“Growing meat”: trademarks that have not passedexpert verification

Experts of the expert center of the Consumer Union “Roskontrol”
checked 6 samples of the pork neck of Promagro trademarks,
“Ostankino”, “Auchan / Filye”, “Miratorg”, “Cherkizovo”, Selgros.
The results were disappointing: 4 samples were in black
list, and 1 – in the list with comments.

  • Meat “Auchan / Flier” turned out to be stale: the content of volatile
    fatty acids was 6.87 mg KOH / 25 g. In meat and broth from it
    there was a slight smell of stuffiness.
  • Meat brands “Promagro”, “Ostankino” and “Cherkizovo” were in
    “Black list”, because samples were treated with salt solutions
    inorganic and organic food acids that cause
    swelling of muscle tissue. These components were not listed in
  • In pork neck “Miratorg” and “Cherkizovo” revealed traces

"Growing meat": trademarks that have not passedexpert verificationIf processing is performed on special equipment, with
compliance with all technological requirements, and food additives
have the necessary documentation, there is no harm to health. But the norm
This, too, cannot be called: information that meat
packed with weight gain, no packaging, product
is falsified.


If the manufacturer performs technological operations
artisanal, without appropriate conditions, the products are already dangerous for
health Despite the fact that all the treated samples
meat had satisfactory microbiological indicators,
call it quality can not.

For purchase, Selgros pork neck is recommended, despite
unreliable nutritional labeling (it identified 71
% more protein and 73% less fat than stated).

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