Harm from loud sounds exceeds ourexpectations

Update: February 2019

Famous edition of “STAT” reported information on new discoveries.
American researchers in the field of hearing. It turns out that
too intense sounds like those that are heard at concerts
rock performers or in workshops
detectable damage to the human auditory organ.

Due to the fact that the usual ways to quickly determine health
hearing aid can not catch such a pathology, hearing can
worsen even more, and is already irreversible. Such people later
some time they begin to feel constant tinnitus and not
perceive colloquial speech in noisy environments.

So tightly dealt with this problem American
explorer Charles Lieberman (Harvard) and dared to label it
as “hidden hearing loss.” For a more complete understanding of the pathology
should refresh in memory the mechanism of perception of sounds in the human
ear. We all have a primary organ of hearing, the Corti organ. is he
represented by so-called hair cells. Their “cilia”
oscillate from the incoming sound wave, thus transforming
her electrical nerve signal. Nerve fibers signals
aspire to the brain, and we perceive the world around us

When the hair cells are affected by a loud sound in any of their
manifestations, their gradual destruction occurs with a decrease in
auditory function. Of course, hearing loss can be caused by
aging of the body, which is completely natural. But in the case of
Lieberman needs to think: perhaps an intense volume
able to affect the organ of Corti and without visible destruction
cell? Vedic hearing impairment in some people is not accompanied
changes on the audiogram (the usual test for fixing
hair cell loss).


For example, one of the fans of rock music, Matt Garlock (29
years) and a laborer as an engineer talks about his problems:
�”When I come home and become surrounded by silence, I feel
ringing in the ears, but it usually goes away in 2-3 days.

But recently I also came back with a jingle after a couple of noisy
parties, but he did not disappear. Then I turned to the doctor and my
audiogram ruled out hearing changes. ” However, Matt
independently began to notice that he had to ask again
questions of people and lean towards them.

In addition to Charles Lieberman, cases of normal audiograms with the clinic
A patient’s hearing loss was of interest to Robert Fayfer (Miami).
is he сообщил, что подобное встречал только у служащих ВВС, работников
airplanes and those young people who love to listen very loudly

Lieberman tried to back up his reasoning with experiments.
on animals. is he исследовал синапсы – структуры, обеспечивающие
signal transmission between nerve and hair cells. It turned out
that even with the loss of half of the cells of Corti’s organ changes on
audiogram not recorded. It’s all about damaging those synapses
which directly help the transmission of signals to the brain.
Fortunately, Charles announced the availability of a drug for
stimulation of the restoration of destroyed synapses and that
is a shareholder of the company for its development.

Now, people just have to keep their ears, waiting
release of such a medicine. Although the researcher himself has
good for his age rumor (65 years), but some phrases are not
parses without repetition in noisy environments. Lieberman writes it off to
many years of experience using the circular saw and machine for
grinding. �”Now, says the scientist, I will definitely use earplugs
while caring for your lawn. ”

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