Growth table for a newborn baby

The growth of a newborn baby, like his weight, often worries
parents. This is not surprising, because it is often judged by him, all
Do well with the baby.

Рост новорожденного ребенка

Рост новорожденного ребенка

Данные WHO

A few years ago, WHO introduced new rates of increase in
growth of children in the form of tables. The data used before
were collected a long time ago, and contained information about the babies,
who fed on the mixture.

Studies have shown that babies who get milk grow and
gaining weight a little slower than the kids who eat the mixture.
The emergence and spread of high standards for weight gain and
growth is harmful because such high rates can
promote overfeeding babies receiving the mixture.

Growth table

The growth of the newborn child in the table compiled by WHO,
different for girls and for boys. The table contains several
columns that show the growth of the child from very low to
very high. Both very low and very tall
are quite rare and are indications for full
examinations of the child, possibly to identify diseases and
treatment prescriptions. Так, средний рост для девочек
delivers 46.1 cm, very short stature – 43.6 cm, very tall
рост– 54, 7 см.
Те же данные для мальчиков
составляют 49,9 см, 44,2 см и 55,66 см соответственно
собирала данных по доношенным детям, помимо анализа роста
the newborn baby was also estimated head circumference and

рост таблица

Growth table до года (клик для

Сразу после рождения крохи врачи определяют соотношение роста и
веса (этот параметр носит название «Индекс
»). According to him, the doctor judged the development of the child to
birth: about whether he was getting enough nutrients
well developed. Для определения индекса нужны вес и рост
новорожденного ребенка, таблица с этими данными, по которой
compare indicators. The weight of the newborn is divided into height, it turns out
двузначное число (нормальным показателем является
). All this is true only for a child who
was full term and was born on time. For premature babies
development will be different.


Special attention is paid to growth during the first year of life.
baby It is believed that the growth of the baby is greater than others.
parameters, indicates the development of the child, when calculating use
формулы, учитывающие возраст ребенка, рост, иногда – и weight.
Считается, что ребенок с хорошим развитием набирает около
25 сантиметров за первые 12 месяцев

What affects the growth of the child?

What affects growth? First of all, heredity: high
parents children in the first year of life may be higher than their peers.
Lagging behind growth may be due to poor nutrition (inadequate, not
by age, unbalanced), and also due to some
possible developmental abnormalities that may be established
additional examination.

So, growth is one of the indicators of the development of a baby who
says a lot as after the birth of the crumbs, and after it.
To determine height, more precisely, to relate height and weight, it is important, therefore
the pediatrician during the planned polyclinic premises
замеряет рост и взвешивает baby If growth lags behind indicators
or ahead of them slightly, do not worry, this
completely normal. If the discrepancy is large, install
reasons and choose a treatment, if needed, will help the doctor.

And, of course, we should not forget that the numbers are good, but the most
the main thing is the baby’s well-being, his physical development.

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