Gas Instruction for newborns


  1. A gas pipe is what?
  2. There is a need?
  3. How to use a tube to remove gases in newborns – instruction.
  4. Usage Tips
  5. Gas pipe price
  6. Reviews

Young mothers already in the first month of their baby’s life face problems like colic. Constant screams, baby’s tears sleepless nights are crazy. When massage doesn’t help, applying heating pads, laying on the stomach, you can resort to the help of the gas outlet pipe. The gas outlet pipe for newborns will help to empty the intestines painlessly newborn from the abundance of jeeps. What is it and how right to use it, so as not to hurt the baby?

A gas pipe is what?

Vent pipe for newbornsTubule for the gas vent is a rubber bundle inside which there is a hole for the output of gazikov. Embed it need in the anus of the newborn. Choose tube diameter necessary according to the age of the child. More convenient to use disposable tubes, boiling of which is not necessary. Such devices are already sterile, which means they are more convenient in operation, but also cost much more than ordinary tubes.

When choosing an item, it is important to pay attention to its external state. The surface must be flat, smooth and clean. From the tube should not smell like chemical alloys. Responsible manufacturers use only high-quality materials for the production of such devices. Better if she will be in individual packaging.

There is a need?

Vent pipe for newbornsA clear answer to this question is not. Some mothers claim that using a duct is the only option is to help the baby, relieve him of pain.

Others are aggressive towards this subject and consider it dangerous. After all, if you use the tube improperly, you can damage intestinal mucosa. And with frequent contact with her for With help, a child can get used to emptying only with an outsider help.

Before you start using this unit it is recommended to consult with your pediatrician, try all alternatives and only then use the receiver. But even having decided to use it, not everyone knows how insert the vent pipe correctly to the newborn. Disassemble with this will help the instructions below.

How to use a tube to remove gases in newborns – instruction.

Vent pipe for newbornsHelp Patronage Nurses are ideal for starting venting tube. At the next examination, you should ask her to show you how to use this thing. You need to carefully monitor actions of a physician and ask all your questions without hesitation. Only being confident in what you do will benefit the newborn, not harm from use tubules. If this is not possible, and the nurse is not can help in this matter, you have to learn on your own.

You need to stock up on the following things:

  1. Gas pipe.
  2. Oil or baby cream.
  3. Diapers

The help of loved ones armed with several rattles.

The action plan for the use of the vent pipe:

  • Vent pipe for newbornsThoroughly wash hands in hot water with soap (preferably household).
  • We remove the tube from the packaging and boil it in for 10 minutes. If you have sterile specimens, you can immediately get down to business.
  • We spread the newborn on a flat surface pre-covered with a diaper. Under it you can put oilcloth so as not to wet the surface. The baby needs put on your back, older kids can be put on their side.
  • Grease the end of the tube with cream or oil. The entire edge must be worked, do not leave dry places.
  • Raise the legs of the newborn and lightly press to the tummy.
  • Enter the oiled edge of the tube in the ass 1-2 cm newborn

At this moment, do not forget to monitor the condition of the child. If he suddenly started screaming, jerking sharply pull out the phone and we postpone the procedure for a more appropriate time. If he is calm continue the business.

  • The tube must be carefully twisted first in one side, then the other. At this time, you can second hand stroke the baby’s tummy clockwise, gently pressing on him to help the departure of gazikov.
  • If you do everything right, almost immediately the air will start to depart. But do not rush to pick up the phone.

We look at the baby again. If he is still complaining, it means that not all the gaziki came out.

  • We continue to massage the stomach and gently rotate the tube. Air may leak from the duct. feces. This will be a sign that gaziki successfully excreted from the intestines.

If the child calms down, cheers up, and the tummy becomes soft, you can to consider the matter correctly completed and completed.

  • We remove the tube from the priests of the child.
  • We carry the baby to the bathroom, wash and dress.

This is the procedure for relieving intestines from gazikov completed.


Usage Tips

Vent pipe for newbornsGas vent the tube is able to solve the problem of the gas of the newborn it from pain, and give parents good nights. But with all its harmlessness, frequent use can be harmful to kid. If you often use a similar thing, the child may unlearn your own poop. And every time to empty intestines will have to use aids. In all need to know the measure.

When accessing the tube, you should remember the basic rules for its use.

  • Repeated use of a vent pipe is not permissible earlier than three hours after the first procedure and only if there are good reasons.
  • You can keep her in the anus of the child 5-10 minutes – this time is enough to cleanse the intestines. If for some reason the gaziki did not go beyond this period You can increase the time of the procedure, but no more than 15 minutes.
  • Before each use of the tube is a must wash with laundry soap and boil at least ten minutes. These kinds of things are considered disposable, but when you can reuse them if necessary, most importantly, observe hygiene rules. If you have two or more children for each have a separate tube.
  • The vent pipe should be very neatly. Do not stick it deeper than 3 cm, so that Do not damage the intestinal mucosa. Otherwise it may bleeding open.

If buying tubules is not possible, you can do them yourself. Cutting off the edge of a small enema, you get fully functional tube. Permissible use of a thermometer, better electronic to free the intestines from gazikov.

Before using such “homemade tubes” their ends it is also necessary to grease with oil or cream.

Gas pipe price

Vent pipe for newbornsBuy a tube for removal of gazikov is possible in a pharmacy. Average price for one non-sterile tube is 60 rubles. For 700–1000 rubles you can purchase a package of tubes in the amount of 10 pieces, which will not need to be boiled.

The prices of the tubes vary depending on the manufacturer. AT when choosing a brand it is better to consult a pharmacist, he will tell you which it is the tubes that are more popular with parents.

Use a vent pipe only in extreme cases when circular strokes of the abdomen do not help, laying on it, applying a heating pad. And even based teas fennel and drops from colic did not give the proper result.

After the doctor’s permission and instructions from him use, you can start applying the tube. Clean hands, the sterile surface of the fixture and accurate work will help achieve success.

Now you know how to use the vent pipe for newborns. Perhaps, before starting the procedure, it’s useful for you will read the reviews of parents.


That’s what moms say about this device.


We started using the tube from 4 months and the effect was visible immediately, therefore, turned to her regularly. Gaziki departed, baby became cheerful and cheerful. But after a while, baby forgot how to poop independently and each time, to empty intestines, had to use glycerin suppositories, a tube, thermometer and stuff. I still recommend buying this device, but you need to apply it only in case of urgent need and infrequently, so that later there are no new problems.


Gaziki began to torment his son in the first month. Pediatrician advised me to buy a tube and told her how to to use. For the first time I succeeded, most importantly, not forget to grease its edge with cream. Until 6 months we are not parted – the tube was our salvation and still looks like new. And only then I found out that they are disposable. Good, that even soap with household soap and boiled before each using.

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