Glitter is more dangerous than we used to think

Update: February 2019

Every holiday in honor of which we decorate ourselves and the surrounding
the glitter setting seems more magical to us. We are not
think about the harm that “shine” can do to the environment
around us. A harmful effect does exist.

Trisha Farrelli (an environmental anthropologist representing
Massey University in New Zealand) has come to grips with this
problem, leading his own research. Main share
glitter made of polyethylene and aluminum, which are forced
decompose after release. The interested scientist found out how
the way substances formed during the decomposition of polyethylene,
affect the hormonal systems and metabolism of living inhabitants
Of the earth. As a result, it was determined that the greatest risk arises
for the nervous system as well as for malignant


Marine residents taking the smallest pieces of glitter for
plankton eat them up. Unfortunately, many of the fish die. Also
can happen to a person, because many people love seafood,
especially caught right before cooking. For example,
University of Plymouth (England) conducted its research
headed by Richard Thompson, in which he found out that
plastic particles are contained in every third fish out of
British waters. Other scientists felt that the oceans contained
about 51 trillion wastes that in the past constitute glitter in
various products of production.

The New Zealand Department of the Environment,
Food and Agriculture Scheduled for 2018
banning all hygienic and cosmetic products,
containing sparkles. In this regard, manufacturers from New Zealand
are already preparing to change plastic-containing glitters on
biodegradable. They are completely harmless to the environment and living

Trisha Farrelli draws attention to the fact that such restrictions
in the field of cosmetics will not fundamentally solve the problem. Required
ensure that manufacturers fully understand the dangers of sparkles,
and perhaps bring such a serious question to the state
level of discussion. In this case, the authorities will be able to help professionals.
in the purification of water from the mass of the harmful “plankton”.

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