Hearing loss – what is it, causes, symptoms,treatment of hearing loss 1, 2, 3, 4 degrees

Hearing loss is a phenomenon of incomplete hearing impairment, in which
the patient hardly perceives and understands the sounds. Hearing loss
makes communication difficult and is characterized by the inability to catch
sound, the source of which is near the ear. There are various
degrees of hearing loss besides this disease is classified by
stage of development.

What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss - что это такое, причины, симптомы, лечение

Hearing loss – это стойкое ослабление слуха, при котором
disturbed perception of the sounds of the world and speech
communication. The degree of hearing loss can vary from
slight hearing loss to complete deafness. .

It is terrible to lose the opportunity to hear this world, but 360 million
people suffer from deafness or various hearing impairments today.
165 million of them are people over 65 years old. Hearing loss —
the most common age-related hearing disorder

The reasons

Hearing impairment is referred to when a person has a deterioration.
perceptions of those sounds that are usually perceived by others
by people. The degree of violation is determined by how much louder
compared with the normal level should be sound so that the listener
began to distinguish it.

In cases of deep deafness, the listener cannot even distinguish
The loudest sounds emitted by an audiometer.

In most cases, hearing loss is not congenital, but
acquired disease. Decreased hearing can result
many factors:

  • viral infections. Complications of hearing can give the following
    infectious diseases: ARVI, sore throat, measles, scarlet fever, AIDS,
    HIV infection, mumps.
  • inflammation of the middle and inner ear;
  • poisoning;
  • taking certain medications;
  • circulatory disorders in the vessels of the inner ear;
  • age-related changes of the auditory analyzer;
  • prolonged exposure to noise. Increased noise load
    residents of megacities, especially those living in industrial
    zones, near airfields or near major highways.
  • sulfur plugs;
  • hypertension;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • tumors;
  • otitis externa;
  • various injuries of the eardrum, etc.

AT зависимости от причины, тугоухость может протекать в
easy to form or have a detailed clinical picture with fast
transition to a severe degree.

Symptoms of hearing loss

The main symptom of hearing loss is impaired ability
hear, perceive and distinguish different sounds. Suffering
hearing loss can not hear some of the sounds that normally a person is good

The lower the severity of hearing loss, the greater the range of sounds
man continues to hear. Accordingly, the heavier the hearing loss,
the more sounds a person, on the contrary, does not hear.

The main symptoms of hearing loss include:

  • noise in ears;
  • increase the volume of the TV or radio;
  • asking again;
  • telephone conversation listening to certain people only
  • decrease in the perception of children’s voices and women’s.

Indirect signs of hearing loss is difficulty
to concentrate when talking with the interlocutor in a crowded or noisy
location, the inability to recognize the speech on the radio or the beeps of the machines when
turned on car engine.

Classification by lesion level

There are classifications of hearing loss that take into account the level
lesions, degree of hearing impairment and period of time
whose hearing impairment develops. With all kinds
hearing loss may experience varying degrees of hearing loss – from
mild hearing loss to complete deafness.

Types of hearing loss Description and Symptoms
Conductive hearing loss A hearing impairment characterized by problems with patency and
sound amplification through the outer and middle ear. Barrier Data
formed in the outer ear. These may include: improper
organ development, sulfur plugs, various tumors, and
the initial stages of otitis.
Sensorineural (sensorineural) hearing loss This is a hearing loss caused by dysfunction of the inner ear,
auditory centers of the brain, predverno-cochlear nerve. AT
contrast to conductive hearing loss, neurosensory arises due to
incorrect operation of the sound perception apparatus.
Mixed Hearing problems occur with the simultaneous influence of factors
causing conductive and neurosensory hearing loss. The most
common symptoms of the disease are hissing, squeaking, hum,
ringing in the ears, difficulty perceiving speech in noisy environments, bad
audibility, a false sense of rotation or movement of the body in
ATнезапная глухота ATнезапная тугоухость — острое одно- или, реже, двустороннее
hearing loss (less often deafness) that occurs suddenly during
seconds or minutes, with overall good condition. Disease
appears at any time of the day, more often on waking, at any
setting. Most patients have ear noise.
different nature and intensity, often ear congestion.
Острая форма  Acute hearing loss is a significant impairment.
hearing for a short period of time no more than 1
of the month. In other words, if the hearing loss occurred during
maximum month then we are talking about acute hearing loss. On
in the initial stage, the person feels stuffy in the ear or tinnitus,
and not hearing impairment. A feeling of congestion or tinnitus may
periodically appear and disappear, being preliminary
signs of hearing loss.
Chronic hearing loss The most dangerous type of hearing loss, as hearing impairment
happens gradually: we can talk about a period of time from
several months to several years. There are stable and
progressive stage.

Thus, all of the listed types of this disease have
several degrees of hearing loss. They can be as light as
and severe form.

The degree of hearing loss: 1, 2, 3, 4

Степени тугоухости

AT зависимости от порога слышимости (минимальный уровень звука,
which is able to pick up the hearing aid of a person) in a patient
It is accepted to distinguish 4 degrees (stages) of a chronic disease.

There are several degrees of hearing loss:

1 degree

  • 1 degree – утрата слуха, которая характеризуется отсутствием
    susceptibility to sounds from 26 to 40 dB;

On расстоянии в несколько метров, при условии отсутствия
extraneous sounds, the person does not have any problems with
audible, distinguishes all the words in a conversation. However in noisy
The setting is able to hear the interlocutors clearly
getting worse. It also becomes hard to hear whispers in the distance.
more than 2 meters.

2 degree of hearing loss

  • Grade 2 – hearing loss, which is characterized by the absence
    sound sensitivity from 41 to 55 dB;

In people at this stage, the hearing begins to plummet, they
can no longer hear normally even in the absence of outsiders
noises. Whisper they can not distinguish at a distance of more than a meter, and
ordinary speech – at a distance of more than 4 meters.

How can this be manifested in everyday life: the patient will be much more likely
healthy people to ask the interlocutor. AT сопровождении шумом он
may not even hear a speech.


3 degree

  • 3 degree — утрата слуха, которая характеризуется отсутствием
    susceptibility to sounds from 56 to 70 dB;

If the patient has experienced a gradual increase in problems and
proper treatment was performed, in this case hearing loss
hearing loss progresses and manifests itself of 3 degrees.

Such a serious defeat significantly affects communication,
communication is difficult for a person without special
hearing aid he will not be able to continue normal communication.
A person is assigned a disability with hearing loss of 3 degrees.

Hearing loss 4 степени

  • 4 degree – loss of hearing, which is characterized by the absence
    receptivity to sounds from 71 to 90 dB.

Whisper at this stage the patient does not hear at all, and the spoken
it can hardly be distinguished only at a distance of no more than 1 meter.

Hearing loss у детей

Hearing loss у ребенка — нарушение слуховой функции, при котором
perception of sounds is difficult, but in varying degrees
safely. Symptoms of hearing loss in children can be:

  • lack of response to the sound of toys, mother’s voice, call,
    requests, whisper speech;
  • lack of walking and babbling;
  • violation of speech and mental development, etc.

AT настоящее время нет точных данных касательно причин, способных
cause hearing loss in children. AT то же время по мере изучения этого
pathological condition revealed a number of predisposing

  • Negative influence of external factors on intrauterine development
  • Somatic illness in the mother. These diseases include
    diabetes, nephritis, thyrotoxicosis, etc.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle of the mother during pregnancy.
  • Complications after illness. Onиболее часто у
    children develop hearing loss after suffering rubella,
    flu infection, mumps, measles, syphilis, herpes, etc.

In order that the child does not suffer from hearing loss, should
follow these rules:

  • ATнимательное отношение к состоянию здоровья во время
    of pregnancy
  • Квалифицированное лечение и последующий уход при инфекциях
    middle ear
  • Avoiding very loud sounds

ATсе методы лечения и реабилитации детей с тугоухостью делятся на
medication, physiotherapy, functional and
surgical AT ряде случаев бывает достаточно проведения
simple procedures (removal of a sulfuric plug or removal of foreign
body ear) to restore hearing.

Hearing loss disability

Special techniques for the restoration of hearing, developed and
currently available, allow people to return the ear
suffering from hearing loss 1-2 degrees, as quickly as possible. what
concerns the treatment of hearing loss 2 degrees, the process
recovery looks much harder and is more
long Patients with 3 or 4 degrees of hearing loss are worn.
hearing aid.

3 группа инвалидности устанавливается при диагностировании
двусторонней тугоухости 4 степени. If the patient
обнаружена 3 степень заболевания, а слуховые аппараты
provide satisfactory compensation then disability in
most cases are not defined. Детям с тугоухостью 3 и
4 степени инвалидность присваивается.


Timely diagnosis of hearing loss and initiation of therapy for
early stage allows you to save it. AT противном случае, как
consequence, develops persistent deafness, which does not give in

For problems with hearing, it is necessary to apply a wide range
diagnostic tools, find out, first, why did
hearing loss, the symptoms of this disease can also indicate
possible character of partial deafness.

Doctors have the task to fully characterize which
nature of occurrence and occurrence, type and class has hearing loss;
treatment can only be prescribed after such a comprehensive
approach to analysis.

Treatment of hearing loss

Treatment of hearing loss

Treatment of hearing loss подбирается зависимо от его формы. AT случае
conductive hearing loss if the patient has a violation
integrity or functionality of the eardrum or auditory
seed, the doctor may prescribe surgery.

Today, a lot of operational
methods of hearing restoration in conductive hearing loss:
myringoplasty, tympanoplasty, prosthetics of the auditory ossicles.
Sometimes it is possible to restore hearing even with deafness.

Sensorineural hearing loss is amenable to conservative treatment.
Apply medications that improve blood flow during
внутреннем ухе (пирацетам, церебролизин и др.) Treatment of hearing loss
involves the use of drugs that relieve dizziness
(betahistine). Also use physical therapy and reflexology. With
chronic neurosensory hearing loss is used
hearing aid.

Drug treatment of hearing loss may include such

  • Ноотропы (Глицин, ATинпоцетин, Луцетам, Пирацетам,
    Pentoxifylline). Improve blood supply to the brain and auditory area
    analyzer, stimulate the recovery of inner ear cells and
    nerve roots.
  • ATитамины г AT (пиридоксин, тиамин, цианкобаламин в виде
    drugs Milgamma, Benfotiamin). Have a directional effect –
    improve nerve conduction, irreplaceable for optimization
    activity of the auditory branch of the facial nerve.
  • Антибиотики (Цефексим, Супракс, Азитрокс, Амоксиклав) и НПATП
    (Ketonal, Nurofen, Ibuklin). Onзначаются, когда причиной тугоухости
    становится гнойный отит — воспаление middle ear, а также прочие
    acute bacterial diseases of the hearing.
  • Antihistamine and decongestants (Zyrtec, Diazolin,
    Suprastin, Furosemide). Helps eliminate swelling and reduce production
    transudate in inflammatory pathologies of the ear leading to
    impairment of hearing.


There are several types of surgeries used in the treatment.

  • Если тугоухость вызвана нарушением работы слуховых
    pits, perform surgery for prosthetics of the latter by replacing
    on synthetic analogues. AT результате подвижность косточек
    rises, the hearing of a sick person is restored.
  • If hearing loss is caused by a breach of the integrity of the drum
    membranes, then make the operation myringoplasty, replacing
    pathologically changed membrane on the synthetic.

How to treat hearing loss folk remedies

A large distribution in the treatment of hearing loss acquired folk
facilities. On сегодняшний день многие из них показывают удивительную
efficiency. Before using any popular recipes should
be sure to talk to your doctor to avoid negative
effects of self.

  1. Onстой корней аира болотного. Dessert Spoon Dry
    измельченных корней аира запаривают 0,5 л крутого кипятка в
    glass or ceramic pot, cover with lid, wrap
    and allowed to infuse for three hours. Filtered infusion
    take 60-65 ml three times a day for half an hour before meals. Course
    treatment is 1 month, which is repeated after
    two week break.
  2. You need to bury 3 drops of natural almond oil,
    alternating ears every day. Course лечения длится месяц. This procedure
    helps improve hearing.
  3. Onion wrap. A piece of onion heats up and
    wrapped in cheesecloth. This mini-compress is inserted into the ear on
    all night long.
  4. Onстой корня аира: измельченный корень (1 ст. л.) на 600 мл
    boiling water with infusion of at least 2.5 hours – 50 ml before
    every meal.
  5. It is also possible in the treatment of folk remedies sensonevralnoy
    hearing loss use garlic in a rubbed form in combination with
    camphor oil. It will take one small clove of garlic and 5
    drops of oil. They need to be mixed thoroughly, moisten the resulting
    a mixture of bandage flagella and place them in the ear canal at 6-7


The basic rule for preventing hearing loss is
prevention of dangerous situations and risk factors. ATажно
timely detect diseases of the upper respiratory tract and
carry out their treatment. Withем любых лекарственных препаратов должен
conducted only by appointment of a specialist, which will help to avoid
development of many complications.

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