Games with a small child in the bathroom

Baby bathing can be turned into an exciting experience
which will not only bring him joy, but also bring

игры с ребенком в ванной

Preparing for the games

Before you turn the bathroom into a “playground”, you should
take care of baby’s safety:

  • having collected the required amount of water, turn off the cold and
    hot taps so that the child inadvertently opens them;
  • cover the bottom of the bath with a soft anti-slip mat;
  • maintain the optimum water temperature (+ 37-39 ° C);
  • if the crane cannot be deployed, cover it with a special
    plastic lining that will save the crumbs from blows.

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small child

After taking a meal before taking a bath must pass at least
hours, otherwise the baby may burp food or experience food
discomfort when bathing. It is not necessary to organize pranks during
bathing if the child is tired or sleepy.

First water games

Games in the bathroom should be entered at 7-8 months, when the baby
learn to sit well.

Before the year, babies are usually bathed in a special plastic bath,
at the bottom of which should lay an anti-slip mat.

  • �”Toy Search”

For the game, pick up a bright, not sinking toy. Interest
Crumbs, showing how you can bathe, drown under water, etc.
Then place the toy at arm’s length to the toddler
stretched behind her. Complicate the task by moving the “bait” to different
side and forcing the baby to turn the body, getting to it.
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  • �”Magic cubes”

Freeze cubes of water tinted by any natural
dye or syrup. Bathing baby, lower them into the water. Child
sure to reach colored ice and be surprised by the difference
temperatures. You can spend a cube on the cheeks or palms crumbs. TO
after a while, the cubes will melt and
will disappear.

Water fun

играем с ребенком во время купания

For older kids you can organize even more exciting.
games in the water. But lest they get bored, do not carry them out when
every bathing.

  • «TOораблекрушение»

Build a pre-made toy flotilla
paper boats or use for these purposes various
plastic items (plastic cups, containers from
kinder surprises, etc.). By launching ships to offer
Baby with a cocktail straw to arrange a real storm.
This exercise is used to strengthen and ventilate the lungs.

  • �”Young Artist”

Children love to draw on objects that are completely un-intended.
for these purposes. Give your child the opportunity when bathing,
using special finger paints or
water soluble markers. The results of creativity can be easily washed off
the walls of the bath or tile. Similar entertainment develops petty
motor skills, helps in knowing the colors.

  • �”Playing with a washcloth”

You can come up with a variety of entertainment with an ordinary bath
washcloth. Teach your child to squeeze it alternately with both hands. it
exercise will be fun exercises for fingers. Or arrange
competition, squeezing a couple with baby water from a sponge into plastic
cups. Have the child sponge one of his dolls.
or toys. Cut from colorful foam sponges
variety of funny figures. TOупание и забавы с ними станут
much more interesting.

  • �”Drown – will not drown”

In the bath it is easy to acquaint the baby with such property of objects as
�”buoyancy”. To do this, you need items from different
materials (rubber ball, wooden cube, plastic bottle,
paper boat). Demonstrate how some items are easy.
are kept on the surface of the water, others immediately sink, and
the third smoothly become heavy and plunge into water.

  • �”Bubble”

Bath is the perfect place for fun with soap bubbles.
You can prepare the solution yourself from shampoo, liquid soap.
or foam bath or buy ready. Show your baby how
blow bubbles from a special tube or your own palms.
If you turn the indoor fan on to its minimum power,
get a fascinating sight.

  • �”Balloons”

It’s easy to play with lightweight ping pong balls while you play.
bathing. TOроме этого, с их помощью можно обучить ребенка простому
account. Draw an indelible marker on some of them
wand, on the other – two. Suggest the child to disassemble the balls into two
piles depending on the number of sticks drawn, and then
count the balls in each pile. The task will be complicated if
recalculate all the balls, throwing them alternately in the water or folding
in a box.

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have fun with children at home

Can be used for fun in the bathroom ready-made sets of toys
made of waterproof materials (rubber, plastic, silicone).
it всевозможные игрушки на присосках, аква-пазлы, брызгалки,
waterfalls, etc. The main rule – never leave your baby in
bathroom unattended.

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