Gentle treatment: electrophoresis in of pregnancy


  1. How does electric current help expectant mothers?
    1. When electrophoresis is dangerous
    2. In which cases expectant mothers are prescribed electrophoresis
  2. How is electrophoresis performed?

Pregnancy changes a woman’s life dramatically. If earlier you can there wasn’t much to think about the dangers of medical treatment, then in the period of gestation, the safety of the child goes to the front plan. But everyone can get sick, and all the same it is necessary to be treated. Solve electrophoresis will help some of the health problems during pregnancy. It is also often used as a preventative measure. supporting agent to improve blood circulation and reduce tone of the uterus. This physiotherapeutic procedure is the safest. for expectant mothers, as drugs enter the outbreak inflammation, bypassing internal organs. Which means they will not harm neither a woman nor a child. Electrophoresis can be done at any time, if there are no contraindications for this procedure.

How does electric current help expectant mothers?

When taking pills or medicines, the medicine must first be taken into the stomach, and then into the bloodstream. This increases the load. on the liver and kidneys, since it is these organs that are responsible for excretion fluids from the body. Drug penetration through the placenta, there is a risk of impaired formation or development of the fetus.

The expectant mother is already having a hard time – her internal bodies work for two. Any medication taken in this period is undesirable. In order to avoid an increase load on the pregnant body, but at the same time relieve it condition, and do electrophoresis.


The procedure allows you to avoid getting drugs in the digestive tract and blood flow. The essence of the method is the leakage of drugs through the surface skin using electricity. Positive and negative charged particles of the drug solution penetrate through skin and intercellular space. In this case, the amount medicine entering the body is not more than 10% of total volume.

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The main dose of the drug enters the bloodstream very slowly. She accumulates in the skin and subcutaneous layer, from where it gradually passes into the bloodstream. Thus, a long (day and longer) is achieved exposure to a pregnant woman without an increase in both dose and risk for maternal and child health.

Another advantage of electrophoresis is a solution pad located in the focus of pain, that is, the action occurs only on limited area. This allows you to increase the amount of medicine. several times without fear cause a negative reaction.

Important! Electrophoresis can only be prescribed by an observer. pregnancy gynecologist. He gives a referral to a physiotherapist, which, in turn, conducts an inspection and permits or prohibits procedure.

When electrophoresis is dangerous

Electrophoresis is the most gentle way to administer drugs with pregnancy, but it can only be done in the absence of restrictions that include:

  • toxicosis with constant uncontrollable vomiting;
  • kidney disease
  • risk of blood loss with poor blood coagulation;
  • eclampsia;
  • dangerous condition of the child.

Also limited are certain mental illnesses, presence of a pacemaker or malignant tumor, internal or external inflammation. Basically, the procedure does not cause side effects. phenomena in most pregnant women. Current is set individually, but it is always small quantities, harmless to women and fetus.

how to conduct the procedure

Moreover, such physiotherapy improves blood circulation in all organs, including in the small pelvis, removing possible stagnation of blood and creating in the uterus an excellent environment for implantation of the embryo. therefore there are frequent cases of pregnancy after electrophoresis even those who could not conceive before.

Important! Any changes in the skin, abrasions or scratches in place electrophoresis are contraindications.

In which cases expectant mothers are prescribed electrophoresis

Physiotherapy is one of the safest ways to preserve pregnancy. If there is a risk of miscarriage after the eighth week of pregnancy electrophoresis with a magnesium preparation (magnesia) is prescribed. He is not only relaxes the uterus, which in itself reduces the threat interruptions, but also reduces susceptibility to oxytocin – a substance, which increases the tone of the uterus. The same procedure helps late dates when there is a risk of premature birth.

Pads with electrodes are located in the abdomen of the pregnant woman. The medicine under the influence of current seeps into the subcutaneous layer and gradually resolves. The action is already apparent after the first sessions, but for a confident result you will need a course of 5-10 daily routines.

Important! Magnesia can also be injected, but this quite painful for a pregnant woman.

Physiotherapy is performed when cysts, endometriosis are detected, adenoids, but perhaps the biggest problem that faced by many women – toxicosis. Early on pregnancy electrophoresis will help cope with mild nausea and vomiting. After the procedures, the general condition of the woman improves and increases appetite.

Important! In severe cases, with constant vomiting, electrophoresis is not will help. On the contrary, he is able to aggravate the situation. Treat heavy toxicosis and gestosis need other methods.

For the treatment of early toxicosis, pregnant women in the mild stage do electrophoresis with vitamin B1 or other vitamins of this group. The procedure is carried out through the nose, the duration of the course sets doctor (usually 5-10 days).

How is electrophoresis performed?

The medicine (solution, gel) should be between the skin and current source (electrode). There are several ways. electrophoresis:

  • galvanic (a napkin with a solution is superimposed on skin surface);
  • bath (limb immersed in a special bath);
  • cavity (the drug is injected into natural cavities);
  • interstitial (injection or drug administration orally).

Important! A slight tingling sensation at the site of current application is permissible, but if the sensations intensify, there is a burning sensation or pain, it is necessary contact personnel immediately and terminate the procedure.

electrophoresisIn the first, most common case, the solution is impregnated with special fabric or paper gaskets. They are laid and, if necessary, fixed on both sides of sore spot so that the current passes between the plates and created an electric field through which charged particles of medicine.

If limb electrophoresis is needed, the arm or leg is immersed in a special bath filled with a medicinal solution inside which electrodes are built in. Current flows through fluid, trapping with it particles of the drug, and carries them deep into the skin.

With the cavity method of electrophoresis, the solution enters natural body cavities (stomach, rectum, uterus). Then one electrode is placed here, and the second is placed on surfaces in an appropriate place.

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The interstitial method differs from the cavity method of administration drugs and the location of current sources. For example, enter the medicine in the bronchi or lungs is possible only by injection, and both current sources must be located on opposite sides sides.

The undoubted advantage of electrophoresis is safety for the fetus. Medicines enter the mother’s body gradually and only in specific, sore spot, internal organs do not suffer from increased load. Most often, side effects do not occur as a consequence of the procedure, and as a result of a reaction to medications. I.e only an allergy to the active components of the drug is possible, but not irritation from electric current.

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