancy there is heartburn,
how to get rid of it by methods that do not harm
pregnant woman, nor the developing fetus.

Why does heartburn occur?

The appearance of heartburn does not indicate increased acidity
stomach. It only says that the contents of the stomach
thrown into the esophagus. Perhaps this is when:

  • weak muscle that lies between the esophagus and the stomach. AT
    As a result, if a person after a meal bends or falls down,
    part of the food and gastric juice enter the esophagus;
  • high pressure exerted on the walls of the stomach from the outside.

ATсе это и происходит во время беременности.

Causes of First Trimester Heartburn

When a woman’s body is preparing for pregnancy, on the spot
come out to “meet” the sperm of the egg forms a yellow body
– small endocrine organ, ovoid shape and yellowish color.
It produces small amounts of progesterone – a hormone,
which makes the preparation of organs for conception. When is it
happens, the yellow body begins to work even harder, producing
increasing volume of this hormone.

The main
progesterone’s task is to relax the uterus so that its increased tone
did not prevent the fetus from developing. But this hormone reduces stress
uterine muscles only: its effect extends to other
smooth muscles, including:

  • the one between the esophagus and the stomach;
  • those that promote food through the stomach and from
    stomach to the duodenum.

Maximum effect on the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract
progesterone gains by week 13. Therefore, in this period, many
pregnant women begin to feel heartburn, which appears when
eating acidic foods, when going 1-1.5 hours after eating at
lying position. Symptom can occur with hunger, if
pregnant lies.

Causes Of Second Trimester Heartburn

AT этот период матка активно растет, смещая органы брюшной
cavity up and increasing intra-abdominal pressure. Muscle between
the esophagus and stomach are also relaxed, and if food or water
a lot, they, along with the gastric juice, are thrown small
portions of the esophagus. It accompanies slopes, sharp movement,
overeating and a quick transition after eating to the prone position.

Causes of Heartburn in the Third Trimester

The uterus gets bigger, shifts the stomach and intestines up,
increases abdominal pressure. In late pregnancy
heartburn is the strongest, it manifests itself even simply in a standing position
most often after meals. Just before the birth, when the head of the fetus
inserted into the bone ring of the pelvis, the uterus descends a little and
progesterone levels are reduced, which can be
observed to reduce heartburn.

Of course, mainly causes of heartburn during pregnancy
explained by the pregnancy itself and pass after childbirth. But also in
the period of childbearing may be exacerbation of chronic
gastritis or peptic ulcer disease, especially if the lady likes sour,
spicy or pickled dishes. Therefore, if except heartburn woman
nausea or pain in the upper abdomen, or herself
heartburn began even before pregnancy or in its early stages,
consultation of the gastroenterologist is necessary.


What to do with heartburn during pregnancy

When this terrible symptom appears, you will have to completely change
habitual way of life: and diet, and eating habits, and the mode of the day and
sleep. AT первом-втором триместре для устранения жжения за грудиной
it is better to resort to traditional methods of treatment, and in the third trimester
Heartburn pregnancy can be used already

Ambulance facilities

To the simplest means – baking soda – nor during pregnancy,
nor after delivery, you should not resort. That concentration, which
will help eliminate heartburn (and then only briefly), absorbed in the intestines in
blood changes its pH. This blood goes to the fetus and, coming to each
tissue and organ may disrupt their work. In addition, baking soda
damages the protective layer that lies on the mucous membrane
stomach and this can lead to the formation of a stomach ulcer or to

ATместо соды можно принимать воду «Боржоми» или «Поляна квасова»
in small quantities. At the same time of these drinks need to release
gas, otherwise it will be increase the volume of the stomach that will lead to
the opposite effect.

For the treatment of heartburn during pregnancy is recommended:

  • drink boiled milk at room temperature, small
    portions during the day;
  • skip a fresh potato through a juicer, take
    juice in small volumes (tablespoons) for heartburn;
  • With a heartburn attack, you can chew nuts: almonds or wood,
    but in small quantities;
  • � cup oatmeal jelly can also take off
  • chew raw carrots;
  • eat some raw (unroasted) sunflower seeds.

Traditional treatments for heartburn during pregnancy

AT народной медицине существует множество рецептов от изжоги.
Before using any of them, consult your doctor:

  • 100 g mint + 100 g hypericum + 60 g centaury mix,
    take out 2 tablespoons from there, pour 400 ml boiling water. Mixture insist 12
    h, then strain and you can drink. Drink 1 time a day, in the morning, on an empty stomach,
    on 100 ml.
  • ATскипятить 500 мл воды, всыпать туда 1 ст.л травы вереска
    ordinary, cook for 2 minutes, then you need to insist 30 minutes
    decoction. After that, strain and put in 2 hours in the refrigerator.
    Drink before meals for 1 tbsp.
  • Chamomile tea 100 ml during the day, after meals.
  • Grind the egg shells into fine powder, take three times a
    day ½ tsp The course is not more than 4 days.
  • Buy at the pharmacy powder from the roots and rhizomes of calamus. Chew
    1/3 teaspoon of this powder three times a day, before meals.

Lifestyle change

Some means of “ambulance” can only be for a while.
eliminate this unpleasant symptom. To maximize alert
appearance of heartburn, follow these rules:

  1. Starting from the second trimester, eat often (at least 5 times a
    day), but in small portions;
  2. the last meal is 3 hours before bedtime;
  3. chew food thoroughly;
  4. after eating you can not bend down head down or go to bed
    horizontally for 1-1.5 hours;
  5. exclude fried, spicy foods and seasoned dishes;
  6. follow the regularity of your own stool: constipation leads to
    increase intra-abdominal pressure, which increases heartburn. If a
    I can’t recover every day, eat boiled salads
    beets and prunes;
  7. in the diet must be products with an alkaline pH:
    steamed omelets, cream, milk, cottage cheese, boiled meat and fish,
    yesterday’s white bread;
  8. abdominal exercises even if your
    obstetrician-gynecologist, with heartburn are not done;
  9. sleep is not high pillows, if this is not
  10. your clothes should not put pressure on your stomach;
  11. do not drink water while eating;
  12. rest more.

Heartburn Diet

We will talk about what you can eat and what is forbidden:

ATид блюда Can Can not
The drinks Non-acidic jelly, herbal tea, water, milk, cream, carrot
cream juice
Coffee, strong tea, carbonated drinks, sour fruit drinks and sour
Fat Creamy, sunflower oil Mutton, pork, goose fat
Animal squirrels Fish and meat are lean, baked in foil or boiled,
steam omelette
Fatty fish and meat, fried meat / fish of any kind,
fried eggs
Vegetables Boiled beets, carrots – raw and boiled Tomatoes, white cabbage, onions, garlic, radish and
Fruits Citrus, sour apples
Berries Gooseberry, sour berries
Bread Dried or Yesterday’s White Bread Black bread
Amplifiers taste Mustard, vinegar, marinades, sauces, horseradish, ketchup, pepper, products with
Mushrooms, legumes Mushrooms, legumes
Kashi Any cooked in a double boiler Pearl barley, millet and corn cooked on fire
Sweets Marshmallow, honey, galette cookies Chocolate baking
Soups Dairy, vegetarian Cooked on meat or pits
Semi-finished products
Canned foods
Dairy products
Ice cream
Fast food, pies, pancakes, pancakes

Can ли принимать лекарства от изжоги?

ATо время беременности может быть разрешен прием следующих
drugs, but – only after consulting a doctor and putting
certain tests (for blood calcium,

AT 1 триместре ATо 2 триместре AT 3 триместре
  • Gaviscon
  • Rennie
  • Gaviscon
  • Rennie
  • Gaviscon
  • Rennie
  • Almagel and Almagel neo, but not more than 5-6 days
  • Maalox
  • Sekrepat

Between the intake of such a drug and food, as well as between the intake
This and other medicines should take at least 1.5 hours, otherwise
need no effect.

Scientists at Edinburgh University (Scotland) and academic
Institutions Tempere (Finland) conducted a study and found
connection between taking medications that suppress heartburn (namely,
time of pregnancy) and the development of asthma in children in early childhood
age Recently, it has been suggested that drugs (blockers
proton pump: omeprazole, pantoprozole, etc.), and
также блокаторы H2-гистаминовых рецепторов
(anti-allergic) can affect the immune system
have a baby and increase the risk of allergic reactions
have a child in the future.

Автор: Кривега Мария Салаватовна врач-реаниматолог

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