Goat milk for newborns

It is good when a baby receives mother’s breast milk from birth.
And what about those who, for various reasons, cannot feed an infant?
breastfeed? Many parents believe that the best food for babies –
cow or goat milk.

козье молоко для новорожденных

Which is better: cow or goat milk

Cons of goat milk

Goat milk has always been considered a healing product by the people. But
is it so similar in composition to female breast milk as
are talking? The qualitative composition of these products has significant
differences in fat content, and in protein and fat. We list
the negative sides of goat milk that doctors write about.

  • It is much fatter;
  • It lacks the lipase enzyme that promotes the breakdown
  • Goat’s milk contains a lot of phosphorus, which creates
    extra work for the immature kidney of the newborn;
  • This type of milk lacks folic acid, it can
    provoke the development of anemia.

Плюсы козьего молока

If a выбор стоит между молоком коровы (См статью о коровьем
молоке для новорожденного
) и козьим молоком, тут мнение врачей
unequivocally – milk from a goat is much preferable to cow.

  • Cow milk contains a lot of casein. Casein
    turns into the kidney’s ventricle into a tight clot and
    recycled long and hard. In casein goat milk is much
    less, so it is absorbed much better and fuller;
  • Goat’s milk is richer in composition by vitamins of different groups;
  • It contains a lot of calcium, which is perfectly absorbed
    the growing body of a child. Therefore, the teeth of babies
    receiving goat milk, begin to grow earlier and stronger;
  • Especially goat milk is shown kiddies prone to regurgitation. After all
    it contains milk balls in a homogenized form (i.e.
    smaller), and therefore better absorbed by the child’s body;
  • In the ventricle of the crumbs, the milk turns into small cheesy
    balls, almost like a woman;
  • Another useful feature of goat milk is that it is practically not
    causes allergies. This quality is important for babies who are prone to
    allergic reactions, patients with atopic dermatitis.

Когда можно давать молоко козы ребенку

Doctors recommend giving goat milk to babies from 9 months, and
This feed adapted milk mixture. Now available
milk formulas made on the basis of goat milk. Pity that
useful properties like natural goat milk, they are not
possess If mixtures to your baby do not fit, he often
spit up, then you can drive goat’s milk almost from birth.

Читаем статью о смесях (как правильно выбрать смесь)

Как правильно вводить в рацион

If you do decide to feed the newborn goat milk with
first days, you must follow some rules.

  1. Try to take milk from friends, neighbors.
  2. See how the goat is contained, do not be lazy to come on
  3. If you buy in the market, ask for help from a veterinarian (healthy
    Do goat).
  4. Buying milk in the store, carefully read the date.
    manufacturing and shelf life. Can not be used for kids
    products with expiry date.
  5. Try the milk yourself – if there is an unpleasant taste.
  6. It is necessary at first to dilute the goat’s milk with boiled water.
    For a newborn, one part of milk takes 3 parts of water. If a
    Do not do this, from the large fat content of the baby can fix.
  7. The milk itself must boil. Not recommended for use
    for boiling metal dishes.
  8. Store milk preferably in glass, enamel or
    ceramic packaging.
  9. When the baby gets used, you can breed in a ratio of 1: 2,
    in a month it is already possible to give undiluted milk.

As you can see, the benefits of goat milk far exceed it.
limitations. Of course, optimal for an infant is
mom’s milk, but in the absence thereof, it can be a substitute
goat’s milk.

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