Gluten Free and Gluten Free Listproducts

Update: October 2018


  • Gluten-containing products
  • Bезглютеновая диета для детей – практические советы для
  • Some Gluten-containing products of famous brands – more
    20 ppm gluten free
  • Ingredients in English that should
    to alarm
  • Hidden gluten may contain:
  • Gluten Free Products List
  • Approximate gluten-free menu for the week
  • List of non-gluten products, specific names
    and manufacturers

Celiac disease or gluten enteropathy is a
a disease of multifactorial nature, based on –
violation of intestinal digestion. This is due to
damage to the villi of the small intestine by food and
components in the composition of the food containing protein gluten or close to
proteins such as hordein, avenin and others.

Gluten is gluten, which is approximately 80%
products из повседневного рациона обычного человека. From here
it is clear that one hundred percent gluten-containing products are difficult
exclude from your diet, especially because reveal the hidden
Gluten is quite difficult.

The peculiarity of the organism of people suffering from celiac disease (symptoms) –
it is not only a reaction to gluten and its derivatives, but also
аллергическая реакция на многие компоненты products. That’s why
someone goes a certain product, while others have it
reaction. And the severity of celiac disease is different, so
приведенные ниже перечни products являются все же несколько
conditional, to predict the individual reaction of a particular organism
can not.

Gluten-containing products

Bезглютеновое меню – это пожизненная диета для больных
celiac disease. The list of gluten-containing foods is huge,
every day it is replenished with new products. These products are not
always labeled with the gluten content, therefore their
should know by heart or have this list at hand.

Gluten-containing products, с явным или скрытым содержанием
gluten free

Medicines containing gluten:

  • Grains: wheat, barley, oats and rye. Accordingly, all
    products from these cereals are banned:

    • bread and bakery products
    • sweet and savory pastries (cakes, muffins, cakes, pies,
      pizza, pancakes, cookies)
    • bran
    • porridges, including semolina
    • pasta
    • products in breading flour listed cereals
  • Gastronomic products: sausages, sausages, meatballs,
    meatballs …
  • Products из сои
  • Candies
  • Ice cream
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Crutons
  • Sauces and dressings for industrial-made salads
  • Mayonnaise
  • Crab sticks
  • French fries
  • Chips
  • Spices (mixes), bouillon cubes and powders
  • Soups, main dishes, industrial garnishes
  • Beer
  • Non-distilled vodka
  • Couscous
  • Cheese с плесенью
  • Canned food in tomato sauce or tomato paste
  • Churchkhela

Prohibited food supplements:

  • Е150
  • E160
  • E411
  • E637
  • E636
  • E953
  • Е965
  • Aerovit table. with shell
  • Arbidol in table.
  • Valerian in dragee
  • Vitamin E in the table.
  • Glutamic acid 0.25 table.
  • Dekamevit in tab. with shell
  • Ibuprofen 0.2 in the table.
  • Kvadevit in table.
  • Complement vitamin complex
  • Lithium carbonate 0.3 in the table.
  • Methionine 0.25 in the table.
  • Pentoxyl 0,2 in the table.
  • Dinesin 0.1 in the table.
  • Bисакодил в табл. 5 mg.
  • Cotrimoxazole in the table.
  • Codeine in the table.
  • Dexamethasone tablets
  • Jungle vitamins for children
  • Diclofenac Sodium tablets
  • Digoxin in the table.
  • Fenistil dragee
  • Phenobarbital in the table.
  • Flagyl in table.
  • Furosemide table.
  • Halopiridol Table.
  • Imov tablets
  • Paracetamol 60 mg in table.
  • Metronidazole tablets
  • Oxazepam in the table.
  • Propranolol tablets
  • Pyridoxine chloride 50, 10 table.
  • Spironolactone tablets
  • Theophylline in the table.
  • Trasicore in the table.
  • Triamteren table.
  • Filtrum STI
  • Уголь активированный российского production
  • Enterol capsules

Bезглютеновая диета для детей – практические советы для

  • Highlight a separate gluten-free storage cabinet.
    products. It is a locker, not a shelf in the overall cabinet.
  • Select only for the use of the child separate dishes
    and tableware, mark them with a special label. Also
    the most concerns a separate pan, frying pan, pan, mold,
    shovels, scoops, skimmers, etc.
  • Highlight individual knives and cutting boards for cutting
    gluten free bread and gluten free bread, be sure to sign
  • Separate knife scroll exclusively for cutting dairy-free
    margarine, if the child has an allergy to milk.
  • Do not forget to constantly wash your hands when cooking
    at the same time for the child and other family members.
  • When sampling dishes, first try the dishes for
    baby and then the rest.
  • Do not bake both gluten and gluten free
    baking in the same oven.
  • Keep all prohibited foods out of the reach of the child.
  • Never listen to the advice of moms of children with celiac disease, that
    any of the forbidden products does not give a reaction and it can
    there is.
  • Products, вызывающие у вас малейшее сомнение, лучше не давать
    to kid.
  • If you are giving a new product to a child for the first time, this day
    давайте больше никаких новых products, чтобы отследить
    individual response.

Some Gluten-containing products of famous brands – more
20 ppm gluten free

Bренд Products
  • yogurt Activia muesli-kiwi, muesli, muesli-peach
  • yoghurt Activia with cereals, with cereals, apple
  • Danissimo yoghurt with crunchy balls
  • cottage cheese Danissimo strawberry
  • Rastishka yogurt with cookies
El pro corn biohlebtsy
Valio (Valio) йогурт брусничный, с prunes
Safonovohlebb Lou-lu light snacks with vanilla
Service Cold Ice cream Ice cream Family
Erkonproduct сгущенка с cocoa, молочно-растительный продукт
CampoMos Doctor sausages
Вимм-Bилль-Данн; МК «Bалтийское молоко» curd cheese Redhead Up with condensed milk
Nordic rice flakes
Nescafe instant granulated coffee Nescafe классик  и
Jacobs instant granulated coffee

Ingredients in English that should
to alarm

When purchasing products without label translation, for example,
boundary, you need to carefully examine the composition, in order not to miss
following components:

  • wheat, rye, barley, oats is the name of gluten-containing
  • stabilizer, emulsifier, starch, flavoring, hydrolyzed vegetable
    protein, vegetable protein, vegetable gum, malt, malt flavoring,
    modified food starch and modified starch – additives that can
    contain gluten free. Marking may contain traces of gluten means
    that the product may contain traces of gluten.

Gluten Free Products List

There are companies that produce only gluten-free

  • �”Dr. Shar (Italy)
  • �”Finax” (Sweden)
  • «Glutano» (Germany)
  • �Moilas (Finland)

The prices of these “clean” products are higher than the cost of goods from the shelves
stores, but people with celiac disease have no choice, except to cook
all home Gluten-free products have an appropriate
labeling, in English it looks like this: gluten free

A list of gluten-free foods can also be put under
doubt because production technology may change
product. You should carefully study the composition on the label.

The moment of secondary pollution of conditionally clean is not excluded.
products with gluten during their packaging and transportation, as well as in
the process of technological operations of production when using
general packaging and equipment with products containing gluten.

Bезглютеновая диета — продукты, разрешенные к

Medicines, medical products:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Fresh meat, poultry, fish without pickling and use
    breading, spice mixtures
  • Fresh eggs
  • Natural beans, beans, nuts and seeds, not exposed
  • Natural Dairy Products
  • Cereals and starchy products and products from them:
    • amaranth
    • arrowroot flour
    • buckwheat
    • rice
    • кукурузная, riceовая, кокосовая, картофельная, овсяная,
      almond, soybean, buckwheat flour,
    • potato starch
    • flax seed
    • millet
  • Kinwa and Kinva Flour
  • Gluten Free Oatmeal
  • Sorgum
  • Tapioca
  • Teff
  •  Alvitil Solvay Pharma;
  • Pyridoxine Veropharm OJSC;
  •  Multitabs dragee “Ferrosan A / C”;
  • «Bиовиталь», киндер-гель  Хоффманн-Ля Рош Лтд;
  • Sana-Sol, chewable tablets (raisin flavor) Nycomed;
  •  «Антигриппин»  — производство в Гомеопатической
    аптеке Саприной, г. Bарнаул;
  • �”Antigrippin” Natural products France;
  • Linex, Slovenia;
  • Arbidol ZAO Masterlek;
  • Bифиформ от Ферросан А/С;
  • «Амбробене», «Меркле ГмбХ» Germany;
  • Amoxiclav powder, Slovenia;
  • Anaferon Children’s “NPF Materia Medica Holding”;
  • Maalox Aventis Pharma;
  • Paracetamol MS ZAO “Medisorb”
  • Peritol, Aegis;
  • Цетрин  Д-р Реддис Лаборатория Лтд;
  • Ultop, Krka;
  • Фуразолидон, РУП «Bоросовский завод МП»;
  • Bады от Doppel Hertz, Пептид Bио;
  • Novopassit tablets, Czech Republic.

Approximate gluten-free menu for the week

1 day

  • Завтрак: десерт творожный с натуральными фруктами, мед, riceовые
    хлебцы, cocoa натуральное.
  • Lunch: baked fish with greens, mashed potatoes, salad
    green, compote of berries.
  • Snack: lean bun made of cornmeal, natural jam,
    natural coffee with milk.
  • Dinner: millet porridge, kefir.

2 day

  • Завтрак: riceовая каша со свежими ягодами, булочка из миндальной
    flour, natural coffee with milk.
  • Lunch: meat soup or cabbage soup.
  • Полдник: riceовые или кукурузные хлебцы, фруктовый салат.
  • Dinner: buckwheat porridge with goat milk, soy bread.

3 day

  • Завтрак: омлет с сыром, лепешка из кукурузной муки, cocoa.
  • Lunch: chicken broth, buckwheat flour pancakes with meat.
  • Safe, banana, tea.
  • Dinner: stewed vegetables with sour cream, fresh juice.

4 day

  • Breakfast: corn flakes with milk.
  • Lunch: fish soup with boiled egg, bean stew.
  • Safe,: Baked apple with nuts.
  • Ужин: творожная запеканка с riceовой мукой, чай.

5 day

  • Завтрак: оладьи из смеси riceовой и кукурузной муки, cocoa.
  • Lunch: cheese and spinach cream soup, tomato and cucumber salad,
    boiled breast.
  • Lunch: boiled egg, fruit juice.
  • Dinner: Vegetables baked with cheese, tea.

6 day

  • Завтрак: rice и рыба отварная, чай с молоком.
  • Lunch: meat broth and meatballs, steam vegetables.
  • Lunch: jelly from fruit juice, buckwheat bread.
  • Dinner: buckwheat porridge and boiled meat, tea.

7 day

  • Завтрак: нежирный творог, cocoa.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, baked fish in milk sauce.
  • Tea time: muesli made of nuts, apple and rice cereal, tea.
  • Dinner: Vegetable Stew

Hidden gluten may contain:

List of non-gluten products, specific names
and manufacturers

Below is a list of products whose samples were
presented for analysis and the results refer only to
sample provided. In other words, there is no guarantee that
month the content (absence) of gluten in this product will be
same But in a few years all the more. The same goes for
drugs. Our factories do not perform analysis on
gluten content, and raw material suppliers change frequently. Official
Answers from several manufacturers of dairy products: “We do not
we can give gluten guarantees for our products. ”

Name Manufacturer
33 cows Ochakovsky Ministry of Health
Milk Tale CJSC “Barnaul MK”
Brücke ООО «Brücke»
Thousand Lakes Valio
The drinks
Nico, cherry nectar with grape juice �”Multon”
Teddy, drink carrot-raspberry-apple juice �”Maspex-East”
 Hi, apple peach juice  Progress LLC
 Peach nectar  Rich
 Apple juice  kind
 Tomato juice  My family
 Beer classic Nevskoe  Neva
Obolon beer Obolon Corporation
Heat stove, codeN Solar products, Novosibirsk LCD
 Yoghurt, dairy products
 Immune, yogurt with strawberries Agusha, fermented milk
product with banana agusha, baby kefir
 OJSC Wimm-Bill-Dann
 Danissimo, yogurt with chocolate chips Activia, yogurt
milk 3.5% + bifidobacteria
 Danon Industry LLC
 Milk Tale, йогурт со вкусом черники 0,5 л Bифацил
 CJSC “Barnaul MK”
 All yogurts, except lingonberry and
 Slavic, peach flavored yogurt  OJSC “Lact”
 Ehrmann, yogurt 2.7% strawberries, strawberries  LLC “Ehrmann”
 Unimilk, yogurt with peach flavors  JV branch “Petmol Dairy Plant”
Sour cream
20% sour cream CJSC “Barnaul MK”
Ostankino, 30% OJSC “Ostankino MK”
20% sour cream RostAgroExport
 Altaic  �”Altaimaslosyrzavod”
 Dutch  Starodub
Oltermanni 17, 17%, semi-solid, bold Polar 15%,
semi-solid, bold
Tilziter 45% fat LLC “Neva cheeses”
Lymber, fat OJSC Wimm-Bill-Dann
Vityaz Mayma
Sirtaki Cheese Lateri du Pont-Maureen Fleshard SA
Dutch, 80 г, плавленый ломтевой Янтарь, плавленый CJSC “Barnaul MK”
Friendship, processed Cheese for soup, Amber, processed with onions,
fused, 8 slices
CJSC “Karat”
Hochland «Hochland Руссланд»
 Curd, curd products
Miracle, chocolate cheese, curd-vegetable coconut Miracle,
cottage cheese 4.2%, with the addition of blueberries
OJSC Wimm-Bill-Dann
Classic curd sweet mass with raisins 8% and raisins
Miracle, cheese glazed with vanilla MK “Nizhegorodsky”
Activia with dried apricots curd Activia, curd paste with
bifidus bacteria Rastishka, cottage cheese, (taste vanilla, forest
Danon Industry LLC
 Korovkino, cheese glazed with vanilla Dairy
a fairy tale, curd mass with raisins
 CJSC “Barnaul MK”
 Agusha, cottage cheese product 3.8% with peach, 8.5% with black
 OJSC “Plant of Children’s MP”
Glazed curd (chocolate) RostAgroExport
Bлагода, творог классический, 5 % �”Dairy business”
Theme, children’s curds with pear, banana Subject, curd paste
4.2% apple carrot
JV branch “Petmol Dairy Plant” , ОАО «ЮНИМИЛК»
Творог 4.5% по 250 г �”Piskarevsky”
Korovkino, table cottage cheese 2% OJSC “Lact”
 Milk and Milk Products
 Redhead, milk with strawberries, code K  OJSC “Dairy Plant”
 Goat milk, 1.5%  LLC “Product Clean Line”
 Milk and vegetable pudding chocolate, 2.5%  LLC “Ehrmann”
Condensed milk 8.5% �”Lublin”
Condensed milk pos. Olymsky
Condensed milk Verkhovsky MKZ
 Ice cream
 Экзотик, Экзо ванильное
черника-ежевика, Магнат, лесной орех, Торжество, пломбир,
Gold standard, ice cream 15%
 Sundae with almonds  TM “Svalya”
 Venice, ice cream cake  �”Blizzard”
 Vanilla sundae  1st cold storage plant
Filevskaya gourmand, ice cream 15% Ice-Fili OJSC
Creme brulee Ozersky Combine LLC
Eskimo vanilla ice cream with chocolate, in chocolate glaze Novokuznetsk Cold Storage OJSC
Flour, mixes, macaroni
Buckwheat flour «Bалтийская бакалея»
Gluten free rice mix �”TD Dietprodukt”
Starch vermicelli VNII starch products
Rice noodles �”Sen-Soi”
Vegetable pasta �McMaster
 Meat and fish products, semi-finished products, preservation
Bоярский, балык  Kuzbass
Cod liver �Sortland
Baltic sprat (spicy salting), can ЗАО «Bалтийский берег»
Caviar of capelin 3 (smoked) СП «Санта Bремор»
Chilled crab meat Vici, crab sticks
 ООО «BалтКо»
Beef stew MK “Salute”
Beef stew LLC “Hame”
Black cows, beef stew AK “Dream”
Hame, foie gras CJSC “Hame Foods”
Doctor’s sausage Tsaritsyno
Doctor’s sausage �”Kronstadt Meat Processing Plant”
Doctor’s sausage �”Vegus”
Bородинская, колбаса сырокопченая OOO Cherkizovo – Kashira
Doctor, sausage JSC “Dmitrovsky MK”
Bаварские с сыром, сосиски �”Pit-product”
Diet sausages LLC PC “Peterburzhenka”
Sausages, turkey-pork sausages Vostryakovo-2 LLC
Special order, half-smoked sausage �”Glad”
Wellcome, Tongue in jelly natural Neck to / in MK Pavlovskaya Sloboda LLC
Ham (turkey-pork) Vostryakovo-2 LLC
Mashed potatoes with spring onions / p Mashed potatoes with
meatballs b / n
Chips Russian potato
Homka, mashed potatoes taste of cheese LLC “Chips LTD”
Veres, squash roe CJSC Agroekoprodukt
Bондюэль, горошек зеленый Bондюэль
Bread, Bakery Products
  • Crispy buckwheat crispbread with vitamins and minerals
  • �”Rice” with vitamins
  • �”Rice” with sea salt
  • �”Corn-rice” with Provencal herbs
  • �”Corn-rice” with ginger and lemon

OJSC “Hlebprom”

 Raisin, cupcake Pastry with corn nuts Rice bread with
apple powder
 �”TD Dietprodukt”
 Grata, a loaf of rice, buckwheat and corn  �Grata
 Health, corn bread  �”The first dairy plant”
Rice crispbread �”Doctor Corner”
Bакси, колечки кукурузные ЧП Bыков
Pigtail, corn sticks LLC “Russian product”
Cornflakes, icing sugar OJSC Food Factory Vologodsky
Rice and buckwheat flakes LLC “Rosa”
Buckwheat flakes LLC “Agroalliance”
Pressed yeast, briquette �”Food Combine”
Sauces, Spices
 Funny guys tomato paste  Seaside food factory
 All ketchup  Heinz
Кальве Bаварский, кетчуп �”Uniliver CIS”
Person Festive Tomato Ketchup, Homemade Mayonnaise,
�”A person”
Sloboda, mayonnaise olive Alekseevka
Calvet, light mayonnaise �”Uniliver”
Provencal, mayonnaise SWC
KIKKOMAN, soy light sauce TC “Mistral”
Tkemali, sweet and sour sauce №2 TREST “B” S.A. Switzerland
Horseradish table «Bастион»
Остренькая, mustard �VGMZ Sarepts
Vegeta, universal seasoning Croatia
Seasoning for pilaf �ZIOLOPEKS, Poland
Hubba Bubba, chewing gum taste sweet juicy strawberries
Fruit, chewing gum taste kiwi, watermelon and pear Orbit,
chewing gum, pure white fruit Orbit, lollipops without
 Bон Пари, карамель вкус ягод  Nestlé Rossiya LLC Kamskaya Confectionery Factory
 Bарбаrice, карамель  Savinov
Takeoff and Lemon Caramel �”Red Siberia”
 Schneekoppe, creamy caramel  Germany
 Nezhenka, caramel with coconut flavor in white glaze  OJSC “Voronezh CF”
Creamy sausage, candy �”Baker”
Creamy, Marshmallow OJSC “Udarnitsa”
Chocolate Marshmallows Bарнаульская КФ
Marshmallow LLC “Bread-4”
 Snowy bird, fructose based souffle  LLC “Vishnevogorsk CF”
Ruzanna, strawberry cream sweets Nestle Russia LLC
Candy strawberries and cream Chocolate Country LLC
Charmel, Cranberry Mash OJSC “Udarnitsa”
Chocolate Hazelnuts �”Marusino”
Chocolate Almond town of Ozertsy
 Hematogen “Russian” children “  �Pharmpro
Meller, toffee with the addition of chocolate LLC “Perfetti Van Melle”
Iris tiled, milky nut PE Marov E.S.
Nesquik, chewy candies KO “Russia”
Kriolo Korkunov, sweets, 150 g �”Odintsovo confectionery factory”
Bуренкино, конфета молочная LLC “Ruzskaya KF”
Cow, candy Lada, halvah tahini Mask, candy OJSC “Rot-Front”
Nesquik candy with popped rice Altai Factory Nestle
Levushka, candy with soft caramel CJSC “CF” Slavyanka “
Golden step, candy with nuts Slavyanka Plus LLC
Sweets OJSC “Udarnitsa”
Alenka truffle, milk chocolate without additives Golden label,
JSC “Red October”
Makaresh Fruzhe, candy LLC “Natural Product”
Chocolate, creamy filling ОАО «Bабаевский»
Nesquik bar ООО «KO “Russia”
Citrus, candy Factory them. Krupskaya
Taste of summer candy Altai LLC
Bумба, мармелад Малиновый, мармелад OJSC “Udarnitsa”
Zebra, marmalade ОАО «Bердский хлебокомбинат»
Bон пари, жевательный мармелад с фруктовым вкусом Nestle
M&Ms, молочный шоколад Dove, шоколад �”Mars”
Rally, milk chocolate Special, chocolate Factory them. Krupskaya
Ritter sport, chocolate Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co.
Diet chocolate white, milk chocolate with filling
caramel, rice cereal and hazelnut
LLC “CF” Russian Chocolate “
Schneekoppe, chocolate Germany
Christmas ornament, chocolate figure LLC “MAC”
Altai, sunflower halva with peanuts �”Uvis”
Российский, cocoa-порошок LLC “Vkus”
Nutella, nut chocolate paste Ferrero
Dessert paste, milk chocolate �”Chocolate Academy”
Edem, apple jam LLC “League Plus”
Apricot jam shop Ryabinushka JSC NIPP

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