Having two children is more beneficial for a woman thanone

Update: February 2019

Researchers representing the University of Southern California and their
leader Roxana Karim took the liberty to announce to the whole world: a woman
who gave birth at an older age, has the best cognitive abilities,
memory and sharpness of mind. Of course, scientists have not thus called
women give birth after 35 years. But a certain interrelation of processes in
brain and age of birth of the second baby found.

For their experiment, employees of the University of Southern California
produced a mass survey covering the opinions of 830 women in
menopausal period. The ladies passed a series of test tasks. TO
example, they had the opportunity to read and try to remember the fixed
the number of words on one page. Also among the tests was a retelling
a certain story, when listening to which women someone constantly


The results made you think:

  • Women,
    who became mothers over the age of 24, during the experiment
    more firmly proved his opinion and solved the tasks than the parents
    at 23 and younger.
  • The best cognitive abilities and quality of memory were in women
    who gave birth at 35 years and older.
  • The mothers of the two babies were much higher in their results than
    мамы one ребенка.
  • Those ladies who used oral hormonal contraception
    The last 10 years and more, as well memorized texts and decided
    assigned tasks.

The results of the large-scale experiment were explained in terms of
hormone levels of women in one or another of her age. It is known that
estrogen and progesterone have a positive effect on memory. Those
girls who ran into menarche (first menstruation) earlier than
peers can think better and faster. Those же, чье половое
maturation was delayed, often became the owners of the disease

Роксана TOарим совместно со своей командой смогла выяснить: чем
longer reproductive period in life (that is, the time period
from menarche to menopause) a certain woman, the higher the cognitive
its capabilities, better memory and mental abilities. TOонечно,
having familiarized with the results of the experiment, ladies have the right
independently decide on the implementation of their reproductive
functions. And this judgment, no doubt, has its

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