Hand dryers are full of harmful germs

Update: February 2019

The modern edition of the Journal of Hospital Infection has published
data from new research scientists from Britain. According to their information to all
famous hand dryers are not as harmless as they seem at first
sight. These devices contain a lot of harmful to humans.
microbes, and using them makes it easier to spread

For the study of British scientists took about
120 tests. The experiment involved airborne
electrical appliances for hands, as well as ordinary paper towels.
A group of researchers imitated a situation where the hands were
contaminated with lactobacilli (genus Lactobacillus), although these
microorganisms are not characteristic of the flora of public toilets.


After using electrical devices, scientists collected samples.
air masses in diameter of 1-2 meters from them. In the ambient air
Representatives of the Lactobacillus genus were found, namely those that
�”Polluted” hands.

Also curious were the results of counting the number
bacteria found:

  • The air near the dryers contains 4.5 times more germs than
    near ordinary dryers.
  • In air masses near paper towels of microorganisms
    was 27 times less than about the studied devices.

In addition, airflow disperses bacterial
microorganisms and on those people who just stand there at the moment
device operation. In this case, the most dangerous to operate the dryer,
suggesting the lowering of hands in them. Least harmful
device – paper napkins. Intermediate position
occupy the device with the lower stream of air.

According to the results of the British experiment, we can conclude that
to maintain your health, it’s better to use paper
towels. In some cases it is even more convenient than electric.

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