Green snot in an infant

Любая болезнь, даже если это обычные сопли и грудничка –
This is a serious reason for excitement among many young people.
parents. If we are talking about a newborn, reasons for excitement
parents, of course, have, since such babies have even the most
A common disease can lead to serious complications. If
baby green snot, this is a sign of the disease.

Green snot in an infant

Green snot in an infant

If малыша появляются сопли (бесцветные), родители должны
understand that they can be caused by a virus, so you should rather
show the newborn to the doctor. Runny nose in newborn babies
different from the adult rhinitis because the infant nasal
moves much narrower, and possible swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose in
crumbs can arise much faster. (See article: Runny nose
infant baby)

Если же носик забит, дышать крохе трудно, сопли густые и
– это признаки того, что к вирусу
добавилась и бактериальная инфекция
. Course first
advice to give parents in such a situation is to call
поликлинику и спешить показать ребенка врачу. In the meantime, the doctor in
ways worth considering what can be done to help
to the newborn and make the snot bother him as much as possible

Necessarily necessary and important:

  • Moisten and prevent overdrying of indoor air,
    где  находится ребенок. Humid air is a guarantee that
    mucus in the nose dries less and it is easier for the baby to breathe.
  • To clean the crumb nose from mucus. Runny nose in babies is very
    painful, since it’s impossible to suck milk with a clogged nose,
    therefore, mucus from the nose must be removed. In the house where there is
    baby, there must be an aspirator, the best – by age
    (the one that is designed for infants) and with interchangeable nozzles.
    (См статью: Как почистить носик новорожденному ребенку
    aquamaris, pear, aspirator)
  • It is very useful to moisturize the baby’s nose with saline.
    (solution of sea or table salt), especially if snot
    thickener and poorly separated. It can be purchased at the pharmacy, you can
    get by adding a little salt to the hot boiled water.
    Overdose from such a solution is impossible to achieve, in order
    to make it easier to drip the baby’s nose, use the pipette
    or aspirator in the form of a pear (you need to type a full aspirator
    saline solution for a better head, and literally add a couple of drops in
    one nostril, then the other). (See article: How to bury
    nose drops for a newborn)

Очень важно при появлении насморка или, того хуже, зеленых
snot in infants, to understand what parents do not need.

It is not necessary and even dangerous:

  • Try to prescribe baby treatment yourself.
  • Try to drip breast milk into the nose of a son or daughter
    sometimes advised. Advisors focus on the following:
    breast milk is full of different beneficial substances that
    must deal with a cold. It is worth remembering that any
    milk is the best medium for bacteria to tell you.
    �“Thank you” for such a celebration of life.
  • Strongly heat or warm the room at the first sign
    runny nose Dry and hot air leads to this: mucous
    nose dry up even more, snot dry out and cope with them
    getting harder.
  • Try to drip preparations to your baby that are not prescribed
    ORZ, and with allergies. This is dangerous because it can cause swelling in crumbs.
    mucous membrane.
  • To drip to the kid the medication is too old or give

Medical care and good care will quickly cure your cold.

Green snot: Do I need to take antibiotics? – Doctor

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