Гриб веселка: лечебные сinйства, применение, какlooks like taking

Update: October 2018

Гриб веселка обыкновенная – это доinльно необычный шляпочный
гриб-гастеромицет, относящийся к порядку Фаллюсовые и ATеселковые и
классу базидиомицеты, достигающий высоты до 30 см. AT народе этому
необычному грибу присinено несколько названий, таких как «яйцо
ведьм», «выскочка», «срамотник», «чёртоin яйцо».

There are real legends about Veselka. Believed to be capable of
heal from all diseases, including cancer, and people
которые употребляют его в пищу, inобще ничем не болеют. But,
even though the mushroom is edible, treat similar
care should be taken, especially for patients with
severe diseases: by refusing traditional treatment, you can
lose valuable time and significantly start the disease.

Несмотря на inспеваемые в народных трактатах и фанатами
фунготерапии чудодейственные сinйства этого организма, отдавать
a preference for a similar medical technique follows a hundred times

Morphological description

Even in the photo of the mushroom you can see its unusual shape, which
it takes in a mature form.

Молодое плодоinе тело имеет форму яйца диаметром до 6 см, в
the basis of which there is mycelial tyazh white color. ATнешне
It is similar to a rain cover, but differs from the latter by a softer one.
texture. Some people compare the egg with overripe
слиinй. The shell, called peridium, is smooth and leathery, has
white color (sometimes cream). The flesh is gelatinous and
characterized by a rare odor.

ATо время созревания перидий разрывается на 2-3 части (примерно
one week after sprouting eggs). Of яйца прорастает плодоinе
body which is represented by a knife-like recipe
cylindrical, hollow inside and with spongy yellow walls
or white. Body size is 12-25 cm in height (sometimes
up to 30 cm) and 2-4 cm in width.

At the top of the leg there is a bell-shaped cap, height
4-5 cm. The hat has a cellular surface and is covered with mucous
глебой темно-оливкоinго цвета. On top of the cap there is a thick disc with
hole. Spores are 3.5–5 by 1.5–2 µm in size, smooth
surface, ellipsoid-cylindrical shape and yellowish color.
A distinctive feature of a mature mushroom is the unpleasant smell of rot,
carrion, which is very strong.

Большинстin источников указывают еще одну особенность веселки –
it is the rate of its growth, which is the fastest in nature and
reaches 5 mm in 1 minute! According to this indicator, an unusual organism
ahead of the famous record holder for growth – bamboo. Turns out that
a full-fledged mushroom is able to grow, as they say, in front of, for
some 15-30 minutes, but it also “lives” not for long, only 2-3 days.

Где произрастает ATеселка

Before you go in search of miracle remedies from everyone
diseases, you should clearly know what a mushroom looks like, since its
can be confused with the inedible kind Veselka Hadrian.

ATстречается повсеместно, однако найти его доinльно сложно.
Prefers deciduous and mixed forests rich in humus,
и произрастает в Европе, Сибири, на Кавказе, Дальнем ATостоке.

ATеселка может быть сапрофитом либо формирует микоризу с буком,
Oak, shallows, bushes. Spores are spread by insects,
which attracts the smell of fungus. Grows both singly and
in groups from May to October. ATероятность найти гриб увеличивается к
end of June when mycelium activity reaches a maximum.

AT последнее время найти веселку все сложнее и сложнее. People,
who are able to prepare dosage forms for sale, hurry
collect valuable fungus and do not allow it to multiply, and not collected
only eggs and mature fungus, but also the immature spores that have
сильнейшие лечебные сinйства. And the mushroom protects itself from gathering and not
grows in the same place.

Collecting and harvesting

And for food and for medicinal purposes, a joystick is harvested,
when she is in the egg stage. After collecting the mushroom can not be washed,
you can only gently clean the dirt with a damp cloth.

In order to get dry raw materials, the egg is cut in half,
thread through the halves, leaving a small distance between
chunks, and hang for drying in a ventilated and dark
indoors. Dry mushrooms are placed in a glass jar and very tight
closed, stored in a dark place up to 2 years.

Medicinal value

Лечебные сinйства гриба веселки определяют его ценность и
inзможны благодаря богатому составу:

  • большое количестin активных фитонцидов, которые эффективно
    fight against all known types of viruses and bacteria, including
    active against influenza virus, hepatitis and herpes;
  • polysaccharides are stimulants of lymphocyte production and
    perforin proteins, which are the main elements of the immune system
    protection and able to fight even cancer cells;
  • phytosteroids have a positive effect on male genital
  • minerals and amino acids have a positive effect on skin
    покров, способствуют быстрому заживлению и rejuvenate кожу;
  • антиоксиданты выinдят сinбодные радикалы, rejuvenate
    an organism.

It also has a natural antihistamine effect,
perfectly removes irritation and swelling, stops development
allergic reactions. In addition to increasing the activity of the immune
system, chelny reduces sensitivity to pathogens of a number
diseases and pathogenic external stimuli. That is why
drugs from the fungus are considered the most effective in the treatment so far
incurable disease – AIDS.

Contraindications of the fungus, drug interactions and special

According to the sources of folk healers, contraindications to treatment
almost no fun, except for individual intolerance.
Drugs based on it can be combined with all drugs, and
also with other mushrooms and medicinal plants.

In the treatises of traditional medicine it is indicated that a bow is not desirable.
use for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children under 5 years old – for some
sources up to 12 years old (actually, like any other mushrooms).

It should also be borne in mind that veselka and preparations from it include
to the strongest aphrodisiacs, so the measure in her
use With an overdose in men, death is observed.
hair follicles, baldness occurs, so it is very important to comply
recommendations for admission.


The use of fungus Veselka has almost no restrictions. how
say knowledgeable people, fungus under the force of any disease,
the main thing is to strictly follow the dosage and treatment regimen.

The most common indications for treating fungus fungi

  • benign neoplasms: adenomas, cysts and
  • malignant tumors: melanomas, leukemia, sarcoma and
  • liver disease;
  • kidney disease;
  • gastritis and YABZH;
  • diseases of the small and large intestine;
  • tuberculosis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • thrombophlebitis;
  • diseases of the lymphatic system;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • joint diseases;
  • varicose veins;
  • gout;
  • blood diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • female inflammatory diseases;
  • purulent, non-healing wounds;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • general breakdown;
  • sexual dysfunction in men;
  • infertility.

The use of therapeutic fungus Veselka against cancer

The most valuable and relevant feature of the hare is activity
against cancer cells and benign tumors that carry
the threat of rebirth.

Old recipe for cancer:

Collect the ball with the egg, wipe it off with dirt, but
do not wash. At 3 liters jar will need 6 pieces of mushrooms – they are put in
jar and poured vodka of good quality, insist in the dark
place for 10 days.

Mode of application:

Take every day three times, 1 tablespoon. Immediately after taking
Drugs need to drink 1 raw egg.

Dosage Forms

Let us consider how to take a veil for medicinal purposes.

  • Water tincture helps remove excess cholesterol and
    lower blood pressure, shown in the treatment of gastrointestinal tract;
  • Fresh mushrooms, which are taken as a salad with sour cream,
    are excellent prophylactic against cancer;
  • Dried mushroom (half) helps not to get sick in the period
    flu epidemics (just eat once a day);
  • Alcohol (vodka) tincture helps to get rid of
    from almost any disease.

Recipe for psoriasis, ulcers and skin cancer:

Take 100 grams of fresh mushrooms, finely chop, and 10 grams dry
mushrooms. Insist them in 200 ml of alcohol for 2 weeks, you can and more
(it is considered that the more cost, the more effective). Of
unfiltered infusion make gadgets that are applied to
affected areas 2 times a day.

Universal Tincture

This tincture is universal and can be taken when
any disease in which the fungus is able to provide healing
effect, and most often with diseases of internal organs and blood vessels.
The healing properties of the tincture are really strong – in time.
insisting the mushroom gives the liquid everything useful, and vodka is the best
preservative, preserving the activity of these substances.

The use of tincture of fungus Veselka leads to:

  • activation of antitumor immunity;
  • removing cholesterol and normalizing pressure;
  • healing of internal and external ulcers, wounds;
  • the destruction of viruses;
  • resolving latent infections and chronic diseases;
  • restoration of sexual and reproductive function.

Take 50 grams of fresh mushrooms, chop and pour 1 glass of vodka,
Put in the fridge for 2-3 weeks, do not decant.

how принимать гриб веселка

Take tincture should be 1 tsp. 2 times a day before meals. AT
Other sources indicate a different scheme:

  • 1-10 день, 15-24 день —  по 1 ч.л. three times a day. before meals,
    seizing 1 spoon of honey or drinking 1 raw egg;
  • 11-13 day – break;
  • 14, 29 day – also, as in 1-10 day, only on 1 st.l.
  • 25-28 day – break.

After a two-week break, repeat the reception according to the scheme 1-10 days
and take 14 days.

Recipes of use for skin and mucous membranes:

  • For the treatment of external diseases lubricate the affected areas.
    several times a day.
  • In acute sinus and runny nose, the tincture is also applied externally.
    on the skin in the area of ​​the projection of the maxillary sinuses.
  • For the treatment of cervical erosion, the fungus tincture is mixed with
    water extract of chamomile 1: 2, soaked them with a tampon and injected in
    vagina all night 5-7 days in a row.


  • Jelly свежего гриба в стадии яйца, которым следует смазывать
    skin 2-3 times a day, very helpful in treating all skin
    diseases, including wounds, allergic rash, psoriasis.
  • Jelly mask improves skin and reduces visibility
    wrinkles. Jelly наносят на лицо и смывают через 15 минут, если кожа
    dry, the mask is made from jelly and sour cream in a 1: 1 ratio.

Fresh mushroom (in egg stage)

  • Slime of fresh mushroom, spread on a piece of bread, will help quickly
    remove toxic components in any poisoning.
  • Half a fresh mushroom, which is eaten on an empty stomach 1 time a day,
    helps normalize blood sugar.

ATодный настой

ATзять 1 ч.л. dried chopped mushrooms and pour 1 cup
горячей inды, настоять 8 ч в темноте и процедить. Drink three times in
день before meals, по трети стакана при заболеваниях ЖКТ.


There are various dietary supplements, external forms of mushroom – cream,
candles, powder, capsules, but their effectiveness can be checked
only during the “tests” on themselves – it is believed that dietary supplements can not
harm or cause poisoning, but action is

Side effects

Subject to the dose and frequency of receiving fun Veselkov
treatment is generally well tolerated. Ofредка inзможны сбои в работе
ЖКТ, такие как вздутие жиinта, тошнота, диарея, при развитии
which receive fungus stop.

Оставляйте сinи отзывы о грибе веселка, а также проверенные
recipes that have helped you or your loved ones.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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