GMOs are harmful or beneficial to humans; listgenetically modified foods

Update: October 2018

Today in many countries (including Russia)
the concept of GMOs turned into almost equivalent to the concepts
�“Products that cause mutations and tumors”. GMOs throw mud at
on all sides and on various occasions: unsafe, tasteless,
threaten the country’s food independence. Are these terrible
the most GMOs and what it really is, let’s try
sort out.

GMO – interpretation of the concept

Genetically modified organisms are genetically modified
engineered living organisms. AT узком смысле понятие распространяется
on plants. Previously, breeders, like Michurin, accounted for
achieve certain beneficial (from a human point of view) properties
in plants using various tricks: grafting cuttings alone
trees to others or selection for planting plant seeds only with
certain qualities, and then wait long and hard for results,
which stood firmly only through a couple of generations of plants.
Today you can transfer the desired gene to the right place and get

Thus, GMO is the acceleration of evolution and its direction in
right track.

Initially, the goal of removing GMOs was to increase yields.
plants, increasing their resistance to adverse factors
environment (drought, lack of nutrients), the emergence
insensitive to viruses or fungi, herbicides that
poisoned weeds, uninteresting for all-parasites. I.e
scientists wanted to get plants that would grow just when
low cost and yielded high yields by solving food
An issue that is acute in many countries.

How are GMOs created?

To create a GMO plant, you can use several
techniques. Today, the most popular method of transgenes. For this
the desired gene (for example, drought resistance) is isolated from the chain
DNA in its pure form, and then contribute it to the DNA of the modified

Genes can be taken from related species, and then the process
called cisgenesis. When a gene is taken from a species that is far away
body talk about transgenesis.

It is about transgenesis that terrible stories go. Upon learning that
Now there is wheat with the scorpion gene, many are beginning
fantasize on the topic, and not whether it grows now for those who will
it is, tail and claws, and whether poison will not appear in the saliva. Oil on fire
poured numerous illiterate publications on websites and
forums where the topic of GMOs is actively discussed.

This is not the only thing that scares potential consumers.
GMO products “experts”, little familiar with biology and

Products containing GMOs

GMO-products today agreed to call all that
are genetically modified organisms or all
products that contain components of such organisms. I.e
not only genetically modified corn or potatoes will
GMO-food, but also sausages, in which, in addition to sodium nitrate, toilet
paper and liver will be added GMO soy. But cow meat,
fed GMO wheat, there will be no GMO product. And so

ATстраиваются ли ГМО в наши клетки?

Journalists who have not read any normal physiology and biochemistry.
understanding the relevance and relevance of the topic of GMOs, but lazy
to work seriously on the issue, launched into the masses the “duck” that
cells of GMO products, getting into our stomach and intestines, are absorbed
into the bloodstream and spread through organs and tissues where they cause mutations and
cancerous tumors.

With great regret we have to note that this fantasy story
untenable. Any food in the stomach and intestines disintegrates into its
components under the action of gastric juice, secretion
pancreas and intestinal enzymes. And these components – by no means
not genes and not even proteins, but:

  • amino acids
  • simple sugars
  • triglycerides
  • fatty acid

Then on different parts of the digestive tract all this beauty is absorbed into
blood flow and consumed either for:

  • energy production (sugar)
  • either for its stocks (fats)
  • either as a building material of your own proteins
    человека (amino acids)

And if, for example, to take a certain genetically modified organism
(say, an ugly apple, more like a cucumber), then it
calmly chewed, swallowed and decomposed into compound
parts just like any other, not past gene
modifications. Here’s another somewhat strange / creepy example.
but which explains more popularly, the genes are not going anywhere
embedded in the assimilation in the digestive tract: if the crocodile (or cannibal) eats
a child with Down syndrome and eat a healthy child, and that and
the other is equally assimilated and will in no way affect the crocodile
or cannibal.

Other GMOs horror stories

ATторая, не менее леденящая душу, байка касается того, что
transgenes are inserted into the human genome and lead to, God knows
what terrible consequences, like the same crabs and infertility.

The risk of oncology: Cancer in mice fed
genetically modified grain, first written by the French in 2012
year In fact, the leader of the experiment Gilles-Eric
Seralini (Institute of Biology, University of Caen, France) was
200 Spreg Dawley rats were sampled, a third of whom were fed
genetically modified corn grain, a third –
genetically modified herbicide treated corn, and a third –
ordinary corn kernels. In the end, those female rats that
fed on GMOs, for two years in 80% gave growth of tumors. Males same
liver and renal pathologies have earned on such nutrition.
It is characteristic that a third of the rats on normal food also died from
tumors of various organs and in general this line of rats is prone to
spontaneous appearance of tumors, regardless of the nature of nutrition.
So the purity of the experiment is questionable, and it was recognized
unscientific and insolvent.

Previously, similar studies were conducted in 2005 by a biologist.
Ermakova (Russia). She made a report at a conference in Germany
about high mortality of mice, receiving genetically modified soy.
After that, this statement, as confirmed in scientific
experiment, went for a walk through the cities and villages, bringing to hysterics
young mothers who are forced to feed their children artificial
mixtures in which this GMO soybean well, just heaps. Further
five experts Nature Biotechnology agreed on
ambiguity of the Russian experiment and did not recognize it

To conclude this section, I would like to write that even
some piece of alien DNA (as some sources say)
and gets into the bloodstream of a person, then in no way this genetic
information is not embedded anywhere and will not lead to anything. Yes in
nature has cases of embedding fragments of the genome into an alien one.
For example, some bacteria spoil the genetics of flies in this way. But
in higher animals such phenomena are not described. Besides different
There is plenty of genetic information in all other products.
without any GMO. And if still they are not embedded in our
genetic material, then you can safely eat all that
can digest and assimilate the body.

GMOs: harm or benefit

The American company Monsanto already in 1982 put on the market
genetically modified cotton and soy. They also own the authorship
Roundup herbicide that kills all vegetation except

In 1996, when GMO products were thrown into the markets
Monsanto, corporations competing with it, saving their income,
started a large-scale company to limit the turnover of products
containing GMOs. The first in the persecution of GMOs noted British
scientist Arpad Pushtai, who fed GM rats on potatoes. true
later, experts smashed all the calculations of the scientist.

Potential harm from GMO products for Russians

  • Nobody hides that on the lands sowed with GMO-grains,
    never again grows anything but themselves. It’s connected with
    that herbicide-resistant soy or cotton varieties do not
    wipe off with a herbicide that can be sprayed in any quantities,
    achieving total extinction of other vegetation.
  • The most common herbicide is glyphosate. Actually he
    sprayed before maturation of what goes into food, quickly
    decomposed in plants and not retained in the soil. But устойчивые
    GMO plants allow you to spray it very, very much
    increases the risk of its accumulation in GMO vegetation. It is also known
    that glyphosate causes obesity and bone growth. And in the USA
    and Latin America are a lot of overweight people.
  • Many GMO seeds are designed for only one crop. That is what
    that from them will grow will not give offspring. It is rather commercial.
    trick, as this increases the sale of GMO seeds. Perfectly
    there are GMO plants that give the following excellent
  • Allergy. Since some artificial genetic
    mutations (for example, in potatoes or soybeans) can increase it
    allergenic properties suggest that all GMOs are powerful
    allergens. And here are some varieties of peanuts, devoid of their usual
    proteins, do not cause allergies, even those who previously suffered from it
    on this particular product.
  • GMO plants can supplant other varieties of their species. because of
    characteristics of pollination they can reduce the number of other varieties
    its kind. That is, if two sites next to plant wheat-GMO and
    common, there is a risk that GMOs will crowd out the ordinary, pollinating it. Who
    would let her grow close by.
  • Dependency on seed holding companies. Giving up
    own seed funds and going only to GMO seeds,
    especially disposable, the state will sooner or later fall into
    food dependence on seed holders
    GMO plants.

The answer to the aspirations of the people

After multiple replication in all media
information of tales and horror stories about GMO-products a wide vector
public resonance went against the intrigues of imperialism,
completely denying the possibility of eating dear Russians
harmful and unsafe products containing GMOs or their traces.

Rospotrebnadzor, going to meet the wishes of compatriots,
participated in numerous conferences on this issue. AT
March 2014 at a conference in Italy, the delegation of Rospotrebnadzor
Took part in low maintenance technical advice.
GMOs in food and low levels of GMO products themselves in
commodity circulation of Russia. Thus, today adopted a course on
almost complete avoidance of GMO products for food
Russian market and delayed use of GMO plants in rural
farm, although in 2013 it was planned to start using GMOs
Seeds (Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 23, 2013
of the year).

The Ministry of Education and Science went even further and, given
popular aspirations, suggested instead of the label “does not contain GMOs”
use a barcode that contains all the information about
gene modification of this product or its absence. Getting started
good, but it will be impossible to read the barcode without a special

ATЫATОД: проблема ГМО явно раздута, реальные последствия
The long-term use of GMO foods is unknown,
authoritative scientific experiments today on this issue

For those who are still afraid to eat GMO foods,
вот не полный список продуктов, containing GMOs.

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