Green tea during pregnancy can be harmfulfor good health

Update: February 2019

Recent research reports override praise
reviews on the beneficial properties of green tea, especially when
of pregnancy. Therefore, lovers drink more than 2 cups of green tea
should reconsider their attitude to this drink.

Independent experts in the United States arrived at the same conclusion and
Of Spain. Researchers at the University of New Jersey point out that
green tea increases polyphenols, which increase
processes of liver fibrosis

As well as people taking warfarin should take into account that
the decrease in the effectiveness of wafarin has an effect
Vitamin K content in green tea. This increases the risk
the occurrence of venous thrombosis, which is especially important for people to consider when
varicose veins of the lower extremities.


In Spain at the University of Murcia, in the center of John Innes
experts also found that this popular drink in its
The composition has a large number of gallate epigallocatechin, whose
excess reduces the digestibility of vitamin B9, i.e. folic

Зеленый чай при беременности

Therefore, green tea during pregnancy should be limited. This
fact should be taken into account and young women seeking to become pregnant
and already pregnant women, because during these periods the need for
folic acid increases significantly, and its deficiency can
reflect on the appearance of defects of the neural tube in the fetus.

This цитостатик — галлат эпигаллокатехина близок по составу к
methotrexate, which also has antifolate action and can
Replace the correct enzymes needed interacting with
methotrexate, leading to a reduction in folic acid production, so
necessary woman before conceiving and in the first trimester
pregnancy (see folic acid during pregnancy). Especially not
green tea should be consumed by pregnant women. Cm
also harm to tea bags.

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