Group games for a children’s holiday

Children’s holidays are unthinkable without entertainment. Group games
create an atmosphere of fun and diversity. Therefore, adults should
Take care in advance about the entertainment program. Proposed
A selection of games and contests will help to organize a large leisure
companies of children of preschool age.


�“Find the ball!”

The game requires a spacious room without traumatic items and
furniture with sharp corners. Tie the eyes of the children and put in a circle.
Choose a lead, give him a ball or another small one.
thing. After the lead throw the ball in the unknown
direction, the children should determine by the sound the place of the fall and
find him. Victory and leading place goes to the one who first
will find a ball.


The game will need small multicolored balls of yarn
same size and pencils. Divide the game participants into pairs.
Give one of the participants of the pair a ball, another – a pencil. By
the team lead one children hold pencils, others rewind to
they thread with balls. Byбедителем считается та пара, которая быстрее
all rewound the thread on the pencil. Then repeat the contest
on the contrary, winding a ball of thread. Additional prize can be
give to the participants who have the most accurate


This fun game develops attention, observation and speed.
reaction. Think of a word, for example, “cucumber” and
explain to the children that they must speak in response to all questions
this word. Byочередно задавайте разнообразные вопросы: «Что у тебя
in your pocket? “,” What did you eat for breakfast? “,” What does he call you
mom? ”etc. The one who went astray and incorrectly answered the question
out of the game. The most attentive player is awarded a prize in
which can be used cucumber.

�”Lambs on the path”

This outdoor game is more intended for
boys Several pairs of boys can take part in it, and
the winners in pairs will fight for the prize among themselves. Draw a
chalk or felt-tip pen flat line and position opponents on both
sides (if you play in the room, then of course draw nothing
нужно :) ) Мальчики должны расставить широко ноги, наклониться и
to lean against each other foreheads. Hands should be kept behind
back. The goal of the game is to confront each other as long as possible,
without leaving your seat.


For the competition need toy trucks and plastic glasses.
Tie ropes of the same length to the cars and put them in the body
glasses filled with water. Invite participants to overcome with
load a certain distance. Byбедителем будет считаться тот, кто
the first will come to the finish and take more water.


Byложите на пол перед каждым участником по газетной страничке.
The kids’ task is to crumple a ball out of a newspaper, which
fits in fist. Byбедит самый быстрый участник. Made in
During the game, “snowballs” children will be able to throw in an improvised basket and
into each other.


Prepare in advance for the game “foliage”. It can be cut from
newspapers or colored paper. Draw a large circle on the floor and
Put in the center of the child who will be chosen as a janitor. Rest
participants of the game are located outside the circle and on the team
begin to throw leaves in a circle. The task of the janitor – for
a certain period of time sweep away all the leaves for the line.
The participant who will have time to completely clean their

�”Young artists”

Give the children markers and sheets of cardboard or drawing paper,
pre-cutting holes in their hands. Participants must
put on “easels” and, without looking in the mirror, draw
self portrait Give the most talented artist a reward
a prize.

In addition to the great pleasure and fun that children receive in
group games, they acquire useful skills and
develop physically.

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