Gastroduodenitis – what is it, causes, signs,symptoms, treatment in adults and diet

Гастродуоденит – это сочетанное воспаление слизистой
the lining of the stomach (more often its pylorus) and the 12-pernal
intestine characterized by impaired secretion and motility
gastrointestinal tract. About 50% of the adult population
The country suffers from this disease. Causes of formation
diseases are so diverse that their wrong
recognition can lead to complications and negative

What is this disease, what are the causes and symptoms, and
what is the danger of this diagnosis and what treatment is prescribed to adults for
rapid recovery of the body.

What is gastroduodenitis?


Гастродуоденит — (gastroduodenitis) — это воспалительное
disease of the mucous membrane of the duodenum and pyloric zone
stomach. As a result of disease progression,
stomach, pancreas, biliary tract.

Gastroduodenitis in adults of middle and old age
is relatively rare, more often this disease affects
young and young men and women. In principle, the younger
category – the more often its representatives develop
gastroduodenitis. This is due to the fact that at a young age more often
there are errors in diet, abuse of smoking and

You can make a diagnosis if a person loses weight, he has
there is a pronounced pallor of the skin, pain when
palpation of the abdomen, yellowish plaque on the tongue and teeth imprints on
side surface.


Depending on the prevailing etiological factor

  • primary (exogenous) gastroduodenitis. Develops under
    the influence of exogenous factors – malnutrition, exposure
    on the mucous membrane of aggressive chemical and temperature agents,
    HP infection.
  • secondary (endogenous) gastroduodenitis. Appears on the background
    disorders of the endocrine, immune and other body systems, with
    diseases of other organs of the digestive tract.

Helicobacter infection:

  • HP-positive (Helicobacter detected in the stomach);
  • HP is negative (there is no helicobacter in the stomach).

By the duration of the course gastroduodenitis is divided into such

Acute gastroduodenitis

Acute gastroduodenitis – заболевание длится до 3- месяцев. On
this stage, in addition to the mucous membranes of the stomach, affects and
duodenum, resulting in impaired motility
the digestive system, the passage of food becomes
embarrassing. The acute form of gastroduodenitis is a consequence
gastritis, often the disease develops into a chronic stage.

Chronic form

Mostly chronic gastroduodenitis develops on the background of acute
forms of the disease as a result of the lack of treatment or
незавершенного варианта этого treatment. Meanwhile, it is not excluded and
variant of primary chronic gastroduodenitis that appears
already in chronic form and characterized by alternating states
remission with aggravation. The duration of the disease is longer
half a year

A noticeable difference between these forms of gastroduodenitis in pain syndrome.
In the first case, there are non-permanent and short-term pain, and
in chronic course, pain is less pronounced, but is practically
permanent character.

By type and depth of the inflammatory process on the mucous membrane
of the stomach and duodenum, determined endoscopically (in
during gastroduodenoscopy):

Types of disease Description
Superficial gastroduodenitis
  • mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum inflamed, on it
    no erosion, and the glands are functioning normally.
Hypertrophic (nodular) gastroduodenitis
  • due to inflammation of the gastric mucosa and
    duodenum thickens, forms folds and
Erosive gastroduodenitis
  • manifested by the formation of multiple small wounds on
    mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum, with this
    form possible metaplasia of the intestinal epithelium
    cells characteristic of the intestine, their normal should not be).
Mixed form
  • The mucous membrane in general has the form, as in hypertrophic
    gastroduodenitis, however, there are pockets of atrophy

Depending on the acidity, gastroduodenitis is distinguished:

  • With increased acidity or gastric secretion
    (the most frequent variant of the disease)
  • With normal secretory function
  • With reduced secretion, which often accompanies
    злокачественные опухоли stomach.

The reasons

Независимо от причин появления патология всегда приводит
к изменениям в слизистой желудка и ДПК.

The cause of acute gastroduodenitis most often are:

  • poisoning by chemical irritants and food
  • exposure to very spicy foods and pesticides contained in
  • acute infectious gastrointestinal and some chronic
    general diseases;
  • eating disorders and stressful conditions leading to
    hypersecretion (increased secretion) of hydrochloric acid in the stomach on
    фоне снижения ее защитных functions.

When exposed to pathological etiological factors
gastric mucosa and duodenal ulcer develops
inflammatory reaction that leads to impaired physiological
regeneration of the mucous membrane and the development of its atrophy.

In general, the occurrence of gastroduodenitis is based on a combination
influencing factors that can be comprehensively
power errors (in terms of the listed effects
экзогенного типа), инфицирование бактерией helicobacter
pylori и психогенное воздействие.

All these factors lead to a violation of the secretory and motor
functions. As a rule, when gastroduodenitis note increased tone
и моторики желудка, дискинезию двенадцатиперстной кишки.

Симптомы гастродуоденита у взрослых

The symptoms of gastroduodenitis are extremely diverse, and the form of manifestation
they depend on the nature of the flow.

Among the main clinical manifestations of gastroduodenitis can
note the following:

  • soreness in the stomach (pain is often aching or
    cramping character);
  • nausea;
  • decrease or loss of appetite;
  • heartburn;
  • belching;
  • unpleasant taste in the mouth;
  • feeling of fullness in the stomach;
  • constipation or diarrhea.

There may also be general symptoms –
irritability, fatigue, pallor
кожи, головокружения, снижение веса, нарушения сна.

Symptoms of gastroduodenitis in adults are more often manifested in the form of
ulcer-like flow.

The greatest severity and intensity of all these symptoms
acquires a period of relapse (exacerbations). There are pains especially
strong, often accompanied by severe heartburn, nausea, vomiting
and often stop only after taking medication

In chronic course the pain syndrome is almost constant,
intensifying during the exacerbation.

The pathology is characterized:

  • aching pain, manifested 60 minutes after eating;
  • nausea, feeling of fullness in the stomach;
  • yellow bloom on tongue, some puffiness;
  • abdominal pain;
  • violation of the chair;
  • irritability, sleep disturbance, weight loss, pallor
    skin integument;
  • fast fatiguability.

The disease has an undulating course. There are two periods:

  • remission during which the patient does not present any
  • exacerbation accompanied by the appearance of clinical symptoms
    lesions of the digestive tract.


Based on the symptoms of the disease, an additional
instrumental and laboratory examination, which includes

  • The main role in the diagnosis is played by endoscopy,
    which allows you to assess the condition of the mucous.
  • Гистологическое исследование  дает возможность узнать,
    Is there inflammation and atrophic process?
  • A blood test – indicates the presence of inflammation in
    body (increased ESR and leukocytes);
  • X-ray – this method of research is not
    obligatory but allows differentiating gastroduodenitis from
    other diseases of the digestive tract with similar symptoms.
    X-rays with barium additionally allow to evaluate
    evacuation function of the stomach.
  • To obtain reliable information regarding motor
    functions need to hold antroduodenal manometry. Besides
    this is practiced assessment of motor function through
    electrogastrography (EGG), ultrasound (with pre-filling
    stomach fluid).

Gastroduodenitis treatment

Treatment of severe gastroduodenitis should be carried out in
отделении гастроэнтерологии. With the development of acute condition
for complete cure, one course of therapy and compliance
strict diet. Complaints of repeated episodes of the disease require
re-consultation of a gastroenterologist and a full-fledged

Gastroduodenitis treatment в острой и хронической обострившейся
The form is as follows:

  • Bed rest during the week;
  • Strict diet (table number 1);
  • Anti-Bacterial Therapy Against Helicobacter
  • Acceptance of drugs that regulate acidity and motor function
    stomach and duodenum.


Depending on whether the acidic environment is low or high,
impaired intestinal motility and stomach and how affected
mucous membrane, the doctor prescribes the type of drugs and dosage.
You can not treat gastroduodenitis alone, using only
one type of medicine. On the body should be made integrated
impact, otherwise the inflammatory process will not dolekene and
complications will arise.

  1. Antibacterial and antimicrobial agents are prescribed for
    to act on the bacteria Helicobacter pylori. But
    This therapy has its drawbacks, as it leads
    к дисбактериозу кишечника и расстройствам
  2. Antacids to relieve pain, reduce
    acidity of gastric juice and protection of the gastric mucosa
    the stomach from damaging factors – Almagel, Alyumag, Vikalin,
    Vikair, Gastal, Maalox, Phosphalugel.
  3. Спазмолитические и обезболивающие средства (But-шпа, Дротаверин,
    Duspatalin and others);
  4. Substitution treatment drugs used in cases
    gastroduodenitis combined with diseases of the pancreas –
    Abomin, Panzinorm, Mezim, Creon, Penzital, etc.
  5. Restorative remedies and vitamin complexes.

With timely treatment, no exacerbations
и соблюдении пациентом диеты прогноз при болезни обычно

Diet and diet

Compliance with certain nutritional regulations is one of
basic principles of gastroduodenitis treatment. Main purpose
destination diet will restore impaired function of the stomach (as
motor and secretory), and also have a positive effect
on the structure of the mucous membrane.

As a rule, table No. 1 and 5 is prescribed. The latter is intended
for chemical mercy of the liver, normalization of the liver and biliary
ways to improve bile secretion with good nutrition.

The diet itself suggests reducing refractory fats, while
normal consumption of protein and carbohydrates. All products are prepared
by boiling and dripping, and stringy meat and starchy vegetables
– wipe.

Diet with gastroduodenitis is an important component
therapeutic process and depends on the form and type of the disease
(superficial “catarral”, erythematous, erosive
гастродуоденит), а также данных pH-метрии желудка

When eating, follow these rules:

  • Food and drink should not be too hot or too hot.
  • You should never swallow solid food without chewing it.
  • There are better several times a day, little by little.
Diet What to eat
with erosive gastroduodenitis
  • Meals should be divided into 6 or 7 times a day,
    completely eliminating salt and seasoning.
  • You can eat cottage cheese, sour kefir and cream.
  • Mucous cereals and soups, omelets.
  • Meat and fish should be low-fat varieties, they should be
    carefully помолотыми и приготовленными на пару.
  • Vegetables should be preferred pumpkin and beets, carrots and
    cauliflower. Fruits are baked.
with increased acidity You can eat exclusively pureed, baked or cooked
steamed food. When pains bother you, do not eat bread and
vegetables. It is allowed to eat:

  • scrambled eggs,
  • porridge,
  • juices
  • milk products.

Not bad will affect the process of recovery of those dishes in
the composition of which is propolis or honey.

 Low acidity The basis of nutrition should be:

  • non-acute cheeses,
  • dry biscuits,
  • soups on a weak broth,
  • well digested cereals.

Of the soups you can eat beetroot, soup, borscht. But the vegetables in them should
be as crushed as possible. It is allowed to eat greens and
sweet berries with fruit. Easy drink ryazhenka, kefir.

with superficial form Diet при поверхностном гастродуодените – это обязательно:

  • low-fat kefir, milk and cottage cheese, boiled beets and carrots,
    fruit purees.
  • From drinks – kissel, compote and alkaline mineral water.

After the start of remission (after about a week) you can gradually
add a larger list of products to the diet. But all the actions you need
agree with the doctor.

With remission, you can add new recipes and eat new ones.

  • Dried bread.
  • Low fat meat.
  • Dairy products.
  • Cream soup, boiled in vegetable broth.
  • Eggs
  • Soups from the grains crushed in a coffee grinder.
  • Sweet fruits and berries.
  • Зеленый чай, juices отвар плодов шиповника.

Gastroduodenitis menu

Dietary nutrition in case of gastroduodenitis exacerbation is prescribed.
for 21 days, but depending on the patient’s complaints, individual
characteristics of the organism and data of objective examination, can
vary. Duration of stay on a specific type of diet table
determined in each case.

Table number 1

Meal Sample menu
  • steam omelette;
  • dried bread;
  • tea with milk
  • semolina
  • vegetable cream soup, seasoned with cream;
  • low-fat fish steak;
  • jelly
Afternoon tea
  • finely grated apple;
  • 2-3 crackers;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • fruit juice
  • milk grated rice porridge;
  • broth hips
Before bedtime
  • ryazhenka

Table number 5

Meal Sample menu
  • Porridge with milk / curd mass with berries
  • Baked apples, compotes
  • Vegetable soups, boiled meat with grated rice
  • Mousses, natural juices
  • Pureed vegetables or potatoes, steamed fish, cottage cheese
For the night
  • Kefir, sour milk

In any case, it is undesirable to make a diet yourself,
recommendations of the attending physician are necessary, since nutrition is often
is selected individually, taking into account the properties taken

Folk remedies

To rely solely on alternative therapies is not
worth, but as an auxiliary folk treatment
gastroduodenitis fit perfectly.

  1. Significantly improves the condition of fresh mint decoction. If not
    fresh mint, it is suitable dry, which is poured boiling water on
    night. Соотношение воды  и мяты берется произвольно, на свой
    taste. It is necessary to drink broth in the morning before food, liquid should be slightly
    warm. If desired, you can drink a decoction after a meal instead of
    habitual tea.
  2. Flax seeds. For infusion taken 3 tbsp. l seed and liter
    boiling water. Через 15 минут смесь разбухнет и станет похожей на jelly.
    The mucus has an enveloping effect on the stomach. Drink
    следует утром на голодный желудок 100 мl Rest of
    drunk on throughout the day.
  3. Broth oats. This tool also has excellent protective and
    healing properties. In the store, in the medical nutrition department
    you should buy unpeeled oats and cook a decoction daily, on
    basis 1 tbsp. l oats and 200 ml of water. It is enough to boil the composition
    15 minutes, insist 2 hours, strain and take 100 ml before
    a meal.
  4. Boil a spoonful of nettle in a glass of milk for five minutes.
    Set aside to cool. Stir in the resulting
    milk-nettle broth spoon of honey. You need to drink the drug three times.
    a day for a third glass forty minutes before meals.
  5. Calendula is also widely known for its healing properties.
    One spoon pour 500 ml of boiling water. After a quarter of an hour
    strain. Drink half a cup three times a day.
  6. Nettle leaves, plantain, herb St. John’s wort, chamomile inflorescences –
    equally. Preparation and use: 2 tablespoons
    pre-ground (in a coffee grinder or meat grinder) collection
    pour 0.5 l of boiling water, pour it into a thermos along with the grass, insist
    night. Take 1 / 3-1 / 4 cup 3-4 times daily before meals. Course
    1-1.5 months.


In order to prevent gastroduodenitis, it is necessary to comply with the general
food, motor mode, provide a balanced diet,
lead a healthy lifestyle.

The following simple guidelines should be followed:

  • eat regularly and avoid fasting; basis of diet
    must be protein foods rich in vitamins;
  • refuse late and nightly meals;
  • eat at the same time;
  • include in the daily diet of fermented milk products;
  • stop smoking;
  • alcohol consumption reduced to a minimum;
  • do not follow too strict diets;
  • whenever possible avoid stressful situations and any

We found out what kind of disease that is characteristic of him.
the signs. But, remember that the full treatment of gastroduodenitis and
further follow-up of such patients are
major measures for the prevention of peptic ulcer disease.

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