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Update: November 2018

Gastritis with low acidity according to statistics is not
over 25% of all reported clinical cases of chronic
gastritis. When a young patient after FGSD for the first time
inflammation of the gastric mucosa is detected, most often, it
diagnosis is established – superficial gastritis with elevated
acidity, while at the transition of acute gastritis to chronic
The form of high acidity persists for a long time.

However, with age, when chronic disease progresses
a long time, in 60% of cases, the acidity values ​​are reduced and
The patient already shows symptoms of low acidity of the stomach.
Therefore, such a diagnosis is most often established for elderly people.

What is stomach acidity, acidity rate

The acidity of the stomach is defined as the concentration of salt
кислоты в составе желудочного сока,  измеряется она  рН
by units. When a patient complains of digestive problems and
stomach pains, the first thing a gastroenterologist suggests is FGSD and
analysis of gastric juice to find out the state of the gastric mucosa
and acidity of gastric secretion. What happens in the stomach
Why is it necessary to have a normal acidity in the stomach?

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For digestion to occur properly, enzymes are required,
the main of which is pepsin, which is produced and
It functions only in an acidic environment. However, the contents
stomach entered the intestines for further quality
assimilation, neutralization of this acid is required. Therefore, in the stomach
there are 2 zones, in one the acid is formed – this is the body and the bottom
the stomach, the other is neutralized – this is the antrum of the stomach.
This is taken into account when studying the concentration of acid in the composition
gastric juice.

In the body, everything is interconnected and difficult, and the slightest violation
processes occurring in the stomach, turn into violations of all
digestion process. The fundal gland cells that produce
hydrochloric acid in the body and the bottom of the stomach are called parietal,
moreover, the production of acid they occur with the same
intensity and consistency.

A change in acidity can only occur if these cells
die off (low acidity) or their number increases
(increased acidity), and also if the degree changes
neutralization of acid in the antrum of the stomach. When did the cells
becoming less and less gradual atrophy occurs
the fundal glands, which increases the risk of developing atrophic
gastritis. This is a serious diagnosis, which increases the risk
development of gastric cancer, so the patient must be carefully observed
gastroenterologist. Читайте также First signs of stomach cancer.

So, the norms of gastric acidity are as follows:
  • Normal acidity in the body of the stomach on an empty stomach 1.5-2.0 pH.
  • The maximum acidity is 0.86 pH.
  • Minimum 8.3 pH.
  • In the antrum of the stomach is 1.3-7.4 pH.
  • In the epithelial layer of 7.0 pH.

How to determine the acidity of the stomach?

Today, there are several ways to determine
acidity of gastric juice:

  • The most physiological and reliable method is intragastric
    pHmetry, that is, when the acidity is determined directly in
    gastrointestinal tract. This is done using
    Acidogastrometers, special devices with pH probes and sensors.
    This method can determine the acidity in different zones.
    stomach depending on the diagnostic task:

    • Short-term – it lasts a few hours
    • Express – within 20 minutes
    • Daily – estimated acid production during the day
    • Endoscopic – made during endoscopic
  • Aspiration method. The process of taking the contents of the stomach
    produced using a fractional probe that sucks
    gastric secretion from the stomach and intestines. Disadvantage of this method
    is that the gastric contents obtained from different zones in
    the diagnostic process is mixed, and the result is distorted, then
    eating becomes approximate.Симптомы пониженной кислотности желудка

Reduced acidity of the stomach are accompanied by the following

  • Stomach cancer
  • Anacid gastritis or gastroduodenitis with reduced
    acidity is considered if the acidity in the body of the stomach is above 5pH.
    The most common cause of low acidity 
    is the atrophy of the parietal cells, as well as a failure in their

Symptoms of low acidity of the stomach can be determined
by myself

The most characteristic symptom of low acidity of the stomach is
putrid breath, and belching, with the smell of a rotten egg.

Acid in the stomach has antiseptic, bactericidal
action and with a lack of acid in gastric secretions, protective
mechanisms significantly weaken, therefore in the human intestines,
suffering from anacid gastritis, microorganisms often fall,
changing its microflora. Therefore, intestinal disorders such
like constipation or diarrhea – frequent symptoms of low acidity

Persistent constipation may also be caused by decreased motility.
Gastrointestinal tract due to lack of acid, and diet and
Various ways of dealing with constipation do not eliminate this disorder.

Fermentation processes in the intestines lead to congestion pains.
газов в кишечнике, вспучиванию, вздутию живота, метеоризму,

Incomplete digestion of proteins creates concentration in the stomach.
degradation products that are toxic to the entire body,
reducing immunity. And when the body’s resistance falls
various pathological processes begin in any organ or
system, most often progress various mycoses – fungal
lesions of the mucous membranes, skin, nails, people more often
sick of viral and other diseases, may occur
oncological diseases.

In addition to the violation of the protein cleavage process, also in
intestines begin to digest all the vitamins and minerals:

  • Due to the lack of vitamins, hair becomes dry and brittle,
    nails exfoliate and break, skin of hands and face becomes dry
  • Animi – iron deficiency anemia is one of the indirect
    symptoms of low acidity in the stomach, in combination with
    Atrophic gastritis is called Addison-Birmer disease. With
    autoimmune gastritis develops B12-deficiency anemia.
  • Acne and dilated vessels on the nose and cheeks are also often
    сопровождает снижение кислотности stomach.

One of the symptoms of low acidity is the presence of
undigested food residue in feces.

After eating, patients often feel a sense of heaviness,
bursting, heartburn, sometimes dull pain in the stomach immediately after
meal or 20 minutes after.

With снижении концентрации кислоты в желудке, важнейшие ферменты,
such as pepsin remain inactive, therefore deteriorating or
protein digestion process is significantly weakened. And it is very
adversely affects the entire body, the intestines begin
active fermentation process:

 Treatment of low acidity of the stomach

Treatment for gastritis without erosion includes:

  • Pepsidil, gastric juice,
  • according to indications apply antacids
  • and also according to indications treatment aimed at the destruction
    Helicobacter pylori (antibiotics, metronidazole, de-nol).

Accurate diagnosis of the composition of the gastric juice, the state of the mucous
the stomach can only install a qualified gastroenterologist
после тщательной diagnostics. Unfortunately, to reduce acidity
There are plenty of drugs on the pharmaceutical market, but
But there is not so much medicine to increase the acidity. More often,
recommended preparations of hydrochloric acid, as well as tools
stimulating its production. Bitterness can also be used
vegetable origin – wormwood, peppermint, calamus.

In any case, the treatment of gastritis with low acidity
stomach should be under the supervision of a specialist, with periodic
diagnostics in dynamics, because this symptom causes
oncological tensions. Self-treatment and lack of control
the doctor in this case is unacceptable.

Of course, the diet always comes first with any
diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Reduced treatment
the acidity of the stomach diet gives its results and the patient
Be sure to follow diet food, especially in
periods of exacerbation.

As with any gastritis, of course, should be deleted too
hot, cold, spicy dishes, refrain from being too greasy and
protein foods, products that cause fermentation – milk, grapes,
apricot, prunes, pears, fresh pastries, as well as fried,
canned, smoked products, sausages, sausages, canned.
Подробнее о том, What you can eat with gastritis читайте в нашей
article. You can not allow large breaks in the meal,
It is desirable to eat more often and gradually.

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