Greens prevent heart disease andsudden death

Update: February 2019

The beneficial properties of ordinary greens, as well as fruits and vegetables are still
more extensive than we think now. These gifts of nature are capable
reduce the risk of heart disease, as well as sudden death from
cardiovascular accidents. A similar conclusion was made by the group.
scientists led by Andrew Mende (McMaster University, Canada). About
the opening was reported by the European Society of Cardiology.

Experiment on the study of the beneficial effects of green

  1. Information obtained during past research papers, namely
    the fact that a person should consume 400-800 grams of vegetables and fruits
    and lettuce per day.
  2. The state of economic development of many countries around
    the world, not just the countries of Europe and the United States of America. It was
    involved 18 states collected from seven regions.

Doctors analyzed the food habits of 136,000 people,
whose age ranged from 35-70 years. All of them for
the eight-year term was daily marked in writing his
approximate ration. Of course, scientists were interested in fruits, vegetables and
greens among all listed products.

The experiment recorded 5,796 deaths, of which
almost 2,000 cases occurred due to heart disease and
vessels. Also, the destabilization of the heart due to one or another of its
the disease led to 5,000 hospital admissions. Doctors
it was possible to establish that even 4 servings (350-500 grams) of products,
containing fiber, significantly reduced the risk of death and
heart disease.

The head of the experiment focused on the fact that even
eating less green is still positive
affected the heart muscle and blood vessels, improving the prognosis by 18%. You
you can eat a couple of apples, some beans or a cucumber salad and
tomatoes a day and already spend part of preventive measures.
This is especially true for fresh vegetables and fruits that have not been
heat treatment.

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