Golden mustache healing properties andcontraindications

Update: October 2018


  • Morphological description
  • The composition of the golden mustache
  • Collection and preparation of raw materials
  • Medicinal properties and indications of golden usa
  • Contraindications
  • Application of the plant golden mustache
  • Golden Usa Pharmaceuticals
  • Diet during treatment
  • Side effects
  • Growing golden whiskers

Golden mustache, the second name of which is home ginseng, callisia
fragrant is a herbaceous plant, a member of the family
Commelinic. It is considered a true natural panacea from
all ailments. Today the plant can be found on the windowsills in
houses and apartments – people cultivate golden mustache, as decorative
view, unaware of the magnificent healing properties of the plant.

The name comes from the appearance of the plant: depart from the trunk
articulated shoots, called a mustache. They grow pretty
quickly and as a whole the plant resembles corn.

лечебные свойства золотого уса

The maximum healing properties of the golden mustache is gaining in watering
clean water, optimal combination of humidity, temperature,
lighting, timely feed.

The birthplace of Callisia is the tropics and subtropics of Asia, Africa, America and
Australia The plant got to the territory of Russia in 1890 – its
brought Andrei Krasnov, a famous geographer and botanist.

Morphological description

The plant has a height of 60-80 cm, but can reach 2 meters.
It has two types of shoots – one fleshy and erect, tall, with
full leaves of 20-30 cm long and 5-6 cm wide. Other
shoots horizontal, long, tubular and undeveloped

From the fleshy trunk grow articulated horizontal shoots, on
end of which are young rosettes, they plant and
multiplies. Flowers of a golden mustache have the small size, are presented
drooping inflorescences with a sweet aroma.

The composition of the golden mustache

  • A large number of flavonoids (kaempferol, quercetin) and
    tannins, ensures normal blood circulation
    vessels, powerful antioxidant properties. Have a sedative,
    antispasmodic, diuretic, anti-allergenic, healing and
    anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Steroids are involved in the normalization of metabolism, have
    antitumor, anti-sclerotic, antibacterial and
    choleretic effect, have estrogenic activity.
  • Catechins have antiallergic properties, strengthen and
    clean the walls of blood vessels.
  • Pectins have an anti-toxic effect, have
    adsorbing properties.
  • Vitamins – C, group B and carotenoids (provitamins A): participate
    in strengthening the immune system, cell division, slow down the process
    aging, have a stabilizing effect on cell membranes,
    normalize metabolism, including in the myocardium, nervous tissue.
    There is also a large amount of vitamin PP providing
    calming effect on the nervous system.
  • The trace element composition is mainly represented by chromium, nickel,
    calcium, copper, zinc and iron.
  • There are a number of essential amino acids: troptophan, lysine, lycine,

Золотой ус лечебные свойства

Leaves of golden whiskers up to 30 cm long, 5-6 cm wide, length
shoots reaches 1 m. At the age of 3-4 years, it begins to bloom.
It is best to grow it in a well-ventilated room, not on
the kitchen.

Collection and preparation of raw materials

Herbalists claim that the golden mustache becomes healing
when horizontal shoots acquire brown-purple
shade and form at least 9 whiskers.

As a healing raw materials used leaves and stems, which
cut off at the base of the outlets. Maximum of valuable and useful substances
golden mustache accumulates by the fall – when the shoots form rosettes, their
can be cut.

Before you prepare the dosage form, the leaves and the stems
placed in plastic wrap and kept on the bottom shelf in
Refrigerator: leaves 3 days, stems – 2 weeks. To receive
drugs for internal treatment use the leaves, and for the external
– and the leaves and stems.

Medicinal properties and indications of golden usa

The healing properties of the plant are multifaceted, and traditional healers
recommend the plant in the literal sense of all diseases, and
even in cases where traditional medicine is powerless.

When using drugs golden usa occurs:

  • Normalization of the digestive, endocrine and respiratory
  • Strengthening the walls of blood vessels;
  • Improving heart function;
  • Strengthening the protective function of the immune system – activation
    killer cells that protect the body from pathogenic microflora;
  • Elimination of pain.

Also, the plant has:

  • Anti-inflammatory effect, especially pronounced with
    diseases of the stomach, gallbladder, small intestine,
  • Antibacterial action.
  • Anti-sclerotic effect, developmental warning
  • Antitumor activity;
  • Sedation;
  • Wound healing and regenerating effect;
  • Antitoxic and diuretic action;
  • Antiallergic effect.


  • Severe allergic reactions (allergic dermatitis,
    bronchial asthma in the acute stage).
  • BPH.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Individual intolerance.
  • Children under 12 years old.

Application of the plant golden mustache

The plant is used to prepare various medicinal
forms. In the first days it is recommended to take 30% of the therapeutic dose,
to track down possible allergic reaction. All recipes have
national origin, without confirmation in official medicine,
therefore should be applied with caution.


A large sheet of about 20 cm long is placed in glass dishes,
pour 1000 ml of boiling water, wrap and insist for 24
hours Ready infusion has a purple-crimson hue.

It is used for: diseases of the liver, pancreas, gall
bladder, pancreatitis, allergic processes in remission,
oncological diseases and prophylactic purposes (1 st.l.
3 times a day for 1 month). It is believed that regular intake
infusion can get rid of alcoholism (treatment up to 3 months).

Alcohol tincture

Preparation of golden whisker tincture: about 40 whiskers (side
shoots) pour 1 liter of 40% vodka. Insist in the dark and cool
15 days, shaking the contents 1 time in 3 days. Ready tincture
it turns out dark lilac color, which is filtered and put in

Golden mustache on vodka is used for: atherosclerosis,
cardiovascular diseases, blood diseases, thrombophlebitis,
lung diseases, neurosis. Helps in the treatment of bruises
bone fractures, osteochondrosis. Also used to strengthen
immune system and treatment of ovarian cysts.

How to take tincture:

  1. way to. On 30 drops, previously having added them to 100 ml of water –
    2 times a day for 10 days. After that, take a break at 10
    days and the course is repeated.
  2. way to. During the month, starting at 10 drops per day, also
    dissolving in water, adding 1 drop of tincture every day. After
    30 days (the number of drops taken reaches
    40), treatment is continued, but every day they subtract 1 drop, bringing
    up to 10 drops.

Infusionка золотого уса

Infusionку на водке используют при заболеваниях кожи, суставов,
respiratory system, for cleansing the body, compresses and

The juice

For internal treatment use freshly squeezed juice from the leaves,
which can be stored no more than 1 day. Before drinking juice
diluted with warm boiled water 1: 3 or 1: 5.

It is used internally for: ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases
gallbladder and small intestine cardiovascular
diseases (1 tbsp. 3 times a day). Outwardly used for
lubrication of mucous membranes with stomatitis and sore throat, as well as treatment
various skin lesions, acne (excellent wound healing


For the manufacture of oil using shredded shoots. From raw materials
squeeze out the juice (which will go to prepare the ointment), the cake is dried,
crushed and poured olive oil, insist 3 weeks (in
glassware, laid raw material loosely, but to the top and pour
oil). The finished oil is filtered and stored in the refrigerator.

It is used for: skin diseases, as massage oil.
Effective for rubbing with arthritis and arthrosis.


To receive мази используют свежий сок из листьев и стеблей.
Fat base – interior fat, petroleum jelly, linseed or cedar oil
(in this case, the ointment will be liquid). Fresh juice mixed with
fatty basis (in the case of solid fat it should be melted) in
ratio of 1: 3. Готовую мазь помещают в fridge.

It is used for: frostbite, skin diseases, trophic
ulcers, bruises, and also for rubbing during the treatment of colds
diseases, diseases of the joints, spine. Joint treatment
spend a long time, for 1 month, rubbing ointment 2 times a


For its preparation alcoholic tincture of the plant (60 ml)
mixed with vegetable oil (80 ml), shaken. Use
balm immediately after preparation.

It is used for: ischemic heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, varicose veins,
polyarthritis, diabetes, gastric and duodenal ulcer,
prostate adenoma.

Treatment is recommended for 7 days at the indicated dose of 140
ml. Take a break for 1 month, then fashionably repeat


A leaf of a plant about 20 cm in size is ground into mush, poured
100 ml of water and put on the fire, evaporating until it remains
about 1 tbsp. Cool and inject 1 tbsp. vodka. Then
prepare sugar syrup (50 g sugar per 25 ml of water to boil),
mixed with filtrate and placed in a cool place to store
(3 weeks old).

It is used for: cough, SARS, bronchitis and other colds.
diseases 1 st.l. 3 times a day.

Fresh leaves

  • used for external use in whole or crushed
    form for the treatment of wounds, ulcers, abrasions, abscesses, inflamed
  • as a poultice used for trophic ulcers and
    boils. The leaf is crushed, add some hot water,
    spread the mixture on the fabric and applied to the sore spot, on top
    wrapped with a woolen cloth

Golden Usa Pharmaceuticals

Pharmacies can buy popular dosage forms.

  • rubbing Golden mustache appointed for external treatment of diseases
    joints and spinal column;
  • cream and gel drug recommended for treatment heel spurs,
    joint pains and salt deposits, osteochondrosis;
  • бальзам для тела, применяемый для растирания joints;
  • V. Ogarkov drops, providing a mild laxative effect

Diet during treatment

During the period of treatment should follow a certain diet. Fully
excluded: alcohol, animal fats, soda, fresh bread and
pastries, confectionery, preservation and dairy products. Before
a possible minimum is reduced by the use of salt, sugar, potatoes.
Without restrictions, you can eat raw fruits and vegetables. You can eat fish
nuts, olive oil.

Side effects

Golden mustache treatment should be carried out with caution
due to the development of possible side reactions:

  • In some cases, patients develop allergic reactions.
    local and general: itching, swelling and rash in place
    application or urticaria, angioedema in internal admission. If a
    this happened, treatment should be stopped.
  • Another negative effect is damage to the vocal cords, which
    especially often observed when exceeding the recommended doses or
    application time: hoarseness, ligament soreness.
    The recovery is very long, so at the first symptoms
    should stop taking the drugs of the plant.
  • Perhaps the development of headaches.

First aid for the development of allergic reactions – reception
enterosorbent in a therapeutic dose.

Growing golden whiskers

The plant is unpretentious, grows quickly, easily
recovering from diseases. Loves light and water, but not
direct sunlight. Periodically, the plant is fed
mineral fertilizers.

Golden mustache is growing rapidly, so the trunk should be strengthened support.
With good care, the plant blooms paniculate white.

To multiply a golden mustache is also simple: a rosette with leaves is placed
in the water, where it quickly releases the roots.

Автор: врач-гигиенист, эпидемиолог

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