Grandparents can harm their healthgrandchildren

Update: February 2019

To this conclusion came Dr. Andrew Adesman, who in
the recent past gave the public the results of their observations
at the San Francisco Conference of Pediatric Academic Societies.
The researcher believes that as such, care and attention to grandchildren with
The side of their grandparents does not bring obvious harm.

On the contrary, children are useful and need to communicate with the nearest
relatives. However, such communication can turn certain
problems, if you look from the side of finances, state
mental and physical well-being of both children and those who love

The basis of the study Adesman was a massive survey of people
в США, имеющих grandchildren или внучек разного возраста, за которыми они
periodically look. The results say a lot: themselves
grandparents recognize that although they cope with the assigned
responsibilities for childcare in general, but often they themselves do not
lack of support.

The main reason that caring for grandchildren can be “to the detriment”
to grandchildren themselves, lies in the fact that grandparents raised
their children a few decades ago. And during this time, many
ideas about proper nutrition, lifestyle and communication methods
with the child had time to change. Of course, new information
almost always remains inaccessible for pensioners.


From misconceptions about child care met more often
following examples:

  1. About 44% of respondents were confident that ice baths for their
    grandchildren являются отличным методом понижения лихорадки. Now same
    it is believed that such a threat of general hypothermia
  2. About 25% did not suspect that the baby should be laid
    back at bedtime. After all, it is a dream on the back, not on the side or
    risk of sudden infant death (in
    according to current clinical guidelines).
  3. A large number of respondents still think that oil at
    burns – the best first aid. This position, to
    Unfortunately, it holds about 80% of the population of all ages.
    Now it is strictly forbidden to put oil on burned
    surface, you need to cool it under running water.
  4. 62% дедушек и бабушек лечат ссадины и царапины у своих grandchildren
    without aseptic dressing. As we know, such
    the bandage protects the wound from getting an infection in it, so it
    is extremely necessary.

In addition, there are erroneous ideas about time.
Introducing the first meals of complementary foods. According to outdated data, the first attempts
Complementary feeding should be introduced for a baby from three months of age.

Now we know for sure that the supplements start from six months, because
before this date, the child has no enzymes for processing
components of foods complementary foods.

Also, grandparents are not aware of the new principles of swaddling
kids Existing in the past tight swaddling, it turns out
increases the risk of sudden infant death during sleep. And in combination
with sleeping on the stomach or back, such risks are even more pronounced.

According to Adesman, all pediatricians should not be welcomed.
constant care of the older generation of grandchildren, motivating it
�”The wisdom of the ages.” The respondents themselves said that they felt
lack of communication with friends and family support
caring for grandchildren.

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