Genetic mutations from smoking leading tolung cancer can occur 20 years before aggressive growthtumors

Update: February 2019

Everyone knows that oncological diseases in the early stages
the process is asymptomatic, and their diagnosis occurs more often
just by chance.

According to the World Health Organization, the first place
in the world by the number of deaths from cancer belongs to lung cancer
(symptoms, diagnosis), the main risk factor for the development of which
smoking is considered, as well as work in hazardous production (asbestos,
arsenic, bismuth, etc.).

Specialists at the UK Oncology Research Center
analyzed the genetic profiles of 7 patients with non-small cell
lung cancer, among which were both smokers and never
smokers and people who quit smoking.

Researchers have completely deciphered the genomes of different regions.
опухолей, стремясь реконструировать эволюцию tumors, то есть
determine where mutations exist in all cells, and in which
– only in some, in which they are absent at all. It allowed
determine what changes occurred at the very beginning of the tumor
process, and which – much later.


Курение и рак легкихThis method made it possible to find out that
who smoked, but threw this addiction, key mutations
occurred over 20 years, when patients were still smoking (see
Electronic cigarettes are not less harmful than regular cigarettes, but they help
stop smoking).

Therefore, the initial mutations at the cellular level, caused
smoking, capable of over 20 years is in a “sleeping” state,
not to be diagnosed in any way and only when provoking
factors (old age, comorbidities, etc.),
стимулирующих рост tumors, вызывают агрессивное распространение
tumors в легких.

Moreover, new genetic changes that trigger active
процесс, происходят в различных участках tumors по-разному.
Since the material for the study of oncology has
genetic heterogeneity – this creates difficulties in the future
treatment of lung cancer. According to the results of a biopsy (taken from one
site) is assigned a certain type of chemotherapy, which can
совершенно не подходить для терапии другой части tumors и
malignant process progresses against the backdrop of

The results of scientists say the need to maximize
Early diagnosis of lung cancer, giving the opportunity to start treatment
before a malignant tumor develops this genetic
heterogeneity. One of the methods of early diagnosis, already
developed by some biotech companies is
analysis for circulating tumor DNA. If will be held
such a screening, it will promptly identify individuals at risk,
especially former and current smokers (see tests for

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