Hardening of children: how and at what agetemper the child (methods of tempering)

The best way to protect your baby from cold and strengthen
иммунитет — это hardening. AT современном мире еще не придумали
means more effective. The hardened child is not afraid of either
cold, no wind, no sharp temperature changes.

The content of the article

  • 1 Why need hardening
    • 1.1 How old do you start to harden the child?
  • 2 Principles of hardening
    • 2.1 Hardening air
    • 2.2 Hardening with water
    • 2.3 Hardening by the sun
    • 2.4 ATидео: 8 пунктов о закаливании ребенка
    • 2.5 Other hardening methods
    • 2.6 ice hardening
    • 2.7 Intense and contrast hardening
  • 3 Contraindications
  • 4 Доктор Комаровский: закаливание детей

This universal protection has a mass

  • does not require material costs
  • held at any time
  • does not need special conditions
  • does not require prior preparation,
  • does not take much time
  • available to everyone
  • no age limit.

закаливание ребенка

Why need hardening

Hardening тренирует immune system. In other words, it is
complex procedures aimed at preparing the body to dramatically
changing environmental conditions. How exactly: strong wind,
draft, frost, rain. When hardening increases resistance
immunity to microorganisms: bacteria and viruses.

Hardened children are less likely to get sick and more easily tolerated

How old do you start to harden the child?

To begin to harden the baby from the first days of birth.
Washing up, bathing, dressing up the baby, parents do not even suspect
that thereby train his thermoregulation.

It must be said that the child is born already prepared
to external environmental conditions. But too caring moms and
grandmothers violate this natural ability by overreacting
clothes and custody.

The sooner you start, the better. But this does not mean that if the child
turned three – five years old, then harden late. Start off
possible at any age. By following the principles and rules of hardening, you
You will achieve the same result as if you were engaged from birth.
правила закаливания детей

Principles of hardening

Often, the determining factor in tempering a child or not is
psychological unavailability of parents. Remove all fears and
doubt. And forward to a healthy lifestyle!

  1. Good mood. It is important! Hardening
    will benefit if the baby is positive. The best way
    To achieve this, play with him.
  2. Regularity. Procedures need to be carried out
    constantly. Breaks lead to a weakening of adaptation mechanisms. Have
    babies up to one year pass in 5-7 days leads to the disappearance
  3. Graduation Haveвеличивать дозировку следует
    little by little A dramatic change leads the body to shock, stressful
  4. Individual approach. If the baby is sick or
    after the hospital, with hardening you need to wait. Children with weak
    immunity hardened on an individual schedule, sparing.
  5. Haveчет возрастных особенностей. Every age
    corresponds to the limit on the duration of tempering
    procedures and the range of permissible temperatures. Not
    overdo it!


Hardening воздухом

The most affordable way. Apply from birth. And the first
where to start – stop wrapping up the baby.

Remove the excess vest. Additional
clothes lead to the fact that the adaptive mechanisms of the child
weaken. His body gets used to the “greenhouse conditions”, and
the slightest decrease in temperature leads to hypothermia.

Regular airing. Hold since
of birth. Летом форточки должны быть открыты constantly. Draft
not allowed. The optimal temperature in the room for the baby
+ 20— + 22 ° С.

AT холодное время года комнаты проветривают по 15 минут 5—6 раз в
day. Do it in the absence of a child. The best effect is through

ATоздушные ванны. Conducted from the first days
birth When dressing newborn baby leave
2-3 minutes naked. Once every two weeks increase the time by 1-2
minutes For half a year, 10 minutes is acceptable. After six months time
increase to 15 minutes. ATоздушные ванны делают 2—3 раза в день при
room temperature.

There are warm baths (+ 20 ° С), cool (+ 17— + 19 ° С) and
cold (+ 15 ° С).

  • 0—3 years apply warm,
  • 3-4 years make cool,
  • 5-6 years allowed the use of cold baths.

This procedure is carried out in combination with physical activity.
Newborn kids mom makes exercises or massage. With kids
it is better to play older (for example, a ball), to make simple
exercise or give the opportunity to move (jump,
run around).

Walking With good weather, walk after
discharge from the hospital. In the summer of 20 minutes or more. Walking places
better to choose away from the roadway. If possible,
walk in nature: in the forest, in the meadow, in the shadow of the alley.

In autumn, winter, cold spring in calm weather to walk
start from 15 minutes, gradually increasing the time to 1-1.5 hours.
Infants are allowed to walk no lower than -10 ° C.

A child of preschool age needs to be outdoors in the summer
possible more often. In winter, it is permissible to walk up to -15 ° С, duration
1-2 hours.

Both infants and preschoolers should go outdoors twice a day:
in the first half of the day and after lunch.

Walking under adverse conditions. Good
The tempering effect is given by walks in any weather. Start them
after 1.5-2 years. The child is taken out in cloudy, windy weather on
3-5 minutes. In this case, the baby must actively move in order not to
get cold. Excess blouses do not wear.

It is allowed to walk with a preschooler (3-6 years old) and in a light rain,
and in the snow and wind. The main rule is to gradually increase
stay up to 15-20 minutes, and monitor the condition of the child
(so as not to overheat and not supercool).

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air (air baths)

Hardening водой


Special joy children deliver water procedures. Besides,
that it is useful for immunity, the water also has a soothing

Haveмывание. Делают с of birth. Initially
water temperature take + 28 ° C. Gradually (every 2-3 weeks) her
reduced by 1-2 ° C, by half a year brought to + 25 ° C, by the year to
+ 20 ° С.

Haveмывание проводится ежедневно по утрам, перед сном и по
of necessity. Baby wipe first face, then handles.

Preschool children reduce the water temperature:

  • 3-4 years – up to + 18 ° С
  • 5-6 years old – up to + 16 ° С

Rubdown Begin with 6 months. For this
take a soft mitten (or towel) and moisten in water + 35 ° C.
Wipe the child in the sequence: arms, legs, back, chest and
tummy. After, wipe dry. Temperature every 2 weeks
reduced by 1-2 degrees and adjusted to + 28 ° C.


  1. General douche. Делают с of birth. Every time after bathing
    the baby is raised above the bath back up and poured water on
    for a few seconds. The main rule is water temperature.
    should be a couple of degrees less than in the bath.
  2. Local douche. Recommended from 2 years of age. Baby
    within 20-30 seconds watered the feet. Initially температуру воды
    take + 30 ° C. Every 2 weeks it is reduced by a couple of degrees. AT 4 года
    a temperature of + 18 ° C is allowed, by 5-6 years it is brought to +
    16 ° C.

Cool shower. After 3 years general douche
replace the shower. Starting from a temperature of + 35– + 36 ° C, water gradually
reduce to + 26 ° C. Duration – a few seconds. After
procedures of the child wipe dry and dress.

Swimming in open water. Valid with
early age. Bathing babies in the summer in rivers, lakes, the sea can
at a temperature not lower than + 22 ° С of water. Start with 1-2 minutes
systematically increasing to 5-8.

Children 3-5 years allowed swimming at water temperature
+ 19— + 20 ° С, and increase the time to 10 minutes.

Hardening солнцем

закаливание новорожденного на воздухе

ATолшебное солнышко:

  • Warns rickets.
  • Has an antimicrobial effect.
  • Increases immunity to colds

And gives a good mood!

Walking in the sun. Infants in
summer weather begins to walk with 2 minutes under the scattered rays
the sun. Gradually (once every 3-4 days) parents increase their time by
1-2 minutes and adjusted to 10-15.

Sun baths Until year not spend
recommend. Toddler stripped to her panties, and allow you to play on
the sun.


  • 1-3 years – 5-10 minutes
  • 3-7 years – 10-15 minutes.

It is advisable to carry out such procedures near the water source.
Good закаливающий эффект дают солнечные ванны в сочетании с
douche. First, the baby basks in the sun, then his
обрызгивают water

Hardening проводится в первой половине дня до 11.00, и во
the second – after 16.00. When the sun is not at its peak,
in order to avoid burns. The child must be the head
a hat

AT жару свыше +30°С закаливающие процедуры не проводят.

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in the sun – the rules

ATидео: 8 пунктов о закаливании ребенка

Other hardening methods

Harden both the entire body and its individual parts: the feet
feet throat. You can use household items, for example,

  • Hardening сквозняком (или
    Begin after 3 years. Procedure
    проводят при температуре воздуха + 20— + 22 ° С. Child put on
    distance of 6 meters from the fan in light clothing. Speed
    movement of the blades is minimal. Begin with 20 seconds, while the baby
    must toss and turn to blow off from all sides.
    Gradually (1 time in 2 weeks) increase the time and speed
    fan scroll;
  • Полоскание горла холодной water With 3 years.
    Initially температуру воды делают в +25°С. Every four days her
    reduced by 1 ° C, and adjusted to 8 ° C. The baby should put water in its mouth.
    and prolong the sound aaaa. After чего выплюнуть.
    Procedure повторяют несколько раз;
  • Barefoot. Practiced since
    the baby started walking. At a floor surface temperature of + 18 ° C, baby
    walks in socks. A week later, the socks are removed, and he runs 3-7 minutes
    barefoot. In the summer it is useful to walk on the sand, grass, pebbles.

Hardening льдом

  • Resorption Notбольшой кубик замороженного
    decoction of calendula or chamomile, put the child in the mouth and offer
    dissolve like a lollipop. After 30 seconds, remove. ATремя каждые 4
    days increase by 10 seconds and adjusted to 2 minutes. It can be
    frozen berries, syrup;
  • Wiping heels. Valid with three years. AT
    for a few seconds before bedtime, the child’s feet are rubbed
    pieces of ice. After that, wipe dry and put on socks.
    The procedure is carried out 2 times a day.

Intense and contrast hardening

ATсе вышеперечисленные методы относятся к умеренному закаливанию.
AT основе которого лежит принцип постепенности. But there are
more extreme ways. For example, intense and contrasting
hardening. AT основе этих методов лежит резкая смена температуры с
large range, for a short time.

Интенсивное hardening. The essence of this method is
short-term contact of the body with frost, snow, ice

This includes:

  • Pouring water on extremely low temperatures;
  • Rubdown with snow;
  • Dipping in ice hole in winter.

These are quite extreme ways of hardening. Their not
recommended for children of preschool age. Although
some active parents practice even with babies
well enough.

Контрастное hardening. More gentle
procedure. It is based on an alternate, abrupt change in temperature from
a big difference.

For example:

  • Dipping feet in warm or cold water;
  • Cold and hot shower.


Signs and diseases for which tempering activities do not

  • The negative attitude of the child to the procedures;
  • Malaise, fever above normal;
  • Signs of a cold;
  • Intestinal diseases;
  • Increased irritability (hyperactivity);
  • Acquired (decompensated) heart disease;
  • Depletion of the body;
  • Low hemoglobin;
  • Diseases of the epidermis (skin);
  • Respiratory disorders.

Each parent is worried about their own child, but sometimes these
fears do more harm than good. To warn
Cold, do not wear extra blouses and pants, and train
immune system. In other words – temper your health!

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newborn baby. Hardening rules and methods

Доктор Комаровский: закаливание детей

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