Hardening of children up to a year with air (airbaths)

Air hardening is the best method.
health promotion of the child. The need for fresh air in kids
higher than in adults. Accordingly, children, especially up to a year, are more
sensitive to oxygen. It is noticed that children not accustomed to
constant walks in the heat of the unventilated
rooms, poorly eaten, sluggish, feel discomfort in

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  • 1 Why do you need to harden?
    • 1.1 When to start tempering?
    • 1.2 Types of air hardening
      • 1.2.1 Air baths
      • 1.2.2 Airing the room
      • 1.2.3 Walking in the fresh air
    • 1.3 Правила проведения закаливания
    • 1.4 Стоит прекратить закаливание

закаливание новорожденного на воздухе

Why is it necessary to harden?

During hardening:

  1. the immune system is strengthened, thereby causing
    immunity of the child’s body to viral diseases.
  2. adaptation of the child’s body to changes in the external environment
    going faster.
  3. normal metabolism.
  4. thermoregulation is established.
  5. vascular response to changes in the environment
    bounces back.
  6. sleep and appetite are restored, the general condition of the child
    is improving.

When to start hardening?

Hardening should be carried out almost immediately after
Birth of a baby under the following conditions:

  • the child must be healthy;
  • The general condition of the baby is satisfactory: he sleeps well,
    good appetite, there is an increase in weight, which corresponds to
  • The district pediatrician has given you permission for hardening.

Подробнее о том как начинать закалять

Types of air hardening

закаливание newborns детей с помощью воздушных ванн

Air baths

You can begin to harden from the first days of life, arranging
baby air baths. Being in the hospital,
первое закаливание проводят при
переодевании ребенка: на несколько минут оставляют его без
diaper and clothes. This takes into account the temperature in the ward, she
should not be lower than 22-23 degrees. Since the baby just got out
environment, where the temperature is much higher, then even comfortable for
adult conditions may be unacceptable for the crumbs.

The following procedures should be performed regularly, gradually
lowering the temperature in the room and increasing
длительность закаливания. The first 6 months they are done twice
per day, starting from 3 minutes and gradually adding 1-2 minutes.
The maximum duration of the procedure should be 10-15 minutes.
After 6 months continue to take air baths in the same
mode and add another 2 minutes to each procedure, reaching
15-30 minute classes. The temperature is reduced gradually from 22
degrees to 18-20.

Airing the room

To create the optimum temperature in the room you need it.
air regularly. Свежий воздух
необходим ребенку для правильного развития. AT
кислороде дети нуждаются в несколько раз больше, чем
adults, therefore in a warm season it is better if the window leaf is
always open (of course, make sure that there are no drafts), but
in winter, during the heating season, airing is done up to 5 times per

AT отсутствие ребенка хорошо делать полное и длительное
airing the room through and through. To control the temperature in
children’s room above the cot hang a thermometer.

To maintain the optimum temperature in the summer using blinds,
curtains, fans and air conditioners. Not recommended
кондиционер в присутствие детей, это может привести к
colds. ATажно предотвращать
перегревание ребенка ночью, поэтому перед сном необходимо
airing the nursery.

AT комнате малыша, особенно до года, необходимо поддерживать
влажность воздуха, этот показатель должен быть не меньше 50 %.
Electronic humidifiers do well for this.

Walks in the open air

Нахождение на свежем воздухе необходимо малышам до
года, оно оказывает закаливающее действие, укрепляет
иммунитет детей. The first time you can go for a walk through
day after arrival from maternity hospital.

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Закаливаем малыша: воздух

Begin with a 10-minute walk, gradually increasing its
time up to 1.5-2 hours in winter and up to 2 or more hours in summer. Walk
рекомендуется не менее 2-х раз в day. In summer in good weather
the number of walks can be unlimited – the more, the
it is better. AT мороз ниже -15 С с ветром выходить гулять с
малышами до года не желательно, но если нет ветра, то можно
a few minutes to walk at -20 C. Try not
закутывать ребенка, но и не одевать слишком легко. The best thing
pick up clothes for a walk the same as yourself – on sensations.

Walking improves the work of the nervous cardiovascular system,
harden and prevent rickets, increase appetite.

Правила проведения закаливания

  • regularity and regularity of classes. Termination of procedures
    leads to a decrease in the adaptive properties of thermoregulation. Have
    малышей до года, это происходит уже после недельного
  • gradual change in temperature. Addictive to annoying
    effects in the body occurs gradually, therefore hardening
    procedures must begin with very minor changes;
  • follow the physiological and psychological
    реакцией детей. The skin on the feet and on the palms should be
    warm. Cold limbs and nose, “goose bumps” are signs of
    что ребенку некомфортно. AT этом случае не стоит пока
    lower the temperature and increase the time of procedures. If baby
    froze, naughty, need to wear it;
  • подавать детям пример (закаляйтесь вместе).

Стоит прекратить закаливание

  • in acute respiratory diseases (runny nose, sore throat and
  • at elevated temperatures (about 37 ° C and more);
  • если ребенок замерз на прогулке.

После болезни лучше начинать закаливание сначала,
again with maximum temperature and minimum time
gradually, in the same mode.

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