Headache in the temples – causes, treatment

Update: October 2018

Headache in the temples is a malaise that
80% of patients complain to the doctor. Pain sensations of this localization
familiar to almost everyone, and anyone who has ever experienced temporal
pain, remembers these discomfort when hands automatically
reach for the temporal region to gently massage the painful
places and reduce discomfort.

Such pains can only be rare episodes, and they can often
long torment man. Localization of this type of pain in the head
always characterized by severity of discomfort, so even
the most seasoned people, experiencing pain in the temples, are forced
take medicine.

Temporal pains, like others, are not unreasonable. Reception
painkillers can give a temporary effect, but for true
treatment of pain is necessary to find out the cause of their occurrence. The
the symptom may be accompanied by many diseases and pathological
conditions of the body, which, in addition to constant pain in the head,
have a number of other distinctive features. Of course, one by one
only symptoms are not diagnosed – manifestations of the disease
allow only to assume a certain pathology, but with
a combination of symptoms to a person should make it clear that his condition
requires treatment.

Causes of headaches in the temples

  • Cerebral angiodystonia

Pain in the temples can provoke impaired vascular tone
branches, both arterial and venous. Pain can be localized
and in other areas of the head, as well as in the back. In addition to pain
manifestations, for angiodystonia characteristic:

  • insomnia
  • pressure instability
  • finger numbness
  • dizziness
  • loss of memory and smell
  • noise in ears
  • weak legs and arms

Sharp headaches in the temples are not associated with daily
cycle and start at any time. Feels like stupid and aching, with
feeling aches. There are spontaneous and groundless attacks.
depression, accompanied by a feeling of body aches, difficulty
normal breathing, loss of control over your own emotions.
Probably the development of diverse allergic reactions and pathologies
digestive systems.

  • Poisoning

Intoxication of the body can manifest temporal pain, as well as
nausea, dyspepsia, pain in the digestive tract. In case of feline poisoning
oils on the background of alcohol abuse
The above symptoms are presented most clearly.

  • Building materials, furniture, household appliances, products from
    plastics, toys, clothes may contain toxic compounds,
    causing poisoning of the body, and as a consequence a strong headache
    forehead and temples.

In the production of substandard goods, construction
materials, plastic toys (made in China),
furniture, household appliances used formaldehyde, styrene,
phthalates, vinyl chlorides, and the most dangerous bisphenol A (causes
cancer, cardiovascular diseases, affects
reproductive function, impairs the development of the brain in children and

Most of us are very happy with the new linoleum, plastic
окнам, ламинату,  ковролину, натяжным потолкам, виниловым
wallpaper, new upholstered and cabinet furniture. You should know that after
overhaul in the coming year apartment
becomes uninhabitable and more like a gas
the camera.

Any industrial products and materials with a strong odor emit
into the air a pair of toxic substances, the inhalation of which occurs
slow poisoning of the body, which is manifested by a headache
in the forehead, pain in the back of the head, temples, allergic rhinitis,
allergic cough. Course over time toxic fumes
evaporate less intensely, but chronic poisoning is not only
provoke a headache, but also contributes to the accumulation in the body
harmful substances, breaking hormonal, endocrine,
cardiovascular system, loading the immune system, slowly
destroying its functions.

When buying home goods, whether it’s furniture, household
appliances, clothing, toys for children, building materials –
Smell and watch the labeling! Avoid purchasing
cheap building materials or household items exuding
strong chemical odors, especially when buying toys and clothes
for kids.

  • Vegetative dysfunction (VVD)

Dysfunctions of the autonomic system are failures in
automatically performed functions of the human body. They can
touch all systems and organs but temporal headache
localization provokes cerebrovascular disorders syndrome, for
which are also characterized by: dizziness, a tendency to fainting and
noise in ears.

  • Increased intracranial pressure

In this state, the cerebrospinal fluid presses on the tissue and the lining of the brain.
Headache worries both in the temples and in other parts of the skull.
Nausea and vomiting, blurred vision. During
a person tries to choose a position, sometimes uncomfortable, only
would reduce symptoms. Disease progression leads to
seizures and disorder of consciousness. The disease is dangerous
incompatible with life complications due to compression and
damage to brain structures and loss of vital functions.

  • Hypertension

Temporal pain, especially in patients over 50,
indicates a high pressure. The nature of the pain –
pressing or pulsing. Such phenomena are often associated with:

  • weather changes
  • magnetic storms
  • emotional outbursts
  • overwork

The pain syndrome is associated with severity, noise in the head, pain in
сердце, слабость, одышка и noise in ears.

  • Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis возникает из-за холестериновых отложений на
internal walls of blood vessels, which leads to their pathological
narrowing and even blockage (see the norm of cholesterol in women and men,
how to lower cholesterol without drugs, high cholesterol – myths and
reality) With atherosclerosis of the cerebral vessels
(treatment) there is a temporal headache, as well as a weakening
memory, reduced intelligence and mental impairment. maybe
the appearance of pallor of the extremities and their cooling, problems with
heart, irritability and fatigue. At risk for
Vascular atherosclerosis includes persons with kidney disease,
hypertension, diabetes.

  • Temporal arteritis

With this disease, the inflammatory process occurs on
the membranes of the carotid and temporal arteries in people of the age group
over 50 years old. The disease has an acute onset – the patient is worried
недомогание, гипертермия, insomnia; provocateur disease often
become SARS, flu, cold. Headaches in the temples
are strong, pronounced, with pulsation phenomena. For the temporal
pain is characterized by an increase in the night and afternoon, as well as
when chewing and talking. Feeling temples dramatically increases pain
syndrome. The temporal arteries thicken and become noticeable when
palpation. With the defeat of the eye vessels joins the reduction
visual acuity, double vision and mist in the eyes.

  • Migraine (see what is migraine, its signs, provocateurs)

Pain in the temples of migraine is particularly intense and
extremely painful for the patient. Throbbing headache right
or the left temple is the difference between migraine and other pains,
since migraine is observed only on one side, and the duration
attack can be up to several hours. Organic lesions when
this condition is not detected, but the symptoms are very
pronounced. Provoked an attack:

  • lack of sleep
  • overwork
  • a surplus of spicy and salty foods in the diet

For migraine are also characterized by: light and sound fear,
pathological sensitivity to various odors, nausea,
loss of spatial orientation, irritability and
подавленность, dizziness, сонливость либо чрезмерное

  • Cluster pains

Cluster pains имеют серийное проявление по несколько раз в
throughout the day. Pains persist for two to six weeks
and then abruptly stop. The attack begins with laying the ear
on one side, and last 15-60 minutes. Pain intensity
extremely high, pain is provoked in the temple and behind the eye. Appears
tearing and blockage of the nasal cavity, increased sweating,
redness of the face. For pain is characterized by spring-summer seasonality.
Most often, obese men suffer from cluster pains.
abusing smoking.

  • Neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve

When this type of neuralgia damaged the nerve fibers of the skull.
The disease affects people older than 40 years. Chronic course
the disease is manifested by bouts of intense pain with lumbago
lasting 10-120 seconds. The attack occurs due to compression
trigeminal nerve, more often spontaneously, less often when talking, washing,
shaving. The pain forces a person to freeze so that it does not increase
intensity. There is a spasm of the facial muscles on the affected side, and
the pain spreads to the cheeks, eyes, lips, teeth.

  • Pathology of the temporomandibular joint

With these pathologies, pain occurs in the temples and
occipital region, somewhat less frequently in the shoulders and shoulder blade area.
Mandatory symptom of diseases of this group is rattle
teeth and strong compression of the jaws, which leads to muscle
overvoltage provoking headaches. Headache in the temple
possible due to displacement of the disc of the temporomandibular joint.
These pains are intense and give to the neck and forehead.

  • Head injuries to the temples

Head injury is difficult to miss diagnostically – patient
indicates a fall and other non-standard situations. But not all
serious about head injuries – not feeling well
go to doctors, whereas well-being can only be
imaginary. Pain in the temporal areas often protrudes distantly.
symptom head injury.

  • Infectious diseases

Flu and sore throat are often manifested by pain in the temples, serving
secondary symptom. The main symptoms of infectious processes
– General weakness, sneezing, coughing, hyperthermia and so on.

  • Overvoltage

After going through a hard working day, pain can occur
temples due to overvoltage. The nature of the pain syndrome –
aching and squeezing pains on symmetrical areas of the head. Such
pathology is characteristic of long-term office workers
on computers. Difficulty arises due to increased muscle tone.
their blood supply, which leads to accumulation in the muscle tissue
products of inflammatory reactions. Elimination of the factor leading to
pain in the temples, does not immediately help to eliminate the pain itself

  • Psychogenic pain

Various mental factors can lead to dull, dull and
unpleasant sensations without clear localization. Pains accompany
irritability, tearfulness and rapid onset of fatigue.
Patients are constantly anxious and cannot concentrate on

  • Menstrual cycle and menopause

During puberty, the female half of humanity can
face pain in temples due to hormonal effects
factor a. Temporal pains may occur during the menstruation period,
and before it starts. In many cases after pregnancy
symptoms disappear. In menopause, as well as after
his temporal headache may bother for a long time

  • Food

Foods and beverages saturated with monosodium glutamate (flavoring
additive), provoke temporal headaches that begin
about half an hour after the substance enters the body. Pain
can give to the frontal part. There is increased sweating,
dyspnea and reflex tension of the facial and jaw muscles.

The greatest amount of monosodium glutamate is found in
some spices, industrial sauces, chips.
Caffeine and finylethylamine also provoke pain in the temporal
areas – both of these substances are present in chocolate.

Treating such a headache

Temporal pain of any origin not only significantly reduces
quality of life, but also a symptom of sometimes life-threatening
diseases. Timely treatment to the doctor for diagnosis and
subsequent treatment is the only correct behavior tactic.
a conscious person who cares about their health and wants
live a long and healthy life. Headache treatment in the area
temples directly depends on the reason for its appearance:

  • Migraine pains are relieved by special preparations from
    groups of triptans and ergotamines (see triptans for migraine). Many
    people with migraine take the usual aspirin, but the effect of it is not
    observed because migraine attack cannot stop
    symptomatic drugs – this is only possible for those drugs
    which eliminate the cause of migraine – narrowing of the arteries (see migraine –
    symptoms, treatment).
  • In case of hypertension, increased ICP, atherosclerosis to the patient
    assigned therapy for the treatment of diseases, which in
    most cases have to be taken for life.
  • Nonspecific headaches stoped by taking
    analgesics, often prolonged action.
  • Psychogenic pains in the temples are relieved by psychotherapy,
    aromatherapy. Very well in this case helps
    Spa treatment with the change of the familiar climate.
  • Treatment of vegetative-vascular pathology includes
    physiotherapeutic techniques (swimming, douche, exercise therapy), and
    also phytotherapy and drugs that normalize vascular tone.
  • With tension headaches, a person can help himself –
    change position, gently grind numb muscles, walk on
    fresh air.
  • Universal preparations for temporary relief of temporal
    headaches are drugs from the group
    nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin,
    ibuprofen (see list of all NSAIDs in the article pain in the back).
    They remove the inflammatory response and adverse symptoms in the form of
    nausea, sweating, hyperthermia. However, this treatment is only
    only elimination of the symptom, but not the cause of the pain, therefore it is suitable
    only to eliminate rare episodes of pain.

Only the doctor is competent in the treatment of frequent headaches.
in the temples, and the patient’s task is not to delay his visit!

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