Green stools with mucus

The appearance of a baby green chair worries many
mom Chair crumbs, which eats the mixture is different from the chair
a child who eats breast milk: such a stool is darker, more
rare, thicker and foul-smelling. In other words, he
like a chair adults.

Зеленый стул у грудного ребенка

Зеленый стул

If the baby is green стул

Breast-fed babies often stain the diaper, chair
has a bright yellow color, or slightly darker, without an unpleasant smell.
The stool consistency, homogeneous or not, may contain cheesy
grains. If you leave a diaper for a while, you can see
that gradually its color changes to green. This is a variant of the norm and
should not bother parents. The cause of greenish feces
may also become bilirubin, which is gradually derived from
the body is with feces.

Also, if an infant has a green stool, it depends
mom’s food. If mum eats food of green color – spinach, parsley
and dill, broccoli – this can affect the color of the baby’s chair.
The same applies to crumbs that already receive vegetables – after
a good portion of broccoli for lunch baby go to the diaper mass
greenish color.

If the baby is green стул с пеной, нужно
рассказать об этом врачу
. Such a chair is a sign that
the baby gets only the “front” milk. Such nutrition is more liquid and
less fatty than milk, which the baby gradually sucks
after 3-5 minutes at the chest. Such food is dangerous because the crumbs are not
enough lactase (it is produced in the body crumbs in
relatively small amount), gases begin to torment him, and
the contents of the diaper becomes green and frothy.


Mom of such a baby can be advised to establish the correct
breastfeeding: do not breastfeed too quickly. Besides,
Sometimes there are cases when mother’s breasts produce large
the amount of milk the baby just does not have time to get to the back
milk, which is more fat, is fed up. In this case
Experts advise to give to change the breast when feeding less. AND,
finally, when lactase deficiency occurs, with which
manages to cope with the measures described above, the pediatrician writes out
special enzymes that need to be diluted in breast milk and
give at the beginning of feeding. Before that, the pediatrician will ask for a pass.
special analyzes. Thus, the appearance of a green stool in
infant can be a sign of lactase

Читаем подробно о зеленом стуле у новорожденных на ГВ и на

In the stool baby slime

Having a baby’s green stool with mucus can become
одним из признаков дисбактериоза. In addition to green
stools, parents may notice a skin rash, a baby may
to disturb colic, sleep disorder, it can become restless.
If a baby has a green stool with mucus, and also if
попадаются кровянистые фрагменты – это повод немедленно
набрать телефон врача и проконсультироваться
. More about
dysbacteriosis …

Greens in the chair of the baby who eats the mixture may appear
from the fact that the child does not fit this mixture. Its worth changing
(of course, under the supervision of a pediatrician) and pay attention to the reaction
the body of the child. Another possible reason for greenery is
iron, which is contained in some mixtures. So, the main thing is not
the color of the chair, and the well-being of the baby. If the baby is green
the chair and while it is active, cheerful, does not suffer from pain in
tummy – most likely, nothing terrible happens. If
the child is lethargic, often crying, long time he spit up, sleep is disturbed – it is worth
tell the health worker about it, because the green shade can
mean serious illness. Green color in the stool and foam is
also the reason to check with the doctor whether everything is in order ..

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