Gray hair: the causes of early gray hair, treatment,how to get rid

Update: October 2018

Early gray hair is an aesthetic phenomenon when gray hair
appear at a young age: up to 25 years of Caucasians, and up to 30 years
in people of the Negroid race. Approximately 40 years of hair almost
completely discolored.

Gray hair at an early age is usually not related to general
aging of the body and are the result of adverse
internal and external disrupting factors
melanocyte cells.

Not all delve into the root causes of early gray hair, regularly
they dye their hair and forget about the problem, whereas the symptom
may indicate internal pathological changes in
the body. Identify the cause of early gray hair is not easy.

To do this, a person should consult a trichologist,
endocrinologist, pass a study at the level of trace elements and
vitamins in hair and blood, as well as the level of thyroid hormones
железы (см. также причины выпадения волос у женщин).

What is considered normal?

The specific age norm of the onset of gray hair, which can
it would apply to all races and nationalities, does not exist.
In addition to genetically incorporated aging mechanisms, this
the process is affected by living conditions, stress, certain diseases, etc.
Individual hairs with altered pigmentation can be found.
after 30 years, most often on the temples and the front of the head.
Almost complete gray is observed by 55-60 years.

At the risk of earlier graying are brunettes and

Causes of early gray hair

Graying can develop in three possible options:

  • Physiological, associated with age-related changes of the body
    and its natural aging (see hair loss treatment);
  • Congenital or leukotrichia due to congenital
    lack of pigment in the hair rods;
  • Earlier, premature, which develops in people of young

Downstream graying can be:

  • complete in which the entire hairline loses
  • partial (single hairs or strands turn white);
  • focal (graying only in one area).

As for the mechanism of graying, it is the same when
age and early development: loss occurs
melanin pigment hair shaft. This pigment is synthesized in
special cells – melanocytes, which are in the basal layer
epidermis, as well as in the hair follicles. Cells produce pigment
and he from the follicles enters the hair rods.

Stimulation of melanin formation occurs under the action of
mediators of the sympathetic nervous system, pituitary hormones
(ACTH, melanocyte-stimulating hormone and β-lipotropin), as well as
thyroid hormones and sex hormones.

Under physiological graying, aging occurs.
melanocytes that produce less and less pigment.

Causes of early gray hair могут быть связаны со:

  • Некоторыми заболеваниями:
    • дисфункцией щитовидной железы (аутоиммунный тиреоидит,
    • vitiligo;
    • iron deficiency anemia;
    • atherosclerosis;
    • Wardenburg syndrome;
    • gastritis with low acidity;
    • Werner syndrome;
    • shingles.
  • Hereditary predisposition This feature is very
    often inherited – if the older generation is early
    got gray hair, and children may well inherit such
  • Decrease in the activity of melanocyte cells or their death.
    Hair that lacks pigment becomes porous, then
    the place that the pigment occupied fills the air, which explains
    specific silver-white color of gray hair.
  • X-ray exposure (focal
  • Endured stress, especially strong (death of a loved one and
    etc.). In a stressful situation, adrenaline in the blood
    quantity and breaks the connection of melanin pigment with protein
    components of the hair. This leads to the neutralization of melanin or
    washing it out of the hair shaft. Also stress causes a spasm
    vessels that feed the follicles, causing death
    melanocyte cells and the termination of pigment intake
  • Taking certain medications (for Parkinson’s disease), in the background
  • Deficiency of vitamins B, A, C, and minerals: iron, zinc,
    copper, selenium, manganese.
  • Observance of protein-free diet – hair protein provides communication
    with pigment.
  • Excessive ultraviolet radiation.
  • Smoking.
  • Abuse of perm, frequent dyeing or
    hair bleaching, as well as simply the means for personal
    hygiene, household chemicals – it brings the menopause (see harmful
    substances in shampoos, cosmetics).

Characteristic gray hair

The color of the scalp of each person depends on
pigment type:

  • Eumelanin creates black or brown color;
  • Feomelanin – red or close to it shade;
  • A lower concentration of pigments is characteristic of blondes.

Hair, devoid of melanin, change not only its color, but also
structure. Changes are more noticeable on dark hair than on
light. The pigment provides elasticity and strength of the hair
rod, protects it from ultraviolet and adverse
environmental impacts. In addition to bleaching, hair rods
become stiff, splitting, dry, brittle and dull. Behind
they are harder to care for, i.e. combing and styling.

Does it make sense to pull gray hair?

Some people in the hope of getting rid of gray hair start their
pull out, but doing it is meaningless – in the place of the torn out
grow new, the same gray hair. Moreover, you can damage
hair follicles and earn dermatitis.

How to get rid of gray hair

It’s impossible to reverse the graying mechanism, but it’s quite
really stop it or slow it down. It should be canceled that
the problem should not be ignored by doctors and necessarily
visit a general practitioner, endocrinologist, trichologist, who will appoint
appropriate examination and treatment of gray hair.

How to deal with gray hair and care for gray hair in
home conditions:

  • Stop smoking – all heavy smokers have hair
    the cover differs in dullness and fragility;
  • Eat well. It is imperative that the diet includes meat,
    fish, vegetables and fruits;
  • Be sure to get enough sleep, 8 hours a day;
  • Being a physically active person. Hypodynamia consistently
    associated with chronic hypoxia. And the cells that
    receive less oxygen, can not fully work, including
  • Maximum limit yourself from stress. If this is not possible –
    take light sedatives in traumatic situations
    (tincture or dragee valerian, motherwort, etc.);
  • Behindщищать кожу головы и волосы от перепадов температур,
    ultraviolet irradiation;
  • Use high-quality cosmetic care products.
    Recommended products for dry, damaged hair;
  • Regularly conduct self-massage of the head with special
    massagers or combs with soft teeth;
  • Once a week, rub the mixture of castor in the hair roots
    and burdock oil and leave under a warm towel for 1 hour, then
    wash off with shampoo;
  • Instead of rinse can be used infusion of burdock,
    nettle, chamomile, birch.

How to deal with gray hair with the help of salon procedures:

Salon procedures can not return the natural color, but
able to warn gray hair or slow down its progression.

  • Massage the scalp. Pleasant procedure
    activates blood circulation and therefore improves trophism
    melanocyte cells. The procedure is carried out in beauty salons,
    at the same time use various nutritious oils and structures.
    It is recommended to undergo 10 procedures 1 time per quarter.
  • Trace element mesotherapy, implying intradermal
    scalping by microelement mezokokteyley
    using special syringes. Drugs injected at a depth of 2-4
    mm, allowing you to deliver useful items to the location area
    hair follicles. As a rule, the procedure is preceded by
    trace analysis of hair for micronutrients, which detects
    deficiency of certain substances.
  • Nutritious masks and compresses. Special formulations allow
    return to the scalp and hair healthy look, shine, improve
    the structure of hair rods, which undergoes under gray hair
    changes as well as prepare them for painting. As components
    for masks use wheat germ oil, algae, natural
    clay, plant extracts, vitamin and microelement essences
    (see masks for hair loss).
  • Plasma lifting. The patient’s blood is taken for this procedure.
    which is specially processed and cleaned, as a result
    what plasma is emitted from it, without shaped elements. Plasma
    through special syringes injected into the scalp on the principle
    mesotherapy. The procedure is considered to run the processes.
    self-healing of skin cells, including melanocytes.

How to paint over gray hair

This is probably the most effective way to mask the loss of color.

It should be noted that at least the first time you should apply for
assistance to a beauty salon specialist in order to make the coloring
effective. Choice of coloring composition, color, exposure and
staining periodicity is based on the following

  • amount of gray hair;
  • hair length and structure;
  • growth rate of hair rods;
  • skin type.

Sometimes before staining they resort to discoloration in order to
achieve uniform coloration of the hair.

  • With a small percentage of gray hair on the head (up to 25%), you can
    resort to tinting or coloring when staining
    exposed hair changes. The second option is highlighting or
    blonding, i.e. staining of gray-haired ones is a light color.
  • At change more than 50% of a head of hear the full is effective
    persistent staining with natural or chemical dyes.
  • As for color, the darker it is, the more contrast and
    more noticeable will be gray when the roots grow. Optimal color –
    golden, it does not allow looking through gray hair.

What paints really paint over gray hair?

On the packaging manufacturer often writes “100% paints
gray hair ”, but the veracity of these promises can be checked only on
own experience. Good are considered professional series
dyes or blends that prepare hairdressers in the salons
beauty as well as special lines for gray hair from famous
brands (eg Estelle, Matrix). To improve stamina and strength
Paint recommended to add 6% professional

As a rule, good and professional paints are very costly.
expensive, and will have to use them regularly, which is not all
to pocket You can use cheap natural dyes that
safe for frequent use and do not burden the wallet.

  • For dark chestnut Basma and henna mixed in
    equal proportions, diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream and
    applied to the scalp for half an hour. Especially carefully
    should paint the roots. The paint is washed off with warm water.
  • Blended to create a soft, natural black color.
    2 parts of basma and 1 part of henna, mix is ​​prepared according to the algorithm

Men are easier to hide gray hair – just make a short one
haircut without an emphasis on problem areas of hair. Women can
use asymmetric and multi-layered haircuts, lay strands
so that gray hair is hidden under normal.

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