Green light helps to cope with migraines

Update: February 2019

Green light contributes to a significant reduction in photophobia
the appearance of a migraine, helps to overcome the pain during
headache. So say scientists from the medical center
Beth Israel, who belongs to Harvard University. it
very serious discovery that will allow to develop a methodology
treatment of migraine, not taking pills, and help finally
understand the basis of the effect of migraine.


Scientists have taken this data as a basis. They decided that if
to block the blue spectrum, it will lead to the solution of the problem.
Only this time to conduct experiments need to see
patients who normally perceive colors.

The researchers worked on a group of subjects who
there was an acute form of migraine, different colors of different
intensity and recorded all the testimony of people. As a result of experience
it was found that high intensity light is significantly
increases pain, regardless of color range, except green, it
20% reduces the appearance of migraine.

Scientists have tried to understand why this is happening, what it is
related. They studied the electromagnetic signals that send
different colors and found out that green gives the smallest
response, and red and blue – the biggest. As a result, received
data scientists have begun to develop a special lamp that shines
only green light as well as original glasses that
block all colors except green.

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