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How to choose a gift for the child, what to give to the child –
The answer in this video. Author Marina Romanenko:

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1. Do not give in to festive hysteria

The first thing you need to pay attention to is that
speaking, we are on the eve of the New Year and Christmas
holidays. There is already a whole hysteria – gifts – you will go to
Internet, and there will pop up the plate “The best gift for a child” .., film –
if we look, parents are concerned about gifts.

You need to understand that around us is the real hysteria!
It is advisable not to fall for her.

In fact, your task and your right to choose what gift
you want to give a child: expensive, inexpensive, 5 gifts or one
present. Decide not to listen to everyone who speaks from all

Think for yourself what you want and what your budget is – an important point
– because sometimes we are torn between these “want” and “not
can”. It upsets us, we become irritable.

Послушайте, впереди праздники и уже можно расслабиться,
make a plan and act on it, sticking to some
определенной стратегии, которая позволит нам не истратить и
be in a good spiritual disposition, choose all the gifts,
including baby.

2. Should I buy “trendy” gifts?

The second is fashionable gifts.

The industry around us is designed in such a way that we are invested
in the head that we want. Not only us alone, children too
put in the head what gifts are now most needed and that they
you need to have – well, you just can not breathe, but he has this gift
it should be!

And each time is different things and at a different cost in fact
business Just recently a few months in the top were spinners.
Они были практически у всех детей: разного цвета, модификаций,
in young children, in adolescents – everyone went with them.

A year ago, gyroboards or small skateboards were in very many

There is always some top. You need to understand that when to you
a child will come, say, “I want to have it,” he really
thinks he wants to have it, because his friends have it,
because video bloggers on YouTube have it,
because with billboards they scream about it.

He enters the store and these products are exhibited at the most prominent
places. And everything is thought out so that your child’s brain is on

And what is important for a parent here? You need to understand what the child
really wants. If you can allow it, then just
купите без лишних разговоров, потому что его настроили на this.
There is nothing like that if you can and it is not dangerous for him.
life and health.

The second point – do not tell the child: “I will think,” because he
thinks you said “yes”, and just this “yes” will come or through
5 minutes, or an hour, or tomorrow morning.

This will be the first question your child will ask you: “Well,
what? Have you thought? We are buying?”

Therefore, if you are against some fashionable well-known gift,
you just tell your child right away, “I’m sorry, dear, but this is
no, because…”

It will be more honest and it will be easier, because it will wait.
Everything else will be perceived when it is not now, and in
the child’s understanding, time flies differently, much faster than
us. Therefore, they will always get you questions – “When?
When? When will I get it? ”

Either decide and say “yes”, or say “no” immediately.

3. The gift does not have to be with meaning

Some parents put some kind of useful gift.
meaning, or some idea that absolutely can not capture

You know, I met parents who bought, for example,
completely different typewriter child due to the fact that they believed that with
She will play longer with her, she has more functions and so on. And they
совершенно забывали о том, что хотел он вовсе не ее.

I also know the story of how a one-of-a-kind watch
the first in Ukraine were presented to a child, and there was not much enthusiasm.
Это очень расстроило папу т.к. он думал, что ребенок
will appreciate that he is the only owner of such watches. And he wanted to
in fact, something completely different, simpler.

And there is no meaning in the gift at all!

Еще полезные подарки из этой же истории — когда мы дарим
то, чего дети не хотят, но мы думаем, что это для них полезно.
Useful things we, as parents, are simply obliged to buy at the right
period of time. And gifts should remain that pleases.

This is the law – the gift does not make sense! This is an emotion, this is a desire, this
fantasy, it is a joy for a reason completely incomprehensible to us.

Therefore, let’s give the children something that will please them, I mean
gifts in which we sometimes find no meaning.

4. The gift does not have to be expensive

Четвертое, на что нужно обратить внимание, это то, что
Often, what we buy for our child is actually ours.
parental ambition. Right on our channel I saw comments about
the fact that 2 IKEA kitchens for 7.5 thousand rubles is wow, how expensive!
But honestly child doesn’t care – Ikea’s kitchen – play with her,
or the kitchen is not IKEA – play with it.

подарки детям на новый year

There are many manufacturers who produce at least
quality products, but at a completely different price.
Therefore, if you – the parent who buys gifts
certain brands in certain stores – great! If your
бюджет это тянет – не вопрос, если это радует вашего baby

If the budget does not pull, just look around and select something.
quality and at a completely different price.

Our ambitions are only our ambitions, believe me! Here all the same
we choose a gift for a child and he should make him happy.

Still, maybe, I will say such a thing. Many parents want to buy
child some brand thing that really wants
ребенок, и, иногда, это дорогой present.

I know sometimes like birthdays or New Years when we
anyway we all go with gifts, parents made lists for
guests. They said: “So, we buy a lock like this, and you
buy this one in this castle, and you buy this, and you buy this! “

And as a result, an expensive gift became absolutely feasible, and
In one day, the child was going to the entire collection of toys, which
attached to this lock, and it was a very branded toy,
very healthy, very desirable child. But at the same time
parents could do it because they agreed with friends
who would already buy something, going to the New Year’s party.

Just think, I think, any problem is solved. Important just
understand what we want to achieve as a result.

5. How to choose the best gift

В течение всего yearа можно записывать все, о чем ребенок
dreams, wants, or ever approached you with a question: “And I want
Here it is, can I have it? “

If you are the parent who remembers what the child wanted – hurray!
You already have a list. If you recorded – even easier, you
nothing is forgotten.

But if you are the parent who did not do it for
years, and we are waiting for Christmas and New Year holidays, then
There is a cool way to find out now what your child exactly wants.
This is to write with him a letter to Santa Claus, or Santa,
or Saint Nicholas, in which he lists the items.

Do your best to read this letter later, even
if the child writes it on his own, without you. Then you have
there will be only one task – to find it all, to buy it.
best quality and give to the child. И вы увидите, как вы
make him absolutely happy!

Strictly speaking, this is probably one of our most important
tasks as parents – to make our children happy.

The important point I want to point out here is that
holidays are holidays, they happen several times a year such
global, like the one that will be now – the New Year, for example. But
there are gaps between them when our children are waiting too

And this is our parental job – to buy gifts for children often. Have
they do not have access to the budget, they still do not earn money. And we –
their parents, and it makes sense to pamper children with gifts. They can be
different prices.

Иногда набор гелевых ручек есть подарок для вашего baby I
I remember, I bought my daughter, and this led her to full
delight! Because at this very moment she painted with these
gel pens, and that’s all she needed – and she was on
seventh heaven!

Think about what makes your child happy, and do
small gifts often in the inter-holiday periods.

See you soon, happy and joyful holidays! I вам желаю от всей
souls to please your child, and so that this parent
choosing which gift to buy was easy for you this year.

В ожидании прихода Butвого yearа и дети, и взрослые тщательно
think over New Year’s images in which they will meet
celebration. Looking through the bright photos of Christmas costumes, not always
just make a choice, because they are presented in a wide enough
assortment. Among the variety of outfits, here
— подходящий
Children and their parents will also find an option.

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